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Claudia Carawan

Richmond, Virginia, United States | INDIE

Richmond, Virginia, United States | INDIE
Band Christian Singer/Songwriter


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"Reviews, Endorsements & Fan Mail"

Reviews/Endorsements/Fan Mail

I have gotten so much wonderful feedback since the release of Fearless, my inspirational CD. Here are a few comments from my listening audience. - Claudia

Claudia is music with skin on, she provides her listening audience with journeys that traverse the interior sacred spaces, while lifting the heart.
-Rev. Toni G. Boehm, Ph.D. & author

When an artist is inspired, you can feel the emotion in their music. The lyrics and melody possess a richness, a depth that goes beyond the simple arrangement of notes.  You can feel the emotion in Claudia Carawan's music...her latest CD Fearless, is a masterpiece.    -Nancy Clark, author 

Fearless is vibrant and full of energy - production quality is so good I thought that I was listening to a major recording artist like Amy Grant. Claudia has star quality with a broad range of vocal ability, with perfect synchronicity between beat and content. Every cut is a cut above. I plan to keep this CD in my car. -Rev. Chris Chenoweth,

Claudia Carawan is one goose bump inducing singer/performer. I have had the pleasure of speaking in churches where she has been the singer and always find myself riveted from the first note to the last. The beauty and passion she brings to each song is an extension of herself, for this is how she lives..with full commitment to the wonder of each note arising in the song of her life. I feel honored to know and work with her. -John Maxwell Taylor, author

Hi Claudia:  I've been listening to your new CD. I really love it. I can't tell you how inspiring it is to me. I am a huge fan. And of course I can never forget how the Holy Spirit brought your music to me when I was in need. It brings tears to my eyes still whenever I think about it. It's kind of funny because I have been struggling with some things lately and here is a new CD to uplift my spirit. I am deeply grateful for your music. I can feel the Holy Spirit coming through it. Peace and love, -Dan C. Pennsylvania

Hi Claudia: I listened to your CD Fearless for the first time tonight. There are just no adjectives to describe how awesome. Thank you for the concert last night and the CD. It is truly awesome. -Dottie K., Richmond, VA

WOW! WOW!!!!!!    Claudia, your new CD Fearless is SPECTACULAR!  I will get some of these songs scheduled asap!  The sound, the words, the backgrounds.....your vocals, and the energy I felt while listening really resonated.  COOL!   We will all feel a lift and a 'knowing" as we grow with each of these songs.  These songs are truly heavenly gifts that you are sharing with the world.  BLESS YOU!! Thank YOU, Claudia for sharing with Mind Mastery Radio.  These energies continue to open hearts and make the world better!!!! With Love and Gratitude! -Jane Myers, Mind Mastery Radio

Hi Claudia:  I received the BEST Christmas gift last evening: your new CD!  Your CD is all the excellence I expected and more. What a fabulous selection of music very well delivered. And the photos are SO good. Congratulations on your success. As soon as you get here, I know you will have more sales. It's a "10"!!!! Blessings, -Deborah, Virginia Beach
Your concert Sun. evening was spectacular and I have been listening to your gorgeous CD ever since.  It is so inspiring and energizing and moving to me!  I appreciate so much how you have allowed Spirit to flow through you to create this gift for all of us.  From the title track to the oh-so-deeply-lovely "Legacy," I love every song.  Thank you for being "Fearless" and for helping us to be the same! - Karen H., Richmond, VA

Claudia: This is easily one of the best CD’s I have EVER listened to and NO you are not getting it back! Just tell me how much I owe you I don't have the words to express what I feel when I listen to these beautiful hymns.  I just know you have been blessed with a tremendous talent  and I love that you honor Him, the giver of all gifts, with your music. -Margo, Richmond, VA

Claudia: I have to say, I am not surprised at the beauty, love, and spirit in your CD but it is so amazing.  I don't want it to sound cliché, but it is so inspirational and kind.  You have done such a wonderful job on so many levels.  Thank you for your contribution to the Glory of God's Love. "Making More Room for God" especially impacted me just now as I have listened to it.  All of the songs are like prayers to God.  -Lisa, Richmond, VA
Hi Claudia: Thanks for sending your new CD. I love it and I’m playing it on One Vibration Radio! - Rev. Annette L. Lake, One Vibration Radio

- many

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Your Music Lessons are great inspiration! You had us laughing one moment and crying the next!

