Clatter Clatter

Clatter Clatter

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

it's high tide. new record in 2010.


"Clatter Clatter is a Berklee band that proves that you can have chops and know when to use them to serve the song. The songs here -- influenced by melodic tunesmiths like Wilco, Elliot Smith, and the Beatles -- have clever hooks, inventive wordplay and tight harmonies that are punctuated by the DIY production ethic of bands like Guided By Voices, Fugazi and Sloan. I never thought I would put those influences and Berklee in the same paragraph, but there’s always a first time. Impressive." -- The Noise, Rock Around Boston

Clatter Clatter was first formed with some friends and fellow musicians in the fall of 2007, during frontman Keith Nelson's first few months after moving to the city of Boston. In the next two years, the band grew exponentially, defining their sound through common musical interests; the best of indie rock, including artists such as Spoon and Wilco. In January of 2009, they released their debut record, Too Many Boxes. This introduced them to new audiences, including performing rights organization SESAC (who signed them in late 2008).

Fast forward to July of 2009, when Clatter Clatter transitioned into a brand-new linup, featuring drummer Jordyn Blakely and bassist Dylan Vukelich. With a new energy, new songs, and an entirely new excitement for music, the band began rehearsing almost daily, reshaping their sound.

Now, looking to 2010, it's easy to see that good things are on the way. Clatter Clatter's debut full-length record will be recorded in the summer, with an early fall release. In the meantime, they are writing, rehearsing, and playing maaaaad many shows -- at established Boston venues (the Middle East, TT The Bear's Place, Great Scott, etc.), New York venues (the Annex), local colleges, record stores, and wherever else they can entertain an audience. They've also shared the stage with Elizabeth & The Catapult, Fun., Via Audio, Mother Mother, Abe Vigoda, and members of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Au Revoir Simone.

They have also been featured on WFNX radio, in addition to college radio at Berklee and Northeastern. Word of mouth is helping them build a strong following among the college crowd of Boston, playing shows on and around campus at Berklee, Emerson, and Northeastern. They’ve already been lauded by the Nashua Telegraph and the Noise, as well as by internet personalities such as Radio Free Chicago, Late Night Wallflower, Under The Rotunda and Off The Record (who said “Just To Say” was one of “the most beautiful, creative, and amazing songs that make you think ‘wow.. music can make everything alright’.”). It's only a matter of time before everyone else catches on.


2009 Too Many Boxes EP

Set List

• sets can be up to an hour and a half
• sometimes we'll play a cover just for yuks, but it's very rare. we generally speaking play only original music.