Claudia Schmidt

Claudia Schmidt


The Funtet goes folky or jazzy or rootsy depending on Claudia Schmidt's compositions and the mood of the band. .guitar, mandolin, drums, bass, and Claudia's soaring vocals. Many moods and textures, always exciting.


Claudia has been writing/performing for almost 40 years and has become a master at blending many different styles into an exciting and unique sound. With the accompaniment of her Funtet, the stakes are raised. Everyone has ears like foxes and can go where the mood needs to go. Influences are depth, joy, and mastery. .anyone with that is a kindred spirit.


Claudia Schmidt (1979)
Midwestern Heart (1981)
Out of the Dark (1983)
New Goodbyes, Old Helloes (1985)
Closing the Distance (1987)
Big Earful (1988)
While We Live (1991)
Essential Tension (1991)
It Looks Fine From Here (1994)
Wings of Wonder (2000)
I Thought About You (2001)
Spinning (2006)
Live at the Dakota (2006)
Promising Sky (2010)

Set List

A mix of mostly original songs, usually 2 sets, 50-60 minutes, if covers, then usually standards or something from the jazz repertoire.