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"Review - Claudia Pavel live at National Theatre - Unplugged"

At the invitation of our friends from , part of the team last night in unplugged concert was presented at the Claudia Paul, better known as Cream Romanian music scene. Claudia wanted to demonstrate through this event that has evolved a lot throughout the musical and Candy times are long gone. And he succeeded! With the support of Finland, organized with his team (consisting of Marius Mates and Andrew Philip) and exclusive in a special concert that made sense!
The concert took place in the amphitheater hall's Theatre which has a capacity of only 200 seats, is a small event, as between friends. Claudia left us not to expect much, making his appearance in a gold shirt and some heels giddy at around 20:30. The concert began with a strong melody and "heavy", "Falling" of Alicia Keys, the song that Claudia sang it very well, impressing the audience present to hear. Followed other covers of Claudia's favorite song that had a very diverse repertoire: Shania Twain, Beyonce, Pink, Rihanna and Coldplay, is only part of the name to remember. The artist sang songs from his latest album "Wrong girl for that" most of them liked me "Do not miss missing you."

On stage, alongside Claudia jumped on that with all Tibi Scobiola Band or accompanied Claudia, Connect-R (with whom he sang the song "Candy" and famous "Rehab" Amy Winehouse's) German Paul Cless that Claudia is a piece that is distributed in Germany and perhaps the most awaited appearance of the evening, Oceana. In a fuchsia dress with fringe, Oceana was an energetic and effervescent presence. She has shown us his future single "Lala".

Claudia continued with songs from her album, and then, after 2 hours of live music, and took farewell to those present.

It was an interesting concert, and the conclusion we reached last night after the show is that the Romanian pop music is on track. Claudia Paul demonstrated that he can and especially! -

"Review Wrong For That Girl - Claudia Pavel"

Thursday, August 6, Claudia and Paul released his new album, 'Wrong For That Girl' in Costinesti Disco Youth. This album was waited breathless by many, including me, especially because it has been mastered by the team who mastered the ABBA albums. I got some exclusive images and information to start , and I have and gave an interview with Claudia, taken at 5 am . Very normal yarn, with character super cool, what made me admire and respect her even more as man and artist.
Below you have a full review of the album, as I promised them, as I promised to you in a previous article . WARNING! We offer three albums for the most interesting and original comments ... so, you will hear
1. Do not Miss Missing You (Tobias Lundgren, Johan Fransson, Tim Larsson, Baile Sibucao)
The first track on the album is the 3rd single whole, which we will launch in the fall Claudia. The clip made its appearance but for some time on the net, and the feedback was very good. The song different and powerful message, to Cream's voice and image clip, many believed it was something that we can wash your eyes after all the stereotypes that continue to be respected at this time. And they were right ... a very strong first album and an ability to live well intrepreta this song!
2. Wrong For That Girl (Jasmine Baird, Jason Worthy, Marc Genert)
'Wrong For That Girl' is the song that really carries the album. What I really like here is negative and how Claudia vocal timbre changes. I find it interesting lyrics and song production is top class. Starting to become very 'addictive' to refrain
3. Somebody's Watching Me (Rockwell, Ryan Tedder, Lisa Greene, Louis Biancaniello, Fritz Sieg)
Yes ... you read well! Ryan Tedder is indeed one of those who participated in writing this piece. I had the opportunity to hear the song performed live last week in a club on the season and he caught me from the first listen, especially the chorus . Claudia very strong voice on that is everything.
4. Just A Little Bit (Fatman Scoop, Marcus Brosch, Inessa Alessandrova)
Already I do not think I have to say about this track, the 4th album. It is the 2nd single released some time ago in collaboration with famous Fatman Scoop, who has worked with true geniuses like Timbaland, Missy Elliott, Janet Jackson or Mariah Carey. Ever since appeared on the net, I had it on repeat, because of its momentum and at least interesting lyrics . And in addition, clubs from the States (Miami) already have in the playlist, as we said in the interview even Claudia.
5. Hold On (Markus Brosch)
Another great song continues the album managed to maintain high quality yet. Although, in my opinion, fails to live up to the other tracks on the material, makes a pretty good job
6. Candy (Johan Fransson, Tobias Lundgren, Tim Larsson, Kim Persson, Niclas Mollinder)
'Candy' Claudia Cream announces return of Romanian musical market and a real international career started a few months ago. This proved highly successful 'comeback' with a vengeance, almost managed to amaze everyone with the new sound approach.
7. Headlights Off (Markus Brosch)
A tougher drunken opening song "Headlights Off 'in the first few seconds, such as diversifying the album. Good song, worth listened!
8. Experience (Markus Brosch, Winston Sela)
Personally, track number 8 on the album is not something that caught me first, but increase after some listening. Operated side is still aggressive in terms of novelty and voice artist's sound.
9. Obsession For You (Johan Fransson, Tobias Lundgren, Tim Larsson, Kim Persson, Niclas Mollinder)
I think this song get loose in the top five on the album. Points pace fast, the chorus urges immediate dance and poetry I find absolutely brilliant, coming from a Romanian artist. Until now, one of my favorite songs and I can not enough of it
10. Give It Up (Jasmine Baird, Phillip Dyson Nestor Sherman)
We arrived at the track 10 and I still find it hard to get used to the fact that an artist on our lands managed to get to work at a level so high. 'Give It Up' is another perfect example of exhausting effort made for two years to create the album. Give 'play' and see what I mean.
11. Beautiful Lies (Tobias Lundgren, Johan Fransson, Tim Larsson)
It might surprise you to stay in the first seconds of those products sound like a tribal drum But an even more amazed to stay if you try to listen to the song, backed by a good melodic line.
12. Who's Gonna Wake Me Up (Owen Thomas, Lilly May Young)
'Who's Gonna Wake Me Up' is another ballad that comes from the very beginning. Somehow brings a smile and I really like the voice of Claudia, who is very warm and fits extremely well on track style.
13. Candy (Vito Benito Remix)
14. Just A Little Bit (Deepside Deejays Remix)
If I'm not mistaken, the only collaboration with a Romanian name of the album, that keeps the style Deepside Deejays, already known to local audiences. - Diversity Cafe

