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San Diego, California, United States

San Diego, California, United States


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"San Diego Duo Claudeo Want to Make San Jose Dance"

Claudeo come from San Diego with one purpose in mind—to get people on their feet to dance. In the process, they’ve chosen some unusual places for dance parties. Here in San Jose, they selected the local dive-bar of choice, The Caravan, where they are playing this Thursday, September 13th. But Claudeo—who are Ivan Deyoung-Dominguez and Chris Changchien—are determined to get some feet moving no matter where they go.

The duo met in 2011 while working together on a project for UCSD and realized they both shared a mutual passion for making crowds shake their booties. But underneath the surface of their interest in pounding drum beats and screeching synthesizers, they also shared a passion for indie-pop songwriting, inspired by bands like Death Cab for Cutie and Coldplay.

They mix keyboards and guitars while trying to employ elements from the rock and electronic world in a pop setting. The end result is a mishmash that falls somewhere between Daft Punk and the Killers. For a dance band, they have a fair amount of variety in their songs with even a few sappy acoustic ballads for the slow dances. - San Jose Metroactive


Still working on that hot first release.



The release of their 2012 EP, Sing it Out is Claudeo’s start to the challenging of everyday norms. A portrait of their current state, this EP mirrors the exploratory process of those departing from a life that has been planned. Sing it Out challenges audiences to take a chance, escape, and find joy in what you were meant to do.

It’s not often that music is made out of the walls of a MRI lab, but that’s exactly how Claudeo began. While working together at USCD, Ivan and Chris found that shared experiences and a desire to make music made them question whether they were truly living the lives they wanted. Since the age of 14, Ivan had wanted to be a bioengineer. Chris came from a family of doctors and all his life had been determined to achieve that goal. Music was never really an option.

This changed when Ivan and Chris realized that pursuing their passion actually was and had always meant writing music. With the encouragement of their friends and family, they created Claudeo, practicing and recording in Chris’ tiny bedroom. Cramped in the room with guitars, drums, keyboards, and sound gear, their thoughts, struggles, and hopes began taking the shape of lyrics and melodies.

Claudeo’s music can be found on most major online distributors including ITunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and Soundcloud. For more information on bookings and upcoming performances, checkout their website at: or contact them at: