Chicago, Illinois, USA
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Class ED is the super group formed to be the face of the label and brand Classic Edition International. The group is collective of artist signed to the label, consisting of RansomRegAL, Revelation, O-Plus, Mr. Write, Rich Politic, Ante Up, & featuring heavily the First Lady of CEI Cortni J.


Class Ed is a group consisting of six members (Revelation, RansomRegAL, RichPolitic, Ante Up, Mr. Write and O-Plus). Class Ed embodies the lyrical prowess of Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z, and Nas, while delivering clever punchlines reminiscent of Redman and the creative introspect of a 2pac or Public Enemy. When this is combined there is no one entity that can compete on the same level as them, including up and coming artists/groups or many established artists/groups in the music industry.

Class Ed original formed in the late 90's and took hiatus after the summer of 2000 so every member could receive a higher education and/or embark on personal growth. With the completion of everyone's individual and personal endeavors they rejoined in late 2004. With Class Ed members traveling thru various locations in the south, they created individual buzz for each member in markets such as; Tallahassee, Orlando, New Orleans, Houston, Memphis, and Nashville. That success is what propelled them to come to Chicago and New York and begin to "takeover" much larger markets.

Early 2006 Class Ed completed their long awaited and anticipated mixtape set for release in early summer of 2006. Many fans and supporters from New York to Chicago were aware of what they individually did in the south, and looked forward to what they could bring on a larger platform. Class Ed has extreme confidence in future shows/tours around the Chicagoland area and throughout the Midwest and Southeastern states from May 2006-Oct 2006, to follow that up with a National tour in Winter 2006-07.

Under the umbrella of their newly formed label imprint "Classic Edition International," Class ED is and forever will be noted truly as a "Classic Edition."


All Day Vol. 1


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