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Classic The Legend

Norcross, Georgia, United States | SELF

Norcross, Georgia, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Hip Hop


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PAIN KING(mixtape)-02/11
Before I Kill Somebody(mixtape)-06/10
Uncrowned King(mixtape)-05/06
Fuck Waiting(album)-08/04
Raw Beauty(Album)-11/03



The voice of the struggle, the beautiful rawness of reality, not made up reality but REAL reality, the soundtrack to the mind state of "This shit has to happen,because I don't have anything thing else", thats the best way to desribe the music Classic The Legend makes. In a time where every artist seems to be already rich and successful before their first cd is even released, Classic The Legend gives you the thoughts of the people that don't have much but are willing to do whatever it takes to have it all. Its hip hop at its most bare. Its that stand on the corner and rhyme til your heart busts hip hop. When Biggie said "It was all a dream", those few lines captivated the audeince because everyone could relate to having that dream of one day not struggling or not having go with out, and being able to finally take of yourself and your loved ones by doing what makes you happy. Those opening lines from Bigs Juicy defines Classic The Legend whole style. The beats Classic picks to rhyme over instantly evoke some type of emotion and as soon as his voice blesses the beat with his trade mark "yeah,yeah" the journey of raw, honest, don't care if you like it or not, truth begins. Classic The legend started his path to greatness the same way most rappers did, just writing rhymes hoping to get a response of "ooooh" or the scrunched up face look you make when you hear something that really catches your attention. He was just trying to make the illest metaphors, not really caring if what he was saying was true, but only if it sounded good. So in his circle of rappers and musicians from around the way he was known as a dope mc. It wasnt until life started to beat him up a bit that his true style developed. Classic started using his music to speak on the things he was going through, not in a corny or preachy type of way, but in a way where when you heard him it seemed like you were going through the exact same things. Classic The Legend has a clear view of what he feels hip hop music should be. It's a reflection of the complete honesty of living life. The good times, the bad times, love, hate, humor, being fly, hurt,happiness, excitement and dissapointment put together in way where it instantly touches the listener in a way that is unique to the individual. Classic The Legend makes Hip Hop music, not r&b with a rap verse here and there, not dance music with a rapper repeating the same thing over and over until it's forced into your memory, but Hip Hop music. The type of hip hop where its hard to hear a whole song all the way through because you keep rewinding the first 30 seconds so you can hear that ill line he said again. Classic The Legend has released 6 mixtapes most notably "Bills,Blunts&Bullets","Before I Kill Somebody", and his latest "PAIN KING". He has won numerous rap battles from Richmond,Va to Atlanta,Ga. His fanbase is growing quickly due to his continued growth in making great mixtapes and his fantastic stage show. The scary thing for the rappers on top now is, Classic The Legend has not even touched the tip of the iceberg....Damn.