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""Christmas Healing""

Recorded in Philadelphia at Bradford Sound Studios. Gershon Bradley duets with Claudia Pellegrini on "Christmas Healing."
"I love Christmas and I was inspired by all the Christmases I've been fortunate enough to celebrate with my friends and family," commented Gershon. "Claudia and I were committed to make a special song this Christmas that sounded pop and at the same time classical."

Gershon, who previously released his debut CD JOURNEY, on Eclectic Music For The World, features 13 all new original songs written by Gershon Bradley and Claudia Pellegrini. This new album, recorded over a one and a half year period at Bradford Sound Studios, Philadelphia, represents Gershon's life journey and a dream come true. Listening to it proves his musical talent for writing, singing, and producing. All the songs on it are first class, very well put together and great listening. Gershon is bursting into flames to communicate his messages to all his fans through his music and voice.

The CD includes active songs and quiet songs ...songs that reflect a variety of moods for a wide range of listeners. His primary goal is to make the listener reflect about life and feelings in a positive way. "I feel easy listening music is fading away and have the need to bring its purpose back on track."

"Journey," features material co-written with singer/songwriter and producer Claudia Pellegrini, with songs recorded in English, Italian, and Spanish. This CD reveals his truly natural singing talent. Gershon adds a slight operatic tone to his singing style of "classical pop" or "pop opera."

"Journey" contains one duet "Trust In Me" co-written by Claudia Pellegrini. Their voices seem to meld into one. Other standouts include New York (Always Reminds Me Of Your Love) and the sweepingly romantic "If You Only Knew"; both written by Gershon. "New York" is a reflection of his college days in New York City and "If You Only Knew"...well, everyone's always had a secret admirer, right? It is hard to pick a favorite on this CD, as all are well written, arranged, and recorded.

"My dream came true. It took a long time but I did it. I gave all I have from my heart and from my soul,"Gershon says. Gershon's desire to share his love of music --and music making-- led him to become a sound engineer and studio owner. Basically, this production is a "doing it all: producing, arranging, engineering, and singing in collaboration with Claudia Pellegrini. Claudia is an outstanding talented individual who, too, developed an appreciation for music at an early age. Two years ago when Gershon and Claudia first met, they both knew very little about music production and recording, but their driven spirits made this wonderful CD an outstanding piece of art. This CD is a true statement of his ability to keep his fans coming back.

To purchase a CD, listen to previews or to obtain updates on upcoming concerts, go to Shortly, there will be two videos, "Trust In Me" and "If You Only Knew" and will be featured on the artist's website

Gershon was saddened by the recent passing of Luciano Pavarotti. As a young boy, Gershon was nicknamed "little Pavarotti". He always admired the marvelous control Luciano had over his voice and his captive audience. "I felt the emotion of the lyrics with every word he sang", says Gershon. "He sings from within." Gershon feels the need to express his sorrows in writing and singing a joyful and befitting tribute to Pavarotti, "You Still Make The World Smile". While driving to pick up a piece of studio equipment, Gershon uttered to Claudia, "I've got it, listen to this melody". Claudia then removes a keyboard from the back of the car, lays down a few chords, and lyrics flow from their mouths. This song is available, at no cost, as a download from Gershon's website, and will feature a collection of favorite Pavarotti photographs. Video is also available at

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9000 Witches, 9000 Brujas (2006)- Available on iTunes and Cd Baby.
Gershon Bradley's "Journey" (2007)- (co-written and produced by Claudia Pellegrini). Available on iTunes, and FYE.



CLAUDIA PELLEGRINI: "...Claudia Pellegrini's work is mesmerizing...". The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Claudia Pellegrini is not a newcomer to music. Having begun her violin studies at age 5, she was a Conservatory Graduate with Honors by age 17, a Master's Degree Graduate by age 23, a Songwriting Competition Finalist by 24, and a published producer-songwriter-singer by 26.
Besides having an impressive resume and performing regularly with several orchestras in the Philadelphia area, as a professional violinist she has worked with some of the best musicians in the world, such as Zakhar Bron, Pinchas Zukerman, Yehudi Menuhin, Michael Tilson Thomas, among others. But far from limiting herself to classical music, Claudia Pellegrini has applied her extensive musical training into music producing. Since 2005, she has been a permanent producer at Bradford Sound Studios, where her fruitful collaboration with singer Gershon Bradley created his amazingly colorful CD debut, a classical pop masterpiece named "Journey" (available in and FYE).

As a singer, Claudia trained with vocalists in Madrid (Spain) and in Philadelphia (USA), and she has performed often in both countries. Some of her solo songs are available on iTunes, and her newest music can always be found in her Myspace website ( Although she prefers to sing her own songs, she performs in a duet with Bradley in the album "Journey", and she provided backup vocals for all of the other tracks of that album as well as co-writing and producing them.
As a songwriter, Claudia has an extensive catalog of more than 50 works, plus another 25 written in collaboration with other artists.
Most recently, Claudia has become actively involved with musical theatre. She was latest seen on the Bristol Riverside Theatre stage, at the world premiere of "What You Will", working alongside famed composer/producer Justin Ellington and being directed by Keith Baker and Donald Byrd (of "The Color Purple" fame). Her performance of live violin, some of which she wrote, earned her multiple rave reviews.
As a producer, one of Claudia's best skills is the rapidity of her work, turning a simple hummed melody into a complete song in a matter of minutes. Whether a song needs a sophisticated string arrangement, spicy piano chords or upbeat backup vocals, her melodies are always memorable. With broad musical imagination, perfect pitch, outstanding violin and viola playing, great piano skills, expressive voice, fluent lyric writing both in English and Spanish and overall a special instinct for music, Claudia Pellegrini is guaranteed to accomplish brilliant work in any music related circumstance. The message that she would like to convey to the world is: "Don't ask me, don't look at me, don't judge me yet. Just listen to my work. Try me".