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This mixtape is a classic, once you blow up big, they;ll be looking back at this and saying, Damn the kid was fire from the start!!! This makes me believe again, that Hip Hop is not dead. Keep the knowledge kicking fam! We here.. Str8 to the top from this!!! - Fresko69


Damn this is flowing like there ain`t no tommorow, great mixtape album !!! playing with words over wonderful beats, nice nice nice. diverse subject matter, slow and up-tempo songs displaying this man`s abilities. Hell yeah, Above average material. - BADDutchmen


Best stuff Ive heard in a while!! For real, definitely want expecting this...Real Hip-Hop - bizzle_92


1- BlindMenEnt & FlyLyfeEnt Present Class Sweet 16 Vol. 1
2- In Session (Debut L)
3- Dj Green Lantern Unsigned Invasion (track 24 OVER)
4- Class- The Lost Tracks



~ Born Eric Michael Diaz, April 16 1986, Worcester MA. A Child Of Hip Hop. Raised In An Era Where Eric B. & Rakim "Moved The Crowd", Run-DMC & Aerosmith "Walked This Way" As Public Enemy "Bum Rushed The Show" and NWA Said "F*ck The Police!"
Class IS Hip Hop & Represents A Generation Thats Grown As She Has. We've Seen It All. From B.I.G. & Pac To Scott La Rock. Fresh Prince To Ol' Dirty Bastard. A Product of His Environment Who Wouldn't Succumb To It- Class Is The Voice Of The People.The Rusty Fork That Dreamed Of Being A Silver Spoon; His Music Bridges The Gap Between The Glamour Of Success And The Struggle To Make It There. Always With A Humble Regard-
"Not The Best, But I'm Next In Line/ Let Me Rhyme, Do My Set,I'll Be Set To Shine"