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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2007
DJ Electronic Techno


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Making his mark on the music scene"

Joshua Deperry, also known as Classic Roots is an Aboriginal DJ/producer creating electro music. He is a charismatic character who is originally from Thunder Bay, ON and has performed many times raking in tons of fans at each show. Classic Roots is now in living in Toronto, ON working alongside Alexander Kenneth Management in hopes to fulfill his career of being a full-time DJ.

Classic Roots started off incorporating 70’s soul based music into his hip hop beats but soon moved onto making electro music making beats better than ever. To produce all his music, Classic Roots used Dr Rhythm 880 drum machine and AKAI MPC 1000 back in 2008. In 2010, Classic Roots started using Propellerhead Reason, a program to produce music on.

Although he has many inspirations for creating his music, more artists stick out more than others. DJ premier and Daft punk are two main inspirations for him, with “Justice” French Producers from Ed Banger Records is one of his major inspirations for music.

Classic Roots released a self-titled album that was named “Addiction” in August 2012. A song titled SCREAM was released onto Youtube along with a music video which received an impressive 16,000 views. Currently, Classic Roots has a free EP for download on his Soundcloud account titled “Psycho.”

A soon to be album, “Hack The Planet” is expected to be released mid-summer. Classic Roots is eager for its release. “I'm really excited because this is my first full-length album, means a lot to me.”

After the release of his new album, Classic Roots plans on going on tour. “I plan on coming back to Thunder Bay when I'm finished my album and the promotion for it.” said Classic Roots. “I would really like to do a big end of the summer show. [Thunder Bay] is where it all started, after all.” After his new album is finished being produced, Classic Roots plans on going on tour and eventually travel the world showing the world his amazing talents.

Classic Roots focuses on achievable goals which helps him succeed. “it's best to set achievable goals in the beginning instead of going all out with over the top goals that are extremely hard to achieve. Start small and move your way up.” Classic Roots said that he always makes the time to produce music. “It’s what I love to do.” - The Walleye

"DJ Classic Roots chasing a dream"

Electronic dance music (EDM) deejay Classic Roots, also known as 24-year old Josh DePerry, is packing up his equipment and cardigans this month.

The Long Lake #58/Red Cliff Band member is making the move from Thunder Bay to Toronto in search of bigger things.

During a packed going-away party on Jan. 12 at a local club, fans and friends bid farewell to deejay Classic Roots, whom Walleye Magazine recently rated one of the three best deejays in Thunder Bay.

Classic Roots has been a well-known social nightlife figure in the city and surrounding areas for the last two years. He has been both a producer and a creator of EDM.

Classic Roots feels he has been involved with music in one way or another all of his life.
“I started doing hip hop music when I was 12,” Classic Roots said.

He credits the hip-hop genre as a big stepping-stone along his journey towards the EDM.
“I started producing music six years ago, but I began creating my own two years ago.”

Classic Roots has released an EP entitled Addiction that was well received in the city of Thunder Bay. He considers releasing the EP to be his greatest accomplishment so far in his musical career.

“Completing that EP and then seeing many people supporting what I do was really great,” he said.

The video for the song “Scream,” which was featured on Classic Roots’ EP, was directed by Thunder Bay locals Jason Spun and Uriel Lubuk. Scream came out in the summer of 2012 and has received over 15,000 plays on YouTube.

Although Classic Roots has spent countless nights playing music for people in Thunder Bay’s bar and club scene, he abstains from both drugs and alcohol.

“In a way, music is my drug. I’m there for the music so people have something to dance to and feel good about,” Classic Roots once said. “I know what it’s like to be affected by drugs and alcohol, it can ruin many lives.”

The cultural teachings Classic Roots takes with him where he goes are having self-respect and also learning from past mistakes. Along with pursuing his musical ambitions, Classic Roots also hopes to participate in powwows in southern Ontario. Powwow dancing is something he has been involved with. He wants to help keep the Anishinaabe culture and heritage alive.

Classic Roots considers himself a bit of a role model. He said that it was important for First Nations youth to have positive role models because “people need someone to look up to.” Classic Roots’ personal role model is the late American civil rights leader Malcolm X.

Although he does tribute listening to various genres of music as his inspiration, one of his major inspirations and role models for music is EDM deejay Steve Aoki.

“I want to get to where he is now one day,” Classic Roots said of Aoki and his international success in the genre of EDM.

