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Clarke Boyz

Houston, Texas, United States | INDIE

Houston, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop R&B


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"Houston's Newest Rap Duo - The Clarke Boyz"

It’s no secret that the South has been dominating and holding down the music scene for a minute now. From the North side to the South side, Houston has the best kept hidden talent that keeps it coming. For the newest inclusion to the Houston rap scene, I would like to introduce to you, the Clarke Boyz. Not having a major deal is not slowing down this 2 man group, who is quietly forging ahead and hitting the road doing shows with major acts like Jim Jones, Lil Wayne, and opening for R&B songstress, Mya in Atlanta next month.

Hailing from Hiram Clarke, (south Houston, hence the name) the Clarke Boyz are already making some noise, with their first debut album through 20/20 Productions/610 Entertainment, distributed by BCD Music Group, titled “TRUNKK MUSIKK”. Ticket & J-Starr have a very catchy club banger, “Workin Dat” (see video below) which is spinning at radio in San Antonio on 98.5FM The Beat and Power 106.7FM, and in Odessa/Midland on 93.3FM. The video is also getting airplay on Hot TV and BET Late Night. Trunkk Musikk promises to be one slated for the Hip Hop record books. From Workin’ Dat, to the title track Trunkk Musikk, the Clarke Boyz come hard lyric by lyric, beat by beat, proving why the “newest duo on the block” will soon be one of the “hottest duos in the industry”. The album is in stores at all FYE’s, Soundwaves, and your local Mom & Pops stores, be sure to go cop it and bang your trunk with “TRUNKK MUSIKK”!!

For more information or interview opportunities, please kindly contact Stacy P @ 281-788-0167 or

- HipHopRuckus

"The Clarke Boyz - Bigger Is Better"

Interview by: Quinton Hatfield

Houston, TX never went no where and now the H-Town is about to introduce to you a duo like no other that goes by the name The Clarke Boyz. Meet Ticket and Starr two high school friends from the south side of Houston whose love for hip-hop brought them together to form a duo to continue to showcase talent in Houston and that it’s more to it than just candy paint and drinking syrup. Hip-hop has brought many great duos with Outkast, UGK, EPMD, and many others so the Clarke Boyz gets with to show that their about business and how it feels to represent Texas. : With the Clarke Boyz being one of the new duos from H-Town how it feels to be representing Texas?

Ticket : It feels good man and we always going to represent were we from. It’s a good thing when you represent your home and you got people backing you loving what you do. We love the support and we represent Houston, TX we represent the world really man. : Tell me some history about ya’ll two how did ya’ll meet up?

Starr : We meet in high school and we was in homeroom together. We started DJing parties and everything so that’s how it kicked off with the music. We used to make our own mixtapes in the home studio and we just came together and start making it happen. : What you think it is that ya’ll bring different to the game?

Ticket : I think it’s just that were a duo and nobody heard a duo in a while since Outkast. Those are cats that been in the game for a long time doing it. With him being the rock-star type and me being the fly pretty boy type it’s bringing a different persona into the game. We just have that hard-work ethic to always be here which is one of the good things about us. : With the music what’s some of the shit ya’ll going to be talking about?

Starr : When you hear the album it’s a very diverse album that’s very versatile. You will hear different styles and when you hear the music you will see that we control everything that’s going on. We got music that you can pretty much laugh and bump to. We got music you can put your mind to, we talk about relationships, we talk about the grind, we talk about the streets, were we from all that. We talk about how some dudes can be shiesty and we talk about how to party too so we got all that on there too. : Tell the readers where the Clarke Boyz come from as far as the name?

Starr : We grew up in a neighborhood called Home Clarke from the southside of Houston, TX. That’s where we from so we thought it would be different and just took it and ran with it. It kind of put a whole lot on us, because we repping the whole hood and we want to make sure we do it right.

Ticket : That’s the big thing you know, because it’s some cats from here like Vince Young. We got a lot of people from here man so it feels good to be from the Clarke man. It’s feels good, but we want to put it on a level that nobody hasn’t. We want to do something different and that’s basically it. : Within the last year Texas got a lot of love in hip-hop, but what you think it was that made people look-out for Texas, especially Houston?

Starr : What it was in my opinion it was that Screw Music. Everybody down here be jamming that...(continued below)



screwed up flavor. We didn’t just take that style and run with it, but you really get some of that influence in your music. When we first heard it we was like “Aw Man that’s undeniable right there”. DJ Screw said it himself that we gonna have the whole world screwed up. It’s a time for everything and everything you do it’s a season for it. The east coast was hot for a while the west coast was hot for a while. Then you had the Midwest doing they thing now the south is on. Atlanta is repping it hard with the snap-music and everything that’s they whole culture. Down here in Texas we slow down we syrup-sippers and we on that shit heavy. The format of our music is screw so it was only a matter of time before everybody started catching on. With us being such a diverse culture in America we ain’t got no choice, but to dib and dab. I even heard Jermaine Dupri talking about screwed up so look around. When you bring a certain style of music and it catches the ear then of course somebody gonna make it a whole lot bigger then it turns into a whole movement.

