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Classroom Battles

Dublin, Leinster, Ireland | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Dublin, Leinster, Ireland | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band EDM Pop





"Self-described as an ‘Irish/French indie-electro-pop collective’ Classroom Battles have firmly established themselves as the real deal with This Week’s Question, a short but sweet EP that sets the band as a notch above the rest. With smooth, sexy melodies and driving electronic hooks, the EP offers a concise collection of tracks, both poignant and memorable, running with the best of electro-pop to produce something that is becoming increasingly allusive in the genre, something fresh.

The record kicks off with “Call to Arms,” a track driven (and initiated) by a proper chamber choir with engaging percussion and soaring vocals. “Sway” runs with the strong start offering a hefty falsetto showcase, complete with sweaty hooks. “Cross-Eyed Horse” and “Contender” continue with the confident tone prominent on the first side of the EP. Each track offers a distinct contribution to the record without anything getting lost in the mix. There is a certain clarity present that allows a strong sense of continuity throughout the EP without the risk of it sounding repetitive or being defined by a specific track or lead single.

This is, perhaps, where the EP truly shines. Classroom Battles offer a certain confidence in their sound that allows them to sidestep the pitfalls of the electro-pop genre. Each track runs and plays with their sound and offers a complete, clear picture of who they are, where their sound is coming from, and what they want to achieve. The band is able to successfully combine the nuances of electronic music, with its stylized wall of sound conjectures, and the metaphorical umph of modern dance and electro-pop or, for those of us who would prefer to look back a little further, the sexy-hooks of the likes of Curtis Mayfield, one of Classroom Battles confessed chief influences.

There is a certain suaveness to the album, a certain debonair charm that engages the listener and makes the idea of listening to the record on repeat alluring, a feeling often so definitively absent from modern electo-pop outputs. This feeling, along with its clarity of vision, is among This Week's Questions chief accomplishments and allows Classroom Battles to rise to the top of this murky genre. Electro-pop is a genre going through a swift period in the spotlight with bands a plenty popping up to attempt to show off their proclaimed prowess with their synthesizers. But where most dilute the genre pool, Classroom Battles remind us why it’s worth listening to." - Erik McKay (


"Classroom Battles, a quartet made of members from the U.S., Ireland, and France, just recently released an EP that has successfully allowed each member to use their individualistic and artsy talents to morph together one of the best mixes of modern and classic sounds since the late Depeche Mode. The band compiles hauntingly euphoric vocals, electro-synth melodies with the addition of live instruments to create a distinctive debut that can charm anyone armored with a broad palette for music. The EP, This Week’s Question, which debuted on October 29th, 2013, fuses every members’ inner fervor and aptitude to an optimal level.

Yet, this is only the beginning.

Lead singer Tigrane Minassian met experienced producer Martin Clancy, a former member of the indie group The Witness Protection Programme, in 2011 in Dublin. The two clicked and began working in Martin’s studio. Fortunately being a certified trainer for the widely known digital music creator, Ableton, Martin uses his expertise in the best way to maximize the diversity of the band’s sounds. Later added members Trish Kavanagh, a lyricist and back-up vocalist, alongside Vasileios Gourgourinis, a renowned drummer and engineer, were the perfect last connecting pieces to the band’s circle.

These four talented artists now reside together in a large home in Dublin where not only music but history is being made. What’s even more interesting is that the members each have history in the visual arts, which eased the process of the creation of the music videos.

The EP holds an incumbent process-through-life theme which is delicately transferred through the music videos, translating the ups-and-downs and frustrations and hopes throughout. The video and lyrics to the song “Call to Arms” broadcast the struggle of feeling alone inside and earnestly looking for something greater in life with a wanting to feel safe and saved, while it seems everyone on the outside has everything and more.

The next song with a video, “Cross-Eyed Horse,” establishes the feelings of wanting to quit or stop the run of life, but continuing on, even though it may seem blurry or confusing. The two music videos have already premiered on websites such as and also

Although the EP was just released, it is safe to say there is real excitement and anxiousness for what else is to come from this talented group." - Heather Traficano (Music Underground)


"Irish band Classroom Battles mix up an engagingly unique mix of sounds on single “Call To Arms”. The track’s main engine is a neat interplay between choral voices and a minimalist drum machine’d beats well complemented by singer Tigrane Minassian’s sort of equally far-off and wistful but emotive near vocal melody. “Call To Arms” is previewed here from Classroom Battles’ “This Week’s Question” EP which is slated for a September release." - BlahBlahBlahScience


2013 - Call to Arms (Single) 
2013 - This Week's Question (EP) 
2013 - This Week's Question (Remix EP)



Classroom Battles are an Irish/French electronic quartet based in Dublin (Ireland) formed in 2012. The group's debut E.P. "This Week's Question" was released on 29th October 2013. In the 10 short weeks since its release the E.P has received significant CMJ College Radio support across the U.S. (#3 Alaska, #10 New Jersey etc). "Call to Arms" Featured as 'Song of the Day' (Jan 2nd 2013) at KROQ in Los Angeles.

The band's self directed  videos have premiered on leading Music Blogs such as Noisey/, Virgin's Red Room, MTV Iggy, to great acclaim. 'This Weeks Question' Remix E.P. currently sits at number #29 in the UK Musicweek Club Dance Charts!

Classroom Battles are spearheaded by 21 year old lead singer Tigrane Minassian, graduate of the Cannes Film School, who worked on Woody Allen's Oscar- Nominated“Midnight In Paris”, and veteran producer/writer Martin Clancy, (various Billboard top 40 Dance hits, Certified Ableton Live Trainer & Artist in Residence at New York's Seaport Music Festival). The group are preparing the short film release of This Week's Question (available Jan 21 on a limited edition Classroom Battles Raspberry Pi) while overseeing the massive social media growth (Currently 11K+ FB likes!).

In 2014 the band will be focusing on full band live performances (plus DJ sets of course!) and recording remixes for other labels and artists. Craig Roseberry (22 U.S. Billboard Dance Charts #1) & the legendary Steve Stimpy (UK) have already invited Classroom Battles to do remixes.

The band are currently recording in Dublin on their follow up E.P. "Farewell Herschel"(slated for SEPTEMBER 2014).


 "Classroom Battles are a band to watch out for. Smoothly and stealthlike they'll grab you!" 

—Stefan Olsdal (Placebo)

 "Classroom Battles are an Irish-French collective specialising in gloriously infectious electropop" 

—Jim Carroll | The Irish Times

 "Classroom Battles, one of the best mixes of modern and classic sounds since the late Depeche Mode."  

—Heather Traficano (Music Underground)

 Mikey Gallagher (Hed Kandi Radio America)

Rating : 10 / 10 !

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