“I want to go on tour,” Classic Roots said about his future goals when it comes to music. “I also want to network with new artists in Toronto, and hopefully complete another EP.”

Although he is nervous and excited about his upcoming new life in the city of Toronto, Classic Roots is very hopeful and happy that he is pursuing his dreams.

“Keep pushing (for your dreams)” he said. “Never give up on them.” - Wawatay News

"#Vibeout with classic roots"

Joshua DePerry, Native Producer/DJ/ Founder of Classic Roots, is impacting the native community and the electronic music scene with his fresh take on music. Since 2007, Classic Roots has been mixing 70’s funk-soul into his hip hop beats. Afterwards, he found himself discovering and switching to a genre called Electro/House. His self- titled album “Addiction” released in August 2012, includes a single that received 16,000 views on YouTube. [Video Found Below]

Born in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Joshua was inspired by artists such as DJ Premier & Daft Punk. He later went on to invest in a drum machine and music software called Reason 6. Classic Roots expresses his music towards many club venues around Northwest Ontario, and is now residing in Toronto, where he’s starting a buzz with his cultured sound. Although he does tribute listening to various genres of music as his inspiration, one of his major inspirations and role models for music is Justice. Classic Roots is collaborating with local artists in Thunder Bay & Toronto in the near future.

The Music:

Recently, Classic Roots has been working hard to bring his fans his latest release; the “Psycho EP” that consists of five tracks. One of which, the single “Psycho” has received over 15,000 views in a month on YouTube, thus proving that Josh is bringing a new and exciting sound to eager ears. I personally love “Coconut Kills” off of the EP as it is a track that gets the good energy skyrocketing and you cant help but get in the groove. You can check out his EP belowand give him a follow on SoundCloud, for he is sure to be harboring great releases for the future.

In the Community:

Classic Roots is currently working independently on the education of DJ’ing and Producing music in Native Centers, High Schools, and Youth Summer workshops. Classic Roots considers himself a bit of a role model. He says, that it is important for First Nations youth to have positive role models because “people need someone to look up to.” His personal role model is the late American civil rights leader Malcolm X.

I personally think that more artists need to give back to the community. Whether that be actually physically being there as Joshua is to help first hand, or to just be aware and know that your talent could help someone through a tough time. I commend Classic Roots and hope it is continued practice to give back in the community.

As always I hope you #Vibeout and keep up the good feels.

O.L | Omit Your Limits

Image taken from media kit received from Joshua DePerry himself.

- Matthew Bamber // @matthewbamberr - omitlimitation

"Producing Music and Dreams"

The sexy heartbeat of the boreal north is brought to life by the innovated sounds of Joshua Deperry, the North-western Ontario native; a rising First Nation Producer and DJ known as Classic Roots.

Classic Roots is dedicated to impacting the music community and the electronica scene with his fresh sound and collaborations with other artists; including International, Aboriginal/non-Aboriginal artists across Canada. Classic Roots established his original sound by mixing 70’s funk-soul into hip-hop beats; where he merged and discovered the freedom and exploring the unique sound of electronica. With inspirations such as DJ Premier, Daft Punk and “Justice” French Producers have helped to develop his sound, which he perfected it through the use of a drum machine and the music software, Reason 8. The debut EP Addiction was released summer 2012 includes the music videos “Psycho” and “Scream” both videos have reached popularity to his fan base on YouTube and social media. Winning DadaLife’s Best Overall Best Track Award for his demo “Coconut Kills” is putting Classic Roots on the map; Dada Life received 1500 demos in less than 24 hours and “Coconut Kills” killed the competition.

Today Classic Roots lives in the most multicultural city in the world, Toronto but will continue to represent Northern Ontario and his birth home Thunder Bay. Classic Roots beats’ sparked the interest of a Toronto based arts/entertainment/nightlife’s BNE Entertainment, BNE promotes artists with raw cutting-edge ways. But, giving back to the community is what Classic Roots is about not just through his music but with his upbeat workshops for the soul; includes dance, cultural dance, fitness and DJ workshops which are offered in Toronto and to remote communities across Canada. He is driven by the passion to influence hope and spread his love for music to his home community, and First Nation communities across Canada. Classic Roots is determined to continue producing his own music and pushing through to become a worldwide success; it is through his own success that inspires all youth to follow their dreams.

