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The best kept secret in music


"Amplifier Magazine"

Weary of over-hyped guitar bands like Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the White Stripes? Clatter eliminates guitar clutter altogether with a line-up consisting solely of bassist Amy Humphrey and drummer Joe Hayes. Employing a myriad of mind-altering effects most closely associated with the various permutations of very heavy metal (distortion, flange, delay) Humphrey emerges as polyrhythmic pyrotechnic by slapping, riffing and soloing in the grand tradition of Larry Graham (Sly & the Family Stone), Les Claypool (Primus) and Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath). Hayes is no slouch either, gamely grooving with tasty fills and inventive call-and-response phrasing.  . . . The standout track on this collection is "Center Line," which adheres to a simple funk motif and eventually simmers with sultry spoken-word vignettes . . . this is a fine audio library for aspiring hard-rock bassists and prog aficionados.
- Tom Semioli

"Playback St. Louis"

Amy Humphrey and Joe Hayes make up Clatter, a two-piece bass-and-drum rock band that’s fueled with so much energy and high volume on stage that they are likely to knock all the pictures off a club’s wall. Humphrey’s melodic voice fits perfectly over her heavy bass lines, and she’s able to carry the melody of songs even when the music becomes an appealing, heavy wall of noise. Their show at Frederick’s provoked the audience to ask for encores, and the band amusingly declined. This is the kind of local talent we have, and it makes me proud to be from the Show-Me State. - John Kujawski


This disc receives points for being one of the most unusual discs I’ve come across in quite some time. Normally when music is this heavily bass driven the band is testosterone filled and angry instead of gender balanced and thoughtful. With a unique blend of female vocals and bass driven songs, this disc stands out from others in the rock genre. Thick bass lines, heavy drumming and reaching but contained female vocals are the recurring sounds that lay the foundation for every song on this disc. - Michelle Jones

"Bass Player Magazine"

The bass and drums duo of Amy Humphrey and Joe Hayes proves that a stripped-down lineup doesn’t necessarily yield an anemic sound. Clatter sounds huge on this concert DVD. The disc boasts a rockin’ show in the group’s hometown and the camera mounted on Amy’s Rickenbacker makes it a whole lot easier to cop a few of her cool licks.

-Brian Fox - NewBay Media

"Bass Guitar Magazine"

This unique husband-and-wife drums-and-bass duo boldly alt-rock out on this live DVD without any other bandmates (or samples to emulate them). Amy Humphrey's bi-amped rig impressively spans bass and guitar tones, and she sings and digs in with her distinctive two-fingered claw technique on a burly Rickenbacker throughout.

-E.E. Bradman - Future PLC

"Lawrence Journal-World"

The 11-song disc confirms that a duo can be just as aurally fulfilling as a traditional rock quartet. - Jon Niccum


Intelligent lyrics, very powerful melodies, and intense rhythm work all combine for a CD that you just don't want to stop playing...every song on this CD is a favorite! The combination of great songwriting, awesome musicianship, incredible vocals, and a unique idea in an industry of cookie-cutter acts, sets this project at the top of my list! For me, it is hands-down the best CD that I've reviewed to date. Wow! - Mark Lush


...their sound is so full and so intriguing that I don't find myself missing the guitar at all. Everything on this CD from the songwriting, production, musicianship, vocals, and cover art is so professional and well-done that this group seems to have no weak points. - Heather Dickson


"Blinded By Vision" LP, 2003
"Blinded in Boonville" Concert DVD, 2004
"Monarch" LP, 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


Amy Humphrey (bass, vocals) and Joe Hayes (drums and percussion) have played in a variety of bands, both together and separately. Their first recording together was with four-piece band Clatter Bean in Seattle. The EP, titled "Salt," was recorded at Bad Animals studio with producer Don Gilmore (Linkin Park, Good Charlotte). This self-released CD received radio airplay nationwide and spawned a tour that stretched from Seattle to CBGB in NYC.

Amy and Joe later left Seattle for central Missouri and hooked up with a new guitarist. They changed the band name to Clatter and recorded the full-length CD "Brood." Again, the record was played on college and commercial radio across the country, and Clatter toured extensively to support the release.

After the departure of the guitarist, Amy and Joe decided to approach hard rock music from a completely different perspective. Their new concept incorporates the driving, rhythmic foundation that has always been a cornerstone of their sound, while introducing effected bass and electronic percussion.

Amy and Joe released their first full-length CD, "Blinded By Vision," in March 2003. The record showcases the duo's heavy, rhythmic, melodic strengths. After touring over 50,000 miles to support the release, Clatter recorded a concert for DVD, titled "Blinded in Boonville," on July 10, 2004.

Following a hiatus for writing, Clatter recorded their second CD "Monarch" over six months in Nashville in 2006. A continuation of the bass/drum exploration Clatter began with "Blinded By Vision," "Monarch" seeps into even more musical crevices with forays into pop, funk, and ballad. 2007 will undoubtedly see Clatter on the road again to support this latest release.

Amy and Joe have always made business decisions based on environmental impact, such as packaging the CDs and DVD in recyclable Digipak, selling organic cotton shirts, and recently replacing their 15-passenger van with a Toyota Highlander Hybrid. They live on 125 acres on which they've planted native grasses and wildflowers and over 7,000 trees, and they converted their dilapidated chicken house into an eco-studio using reclaimed and recycled materials. One of the songs on the new album, titled "House of Trouble," deals with the environmental issues currently facing humanity.

YouTube Video--
From the "Blinded in Boonville" DVD:

Behind-the-scenes video from Amy and Joe talking about parts on the new album: