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I Want Your Name

Written By: Claudia Gentile

By Claudia Gentile
October 15, 2007

You walked by me at the grocery store,
I couldn’t help but notice your look,
The uniform you wore…got me hooked,
So I studied you walking to the door.

Your life seemed full of soaring eagles,
Even your red, white, and blue tattoo,
Made me want to know more about you,
Your kind face inspired me to go through.

I spoke up and I asked your name.
You said just call me Officer James.
I smiled and thought how nice it would be,
To know a guy that carried himself so admirably.

Yes, the name James had a good sound,
Wouldn’t it be the best match around?
I dreamed on that this was our destiny.
Even pictured your hands with mine through eternity.

Could we meet somewhere, go on a date?
Perhaps we can get serious and temp fate,
I’d be proud to marry a guy like you.
James, would you be my lifetime mate?

I want your name.
It seems so right.
I want your name to be my name.
Wouldn’t it be a shame,
If I couldn’t have your name.