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CLASSICK - self titled 3 song EP



CLASSICK took its name for a very simple reason. The band makes rock music with a power and substance reminiscent of classic rock bands of yesteryear. The band writes uplifting rock songs and aims to revive the emotion and impact of top 40 classic rock artists. After all, CLASSICK itself is a rock band with a history.

The first incarnation of the band took shape in the mid-90s under the name ‘Bodies.’ As an acoustic duo, principle members Kyle Hosick and Morgan Clamp spent their earliest years garnering a loyal audience in their hometown on the outskirts of Toronto, Canada. Fans enjoyed the twosomes’ unique sound which was built on aggressive guitars, and searing vocals.

With a growing collection of songs, the band eventually plugged-in and evolved into a full-force rock quartet which took on the new name ‘First Of All.’ The band spent the next several years writing, recording music and playing incredible live concerts. However after a lengthy run, the members went their separate ways.

Through the years Clamp and Hosick maintained their friendship, and on an evening in late 2008 the two friends enjoyed a night of drinks before attending a rock concert in New York City. With a few spirit-fueled memories and the buzz of rock music in the air, the former band mates suddenly recalled a wealth of promising material that was never fully crafted before their band had split years earlier.

The original intention was to tackle some of the old demo material for nothing more than personal enjoyment, but by the time they’d reworked a small idea from their past into a song called Those Were The Days, they quickly realized the sound of the new music they were making was far too big to contain. A new phase had begun.

In a time when music has become more disposable than timeless, CLASSICK delivers that certain something that is lacking in today’s musical landscape. Much like the music that first inspired a young Hosick and Clamp, they aim to build their sound with big loud chords, memorable melodies, and simple words that they and their audience can believe in. As a new chapter in a story that seemingly ended long ago, CLASSICK is born.