Classic Williams

Classic Williams

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA
BandHip Hop

“Here we are and we’re not leaving / oh no / we’re the n*ggas from the 21st Century / Make room for the 21st Century” – 21st Century (Classic Williams / Epic Win) Like the Ryman Auditorium, not much has changed inside Nashville’s urban scene…

The same artists that a few years ago were championed as “the next big thing” are still being championed, and the same producers that were “tomorrow’s sound” are still recycling yesterday’s rhythms. The current scene’s roots run deep beneath the streets,


It is time for Nashville to turn their eyes and ears to the skies, where you will find Nashville native & hip-hop enigmatic Classic Williams and his ever evolving movement known as the “Klowd Krowd.” Consisting of up-and-coming DJ’s, Vocalist, Rappers, Designers and fans of the genre, Klowd Krowd is a movement of young creative’s that are separating themselves from, and reviving Nashville’s languid urban scene. First out of the gate is Classic Williams, a skilled MC and songwriter that will be releasing his debut album “EPIC WIN” in early 2011.


Self Released Mixtapes available on

Self Released Album:
The Soul Of Nigger Charlie (releasing 4/19/2011)
Epic Win (Coming Soon)