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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Duo Alternative Trip-hop




"CLAVVS Wins Best Progressive Pop Act in Atlanta 2016"

After first meeting at an East Atlanta house show in 2013, CLAVVS singer/songwriter Amber Renee and producer Graham Marsh used their shared love for pop and Atlanta’s trap music production to jump-start their electrified modern psychedelia. This year’s mesmerizing debut EP Halfblood combines dance beats on codeine with a gothic atmosphere. “Cover it with sugar and then feed it to ’em slow/If they spit it out, open up their mouths/Shove it down their throats,” Renee sings in “Throats.” Marsh is a four-time Grammy winner, and has made a career from working with artists like Janet Jackson, CeeLo Green, and T.I. Renee has been singing her whole life. Yet despite their obvious mainstream appeal, the duo stay true to the ominous musical terrain that fascinates them both. CLAVVS’ eerie pop soundscapes are fitting for soirees and séances alike. - Creative Loafing

"Atlanta duo CLAVVS are on point with their new single Bloom"

Atlanta duo CLAVVS are on point when they describe their music as hypnotic alt pop and spectral trip hop on their Soundcloud bio. New single Bloom is deeply entrancing and gossamer ethereal. It’s a striking third single to be lifted from thier sophomore album, World Underwater, one that evokes fond memories of bands like Haelos and London Grammar. CLAVVS explains that the new single is about: “being a woman and a human being. The whole record is an exercise in repurposing typically feminine evils like sirens and serpents into powerful, beautiful symbols”. I have a feeling Trump and CLAVVS wouldn’t mix, and I’m glad. CLAVVS is comprised of four time Grammy winning producer Graham Marsh and writer/vocalist Amber Renee, who has an immaculately magnificent, deeply regal voice. Their lush engaging single is a dazzling taste from the pair’s coming album, which I can’t help but look forward to hearing. - I Heart Moosiq

""Leviathan" by CLAVVS"

Amber Renee met Graham Marsh in East Atlanta in 2013. The pair bonded over their shared love for hip hop, Harry Potter and Radiohead, a love which would ultimately evolve into CLAVVS, a fantastical synthpop concept fronted by Amber and produced by Graham, the four-time Grammy winner behind artists like Gnarls Barkley, Kid Cudi, and T.I.

“Leviathan,” the lead-track from halfblood, fuses almost melancholy underwater soundscapes and aggressive, driving drums with Amber’s willful, smokey vocals. Detailing an internal tempest, “Leviathan” grows from only a soft echo into a hard, reverberating maelstrom of hi-hats, horns and dubbed out vocal samples.

If the vibe of halfblood is any indication, the duo is departing from the mainly organic production of their first album Feel It All and delving into a realm of dark, hypnotic soundscapes driven by lush, spacey synths and world-music inspired percussion. Given that half of CLAVVS is Graham Marsh, it makes sense that the duo is navigating more progressive waters. With Amber Renee’s sultry, at times eerie, vocals floating atop the organized chaos.

CLAVVS’ new album halfblood will be revealed episodically until its full release in early 2016. - Northern Transmissions


There are certain voices that grab us, hold us, choke us until we fall a slave to their timbre. Authenticity flows from the tongue; emotion lines the beginnings and ends of every utterance. Combining music, lyrics, and emotion, the voices emit meaning(s) – messages that we, the listeners, can grab ahold of, identify with, and make our own.

Music is, and will always be, a powerful vessel: Its true beauty lies in the infinity of possibilities lying at the core of each song. Somehow, we connect; somehow, these voices breach our ears and enter into our consciousness. Atlanta’s CLAVVS (pronounced “Claws”) are one of those special voices, inviting you to join their ambient world of darkness, desire, lust and mistrust in new single “Serpentine.”

Ice queen, Serpentine
Venom dripping from your teeth
I need something
Pump my veins with dopamine

Highly likely
You’re the voice inside me
And I need something
Give it to me

Listen: “Serpentine” – CLAVVS

The collaborative duo of writer/vocalist Amber Renee and four time Grammy-winning producer Graham Marsh, CLAVVS have been releasing their uniquely intoxicating blend of hypnotic, engulfing indie/alt/trip hop music since early 2015. Atwood Magazine premiered their “Sit You Down” music video in November 2015, calling it “a fantastical final product that harbors a seductive freshness.” After releasing songs once a month, CLAVVS released their debut album Halfblood in April 2016, solidifying their place in the Atlanta indie music scene whilst offering a comprehensive set of dark, spellbinding recordings – each of which, one might mention, charted on The Hype Machine.

"Serpentine" - CLAVVS
“Serpentine” – CLAVVS

The work is never over for an independent artist, and soon after CLAVVS finished the Halfblood cycle, they were on to the next one. “Glass Skin,” the lead from their sophomore effort, came two weeks ago, and Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Serpentine” today.

How do you measure a band who intentionally pushes you out of your comfort zone into seemingly familiar, but equally foreign territory? CLAVVS’ progression over the past year is somewhat subtle, but their transformation is telling: Renee and Marsh are at home in CLAVVS’ skin, familiar enough with the textures that make them feel to the point where “Serpentine” is not so much the result of sonic experimentation, as it is the result of exploration within an established musical space.