Claudia Carawan is a wondrous Spirit of light and love and her music radiates her Spirit in every way! Hearts are touched and opened, Love flows through her voice and all are captivated, caught up in the embrace of Love as they listen. We at Unity Christ Church of Bon Air are abundantly blessed to have Claudia share her talent with us often - people eagerly look forward to each service during which she performs. -Rev. Joyce Fisher-Pierce, Unity Christ Church of Bon Air Richmond, VA

Claudia is a phenomenal songwriter and performer. We have had her as a guest musician several times and I have had the awesome privilege of working with her at a Women’s Retreat. She is just the BEST! I am waiting with baited breath for a new CD that will be songs for women. -Rev. Pat Bessey, Christ Unity Oceanside, VA Beach

Claudia...Thank you for sharing both your wonderful music and your lovely spirit with us! -Rev. Melanie Burns, Esprit Center of Inspired Living, Naples, FL

True talents are gifts from God, and Claudia Carawan has been mightily blessed. As you hear her, you too are going to be blessed mightily by God!
-Rev. Christopher Ian Chenoweth,

Precision, soul and spontaneity make your music a gift to our listeners.
-Bob Keeton, Living Successfully Radio, Wisdom Channel

... Impressed is not a good enough word....But your talent covers so many bases--writing, playing, and singing--that it's the whole package. Your songs are excellent, your voice and the way you use it are a wonder, and your production is outstanding. Congratulations on a fine piece of work, and letting your talent loose on the world for the rest of us to enjoy.
-Greg Tamblyn, Recording Artist

I could not let another day go by without telling you how fabulous your CD is. Wow! I have been blasting it in my car ....I’ve hit replay on "Everything I Need" so many times that I have it memorized. So excellent! -David Ault, Recording Artist, Author, Minister

Congratulations on a great project. It is my new favorite CD! Your voice is really awesome and you are a great songwriter too. I especially like your simple R&B style. It is refreshing to hear songs with depth and meaning in that genre. It was well produced and engineered. I'd play it next to any artist out there! -Richard Mekdeci, Recording Artist, President, ITOI Ministries - Various


Out of the Blue - released 2003
Fearless - released 2008

both CDs have gotten internet radio airplay



The Musician
Claudia Carawan (vocalist, songwriter, pianist & producer/arranger) is an artist who creates positively soulful music. Her music is "soul food" that satisfies the spirit. Carawan is a veteran performer with a diverse musical background (a degree in opera, a voice featured in national advertising and many years on stage performing with jazz and blues legends). Her powerful vocals have drawn many comparisons to a variety of singers (like Bonnie Raitt, Rickie Byars Beckwith and Amy Grant) as she is comfortable singing many styles (r&b, soul, gospel, blues/jazz & pop). In performance Carawan brings it "all to the table" with her powerful vocals, dynamic piano playing and riveting stage presence, creating a roller-coaster ride of joy, laughter, tears and inspiration.

Recording Artist & Songwriter
Claudia Carawan has released two independent recordings Out of the Blue (positively soulful pop music) and Fearless (a collection of high energy inspirational songs). As a songwriter Carawan writes from her own experiences and creates empowering lyrics that touch the listener in a positively soulful way.

The Inspirational Speaker
Carawan was so inspired after hearing Maya Angelou speak that she began creating spiritual lessons that integrate drama, poetry, story-telling and music. She has shared her Music Lessons with many spiritual communities and corporate groups, and has inspired many people with her genuine spirit, beautiful music and talent.

The Teacher & Music Director
Claudia Carawan has developed an innovative Music Program that serves at-risk teenagers. For over 10 years she has worked with youth at the Charterhouse School and inspired her students to discover and develop their creative abilities and individual gifts. Claudia loves working with the hip hop generation and they have inspired her too.

Carawan is the Music Director of Unity Christ Church of Bon Air (in Richmond, VA) and has served this community for over 10 years by creating a diverse and high energy music program that uplifts,inspires and empowers. Carawan lives happily in Richmond, Virginia with her husband, her 14 year old daughter and the family dog, Gracie (her most ardent fan).