New Album: Hack the Planet
Classic roots has created a new element to electro dance music with his creative composing ability, he has created a new sound within and is evolving with his music from a more beat driven vibe to a more electro inspired rhythms with a hint of past influences that keep to his roots. With this current project, Classic root is looking to evolve his sound as he evolves through life. This will showcase how he has developed a story to tell throughout his music. The inspiration of "Hack the planet" comes from the evolution of the new sound and how it will captivate the world (audience). The Album "Hack the Planet anticipated release is set for early 2015.

Visit Classic Roots and find out more at - Seven Magazine Fall 2014

"Classic Roots Nominated for Indigenous Music Award"

THUNDER BAY – ENTERTAINMENT – DJ Classic Roots, aka Josh DePerry, a Thunder Bay-born producer now living in Toronto, has been nominated for an Indigenous Music Award (formerly known as the Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards), for his 2015 album Hack the Planet.

DePerry, who has been making music for the last several years, has drawn inspiration from the city he now calls home to help create a relatively new sound on his debut album. With an EP entitled Addiction full of club bangers already in his music catalogue, Hack the Planet boasts 12 more tracks that showcase his growth as an artist.

The album has been nominated in the Best Pop CD category at the Indigenous Music Awards, which take place this September in Winnipeg, MB. The awards are determined by the number of votes each nominee receives from the general public (internationally) on the website.

DePerry recruited Thunder Bay-born musicians Natasha Fisher and Sam Louis for four of the tracks on the album, along with The Outerspacerz and Brazilian rapper Samukera LB lending their touch to the project as well.

The video for Hack the Planet’s first single, “It’s You,” which features the lyrics and voice of Fisher, was filmed in Thunder Bay in the fall of 2014 by Thunder Bay-based Jason Spun of Spun Creative with the assistance of ASCENSION. The video is currently sitting at over 15k views on Vimeo, and the numbers continue to climb.

“It’s You” flaunts DePerry’s growth as a producer (he also shared his vision of the video with the director in order to bring the concept to life). The video depicts a young man (played by DePerry) dealing with the loss of a loved one, and is beautifully shot and executed.

The juxtaposition of the black and white imagery in “It’s You”, which are like memories of a loved one in happier times, against the coloured present-day imagery helps to add an emotional depth to the video not really seen before in previous releases of DePerry’s.

Not one to forget his roots, DePerry also dons full-regalia and demonstrates his moves as a men’s fancy dancer, which is symbolic in the way of embracing his culture in order to deal with his loss in the video.

Today, DePerry continues to live a sober and healthy lifestyle in Toronto, and is an active member of Kaha:Wi Dance Theater in the city. He has stated on social media that moving to Toronto opened his mind to new ideas, especially when it comes to his music.

“It (the move) sure gave me more confidence and ideas,” DePerry wrote.

When it comes to being nominated for an Indigenous Music Award, DePerry said that he was pleased and is looking forward to what happens next with Classic Roots.

“I’m really happy that everything’s becoming more straightforward and slowly building up,” DePerry said. “Things are starting to work out. I’m really happy I was nominated.”

Fans and supporters can vote for Classic Roots at until the polls close on Friday, July 24.

You can find out more info on Classic Roots at his website

Hack the Planet is available for download on iTunes.

Stephanie Wesley

- See more at: - Netnewsledger

"DJ Classic Roots on playing NAIG: 'A guy like me can do something and make a difference'"

At the opening ceremony of the North American Indigenous Games, he was the guy in the Team Rocket shirt grinning behind the decks, while a squad of dancers moved to his "pow wow techno" beats. But ask Joshua DePerry — a.k.a. DJ Classic Roots — what he remembers about that night performing to young athletes and their families at York University's Aviva Centre, and all he recalls is a blur of hype and excitement. "Once I was on stage, the adrenaline kicked in," he laughs, but DePerry says he remembers how he felt when he got the call to be part of the show in the first place. He knew he had to say yes. - Leah Collins



The heartbeat of the boreal north with a unique sound of pow wow techno and contagious basslines are what defines the unique sound of Classic Roots. His releases express a wide range of sounds from upbeat, tribalism, and techno to groovy baseline sound, establishing a sense of cultural freedom that echoes through his music. He continues producing his own music which puts the crowd into euphoria and sweat. Through the inclusion of First Nations drumming and singing in his electronic compositions, he acknowledges the continued resilience of his nation. Ultimately, Classic Roots reminds people that they have the power to chase their dreams.

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