“I don’t really ever sit down and have this preconceived notion of what I’m going to do,” says Marsh of his songwriting process. “I’m inspired by sound, so I’ll just play with things or mess around with stuff until I’m like, oh, I like that sound, and that sound will lead me down the path to maybe another sound… [But] I don’t have this preconceived thing in my head that I’m going to get out; it’s more that I’ll sit down with a palette of sound and paint until I think it sounds cool.” CLAVVS’ influence spans far-flung cultures, with world music, hip-hop, psychedelic and more influences ingrained in “Serpentine.”

And I’m tripping out on the come up
With the
Words slipping out of my mouth
Shut up
Truth dripping down to the ground
If you wanna
Keep me company

“Serpentine” is lyrically evocative and provocative: Its words are sultry and sure of themselves. Renee has mastered melisma, the art of stretching a syllable to meet any required length – a musical device with which fans of classical, opera, or Radiohead’s music should be quite familiar. Forcefully and effortlessly, she ejects emotion and color into long-held notes and phrases. Her voice is as much an instrument as it is the song’s spark: She is one with Marsh’s production and instrumental accompaniment, a feat few artists are able to convincingly achieve.

I’ll sit down with a palette of sound and paint until I think it sounds cool.
CLAVVS © Piezo Quartz
CLAVVS is Graham Marsh and Amber Renee // © Piezo Quartz

But one of CLAVVS’ best traits is their authenticity: Listening to songs like “Serpentine” or “Glass Skin,” a listener can easily fall into their spectral, sometimes otherworldly sounds to the point where everything feels natural and the sonic spectrum feels limitless. Says Renee: “In terms of wanting to do something a little different… I really like the idea of crafting other worlds and other spaces, and I think in a sonic sense, Graham is incredible at that. Lyrically, that’s sort of what I’m always exploring.”

‘Cause I
I am tired
Tired of trying
Trying to fight you
To fight you
When I
I’d just like
Like to climb
Climb inside you, inside you
enough such that they are
introducing the world to

CLAVVS’ hauntingly delicate, pristine chorus outlines their song’s internal conflict between lust and mistrust. The knowledge that a special someone might do more harm than good is not strong enough to outweigh the carnal desire for skin, causing imbalance and anxiety – tension in the music, the lyrics, and the emotions.

What better symbol than the serpent is there to represent our intimate desires?

“I feel like ‘Serpentine’ is almost representative, in a way, of a central theme in the whole record, which is this internal struggle that all humans experience, I would imagine,” explains Amber Renee. “It really is an important song to me – it’s sort of what I experience in my life – and more than that, I think it’s a really beautiful song. I love what Graham did with it, and I think other people will love it, too.”

CLAVVS © Piezo Quartz

One of the most striking characteristics in “Serpentine” is the way it builds, like a round, repeating itself in ever more powerful declarations. Renee’s voice is full of life as she accuses:

A succubus is what you are
A succubus is what you are
A succubus is what you are
what we are

It’s a mesmerizing way to end a song. “We didn’t originally have the idea for the ending,” remembers Renee, “But in the room together we were fleshing out the arrangement, and that’s when we had the idea to go back to the pre-chorus and have it all repeating and building, which is probably one of my favorite things about the song… It’s so real. It makes me feel things.”

Music never gets old: Should you ever start losing interest, something will come around to catch your ear, re-center your gravity and open your mind to the new and exciting. CLAVVS’ “Serpentine” is an engulfing, beautiful trip hop maze – a dazzling experience unlike any other. Let yourself go; dwell in the sound of something special, and look forward to more mind-bending music from this trailblazing artist to watch. - Atwood Magazine

"CLAVVS - Serpentine"

Atlanta-based alt-pop duo CLAVVS, comprised of vocalist Amber Renee and four-time Grammy award-winning producer Graham Marsh (CeeLo Green, Bruno Mars, and Ludacris) continue to impress with their spellbinding new single called "Serpentine", which could easily be considered as one of their best tracks to date (next to "Sit You Down"). The single also serves as the second track following "Glass Skin" to be lifted from their forthcoming album.

Speaking on the track, Amber Renee says:

"I feel like 'Serpentine' is almost representative, in a way, of a central theme in the whole record, which is this internal struggle that all humans experience, I would imagine. It really is an important song to me - it's sort of what I experience in my life - and more than that, I think it’s a really beautiful song. I love what Graham did with it, and I think other people will love it, too." - Wonky Sensitive


After the release of their debut album halfblood, trip hop duo CLAVVS (pronounced “claws”) returns with their new single “Bloom,” the third track off their sophomore release World Underwater.

Amber Renee on the new single:

“It’s a song about being a woman and a human being. The whole record is an exercise in repurposing typically feminine evils like sirens and serpents into powerful, beautiful symbols. ‘Bloom’ is about owning those archetypes and subverting them.”