Ticket : Other than that we different out here in Houston, TX. That’s all they was just sleeping on us in the south. From Atlanta to Alabama you even see Rich Boy doing his thing, Trick Daddy in Miami, Three Six in Memphis we’ve been jamming so long down here in the south. : Why you think people be hating on the south?

Ticket : Like Wayne was saying we could say the basics without putting it into ten types of Termanology’s for you to understand. We just keep it basic and you gonna understand it one way or another. The music and the beats is so cool you gotta feel it, but we been hated on so long because the beats was slow or the music had a lot of hard bass. We were cool with our music and we loved our music, but it caught on so now all the hate turned into love. : What’s ya’ll label situation looking like right now?

Starr : Right now we still signed with 20/20 and they taking care of us. As far as the production side we just birthed PMG productions which is our production label. We okay, we just making sure we grind and making sure they loving the grind. : What’s next up for the Clarke Boyz and anything to say to the readers of

Starr : Thanks for the love and we got more coming soon.

Ticket : They also can reach us on


"Underground Day: Clarke Boyz"

Underground Day: Clarke Boyz
Alright these dudes are staright out of Hiram Clarke, and if you are from Houston and don't know where or what that is then just kill yourself. The album they are going to release is their first debut album through 20/20 Productions/610 Entertainment, distributed by BCD Music Group, titled Trunkk Musikk. Everyone in H Town is always begging for some underground sound that is actually worth their while, well this is an underground group that is honestly worth giving a shot. Not having a major deal is not slowing these dues. They are hitting the road doing shows with major acts like Jim Jones, Lil Wayne, and opening for R&B songstress, Mya in Atlanta next month.

The Clarke Boyz are made up of Ticket and J-Starr, and as of now they have a very catchy club banger, “Workin Dat,” which is spinning at radio in San Antonio on 98.5FM The Beat and Power 106.7FM, and in Odessa/Midland on 93.3FM. The video is getting airplay on Hot TV and BET Late Night. The album is in stores at all FYE’s, Soundwaves, and your local Mom & Pops stores, be sure to go cop it and bang your trunk with TRUNKK MUSIKK.

- 4CONTROL Media, Inc.

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"Tha Ticket (clarke boyz)"

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PMG Record’s first artists, the Clarke Boyz are an explosive talent. Moving quick and keeping a steady grind, they are continuing radio play in Midland/Odessa, San Antonio, Houston, Miami Fl, and several other spots.

• Their first album Trunkk Musikk did exceptional numbers with only modified backing, as they sold 2,800 units in stores and 8,100 out of the trunk, all without a deal. True and bona-fide hustlers DJ Starr and Tha Ticket stay consistent as they are finished with their second album HOODBURBIA, the 22 tracked album is a total class of genius and difference turned success, as the New Singles entitled “Swagg It Out”, and “Automatic”(which was placed on CSI:NY twice) are getting significant club and air play. Produced by Tim Ned their second album to date is ready for a major take off and national exposure. But first you will hear The Swagged out mixtapes Vol-1 through 5, before the release of "HoodBurbia". The First Vol. is slated to be released August 28th, 2009. Download copies for free at

Collaborations and shows
The Clarke Boyz have opened up shows for, Jim Jones, Young Joc, Letoya Luckett, Mya, Mario, trey Songs, Mims, Faith Evans, GT Mayne, Lil Webbie, as well they have dj'd and mc'd for some of the same and many others…..

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For the past ten years The Clarke Boyz have been involved with the Rap/Hip-Hop Industry. They have accomplished many goals not rushing success or glory. Both born in Hiram Clarke, a neighborhood in the inner-city of Houston, Texas’s first ward, they would both attend James Madison High School along with their childhood friend Vince Young. The two met in homeroom and began to hang together. They soon found they were interested in the same exact things music, sports, and women.
Soon they formed a group called Break a Hoe Mafia with other friends. They grew a nice fan base and popularity on the DJ market. However, no one knew their great MC ability until they showcased their talent on their first project as the Clarke Boyz paying homage to their neighborhood roots. Trunkk Musikk distributed by BCD Music Group was a great success for their first album. Greater than monetary success was the valuable lessons learned and the realization of their hidden potential.
The Clarke Boyz have poured their heart and soul into their upcoming sophomore album Hoodburbia, it is crossover to the fullest along with a souther swagg. This project entirely supervised by the Clarke Boyz features a mix of mainstream hip/hop and hood songs.
In a short while the group has gained nice attention from various areas and fans. Fans love their unpredictable style. The Clarke Boyz are viewed as artists who are totally different than what the south is used to. As they continue to make strides in the music industry, continue to support and look out for their next big thing.
MEDIA. What makes them totally different from others as well, the Clarke Boyz also Dj and Mc weekly in and out of town, from various spots such as Houston, Beaumont, Phoenix, Ft. worth, Midlan/Odessa, Brookshire, Lafayette and Alexandria Louisiana.
• Checkout everywhere they are and the people they meet on their website,, and
• The new singles, “I’m Clean,” and “Nasty Talk,” the album Trunkk Musikk and other mixed CD’s can still be bought on the official website,, or
To Contact the Clarke Boyz call
• 713 397 0735---Steve Phelan