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The Resume (2012)-

SINGLE-Major Big Faces Cla$$ick feat.Dizzy Wright



Second chances don't come often for many people who live dangerous lives. In many urban neighborhoods, these dangerous individuals see the inside of a pine box or the inside of a 5 X 9 jail cell for the rest of their lives. However, there was one person that was given a precious opportunity to change their life and learn from their mistakes, and he is ready to use his life experiences as an example and a stepping stone to teach other people that they can do it too. Robert Sims, Jr., aka Classick, is a perfect example of what one can do with a gift and a purpose.

"I have been rapping since I was 12 years old when I heard Busta Rhymes flow for the first time", he says about his inspiration for his career. A 20-year-old conscious rapper from a wild neighborhood in Seattle called Mt. Baker, Classick has battled everyone who would give him competition. "I've been in numerous rap battles and cyphers, and I have been almost undefeated. This is how I built up my skills throughout the years." With a local buzz generating a lot of attention, he found his way to Steady on the Clock Entertainment, and the rest is history.

In many ways, this opportunity is a dream come true and a long time coming combined into a perfect destiny. As a youngster, Classick had a hard time figuring out the right path. " A while back, I was beaten with a shotgun in the middle of the street after a botched robbery. My life flashed before my eyes, and I knew right then that I needed to change things, But i didnt and due to it i was robbed on fathers day in 2011,forced to jump from 2 and a half stories and hit in the head 20 times with an aluminum baseball bat. Since then ive gained a new outlook on life and have put my young minded foolish ways behind me. With circumstances like these, many people give up on life, but Classick is not your ordinary rapper. "I learned so much about myself when I was reflecting on my life, I learned to control my anger just based on the fact that I am not a type of person that likes to be captive." That experience led to the rebirth of Classick, who has now honed all his energy and gifts into establishing himself a place in hip hop history.

Now, it is his time to shine. Being compared to Notorious B.I.G. and J. Cole, Classick has decided to take the music world by storm. Citing Tupac Shakur, Jay-Z, and Andre 3000 as his influences, he seeks to put out music that has a message: "I'm tired of all the fluff they put on the radio that doesn't do anything special for the hip hop culture." Because of this, Classick has dedicated his music career determined to change how people choose their music. A lyricist at heart, Classick strives to make music with a catchy beat that illustrates urban life lessons with which everyone can learn. He also applies a work ethic that has been missing from the hip-hop game for some time now. "The drive and hunger I possess for this lifestyle keeps me perfecting my craft every chance I can to be the best ever heard."

His destiny of becoming hip-hop history is eminent, but he still remains grounded and anticipates branching out of the box and learning new skills in the future. "In five years, I want to be rich and famous; but most of all, I wan to be appreciated for the music I have contributed to the game. By then, I want to produce my own tracks, so I can achieve a personal sound that will add the ultimate balance to my music." This will definitely be a career that will make Classick a household name.