"Claudia Pavel Concert Review"

Yesterday, St Andrew, Claudia Paul wanted to make fans, media and friends a nice surprise that was also demonstrated (once again if it was not enough) and voice talent that is inviting her on stage with some names Romanian music, but also important international names like Tibi Scobiola Paul Cless Connect-R and last but not least Oceana.

Hall Amphitheater Bucharest National Theater last night full of stars including "Crazy Win simpaticii, Nicola, Horia Brenciu, Laurentiu Duta, Dalma, Cristina Russian and others.

Claudia recital lasted about two hours was a particular delight both visual aids. He sang songs from the album "Wrong girl for that" and "Do not Miss Missing You", a Medley of "Just a Little Bit" and "Candy" where she was invited on stage to Connect-R. He played a few covers, Halo (Beyoncé), Rehab (Rihanna), Rehab (Amy Winehouse), Please Do not Leave Me (Pink) or Cry Cry Cry, a song that sang along with Oceana.

A nice thing that Claudia made it, since it is a concert for friends, gave a gift to everyone who sang on stage with her, a gift, as she said, brought in her bedroom.

To end, we can say that I was impressed very nice show that Claudia us to offer, and we thank him for the invitation to go to her next big concert. Below you can see all the photos I made in concert and do not forget to send in a good word Claudia Paul. -


Just a little bit feat. Fatman Scoop (single)
Candy (single)
Don't Miss Missing You (single)
Crazy (single)
Wrong Girl For That (album)



From an early age it was clear which direction Claudia Pavel’s life would take. Her passion for music was obvious from an early age. When she was only 7 years old, her parents noticed how talented and dedicated to the music their daughter was and they took her to take singing classes.
From singing and dancing in from of her family, their friends and neighbours she move right on stage. Claudia started to sing in talent shows and competitions and whenever she was asked what she wanted to become when she would grow older, she would respond: ”I am going to become the best singer in the world”.
At the early age of 9, the young singer made her debut in a television show. At that time she would perform the hits of her favourite artists, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, proving that even if she was only a child she could sing those difficult, challenging songs.
Claudia continued to win all sorts of national and local famous competitions and to impress huge audiences and well known judges.

In time she has established herself and made her way into this business. Claudia has cultivated her talent and her remarkable voice and, at the age of 15, she made her debut in the music industry as part of a band of three teenage girls.

After having huge success with the band, at only 16 years old, Claudia Pavel decided to take the next step, leaving a secure and safe spot for a solo career. “I have always dreamed of following my own path and destiny as a solo artist. I had lots of fun and I learned a lot during the time I was part of the band, but this was the first step in my career. I wanted more, it was time to go to the next level”, Claudia says.
She took that chance at the age of 17 and she made her wish come true. “Believe In Me” was the first material that Claudia launched on her own. The maxi-single included 5 tracks and 2 remixes. The first single from this EP was “Closer”, a hit of the summer 2002.
Aside from singing, the young ambitious girl followed another dream of hers, that of becoming an actress. Therefore, in the year 2003 she was admitted in the Acting University. “I have always wanted to be a complex artist, a good performer and that is why I took singing classes, dancing and acting courses for several years. I want people to appreciate my show when I am on stage”, says Claudia.
Claudia worked very hard to improve her skills, she took singing lessons, choreography classes and has worked for 1 year in the studio. In November 2003, after she just turning 19, Claudia Pavell released the first single from her album “I am waiting”, called “Close Your Eyes”. This track rapidly became a hit and was climbing the top of the charts.
Her most recent single,’’ Don t miss missing you’’ is her favourite. She sings it with much love and passion because she is so in love with it. ’’Don’t miss missing you’’ was produced in Sweden by a great team of producers, amazed by Claudia’s voice and determination.
Claudia Pavel is a young, talented singer, who loves music more than anything and is heading towards her peak in the music industry. From an early age she knew what she wanted and she works hard to achieve her goal. She is well known for her professionalism and for putting her heart and soul into her work. However, she is the soul of the party, with her catchy tracks about desire, love and life, completed by her personal charisma and her stage presence which attract the eye as a magnet. Her motto is “Life is short, enjoy every moment of it!”.
Claudia is a very feminine presence, always smiling, being energetic, dancing and spreading positive vibes. For the girl that followed her dream to become an exquisite singer and performer, even greater things lay ahead as she continues to challenge herself artistically.