“Bloom,” the third single from CLAVVS’ latest release World Underwater, is a salient, lush dance of resonant drums, vintage synths and tripped out jungle noises. These latest releases suggest that the duo is navigating further into their signature territory of dark, hypnotic alt pop and ATL-inspired trip hop– a singular sound that CLAVVS has made all their own. - Northern Transmissions


Alt-pop duo CLAVVS (pronounced “Claws” to those who are unfamiliar with the group) have achieved an impressive amount of success for a group that’s barely been around for a couple of years. In addition to their fast ascent within the local scene, their singles have been featured on American Apparel’s and Old Navy’s international in-store playlists, and the group has appeared on Discover Atlanta’s Music Voyager series, as well as an upcoming IndieATL session slated to air on Comcast this fall.

Indeed, these days it seems everyone in town wants a piece of CLAVVS. This Saturday, they will headline Synthesizer Vol. III, a live music event hosted by the tech and culture podcast Digital Good Times in partnership with Immersive Atlanta. Following that performance, the duo will next appear at Creative Loafing’s Best of Atlanta party on September 22. All in all, they’re on a hell of a run.

Now, here to propel the group even further along their climb, is their new single “Glass Skin.”

The first thing that sticks out is the track’s complex and spellbinding production. Grammy award-winning producer Graham Marsh creates an atmospheric blend of hip-hop-inspired break beats and wavy, almost otherworldy, synthesizers. There’s this trick he does where the beat switches from a steady eighth note emphasis to one that scales back on the 16th from time to time. It’s not exactly new to this genre of music, however, when mixed with the rest of the lush production and Amber Renee’s ethereal voice, the subtle changes in drum syncopation brings an added layer that substantially informs the tone of the track. Meanwhile, Renee’s warm vocals soften the otherwise chaotic tenor of the song and the harmonic climax during the verse-chorus transition is filled with rawness and intensity.

“Glass Skin” is like floating in a galaxy comprised of neon laser lights and smoke machine clouds with a smell oddly reminiscent of maple syrup. CLAVVS have been on quite the spree, and here you get the feeling they’re just beginning to scratch the surface of their creative potential. Check out the track below. - Immersive Atlanta

"Emerging Artists: CLAVVS"

There is a plentiful supply of sonically alluring electronic pop acts breaking out right now, as the trend for such has gripped in tightly during the last couple of years. Setting yourself apart from the growing head-count of these similarly discerning acts though requires skill and creative thought through-out.

Atlanta based duo CLAVVS started out much is the way of many by facilitating a lushly involved thread of sound for themselves which takes onboard a hauntingly extending atmosphere. This forms the basis of CLAVVS material from where everything grows, and over the past few months the duo consisting of vocalist Amber Renee and four-time Grammy award-winning producer Graham Marsh have grown out their sound to a much bigger effect.

More often than not, there is a notable chill that fills the air when CLAVVS roll-out their subversively leaning pop, it glimmers with a deliciously dark intent yet is clear it existentially bares an otherworldly sub-context seeping from its synth pumped veins.

By far CLAVVS are entering into a cross-wind domain of reality bordering the fringes of fantasy, which makes for a hypnotically sensualized experience in the long run. Even as they embed their emotively heartfelt, inclined electronic pop unto a soundboard of shadowy appeal. We can’t default them seeking a momentary lapse hereby, allowing the rays of sun to filter through a little, imparting a whole new episode of electronic embracement.

Caught on the cusp of nocturnal piqued dancefloor vibes feat ethereally spacey vox, latest cut “Spectre” gives the duo their most entrancing offering to date.

Impeccably turned out electronica such as this, can only fuel a far reaching fascination of the spellbinding and fantastical umbrella of electronic pop presence that rains down on us here. - EQ Music

"PREMIERE: CLAVVS New Single “Bloom” + Sophomore Album Title Announced"

If there is one band ready to blow up behind their upcoming sophomore release, Atlanta trip hop duo CLAVVS (pronounced “claws) is primed and ready to take the next big leap. Today they have released the title of that forthcoming album, World Underwater, set for release in spring 2017.

After all, they’ve already released two stellar singles from the World Underwater in “Glass Skin” and “Serpentine” over the last few months, after initially gaining traction on their hypnotic debut. Comprised of four-time Grammy-winning producer Graham Marsh (CeeLo Green, Bruno Mars, Ludacris, etc.) and writer & vocalist Amber Renee, CLAVVS released their critically received debut album halfblood in early 2016. Each song from the debut charted on Hypem, while CLAVVS boasts 130K+ Spotify and Soundcloud plays in addition to plenty of radio play. The duo has also been praised in myriad regional & international press and were featured in the international TV series The Music Voyager alongside Janelle Monae (watch clip here), while they were also named Best Progress Pop Act by Atlanta’s Creative Loafing.

It’s clear that Graham Marsh knows his way around sought after hip hop style beats, but with CLAVVS, Marsh is able to experiment outside of the norm, with something that is his own, alongside the sultry and haunting vocals and lyrics that Amber provides. The two make a formidable team whose songs could fit nicely on modern radio, or pumping up a late night dance party at the club, or yet even blasting over the speakers at your local indie loving watering hole.

The evidence is all there pointing to the meteoric rise of CLAVVS, but if that isn’t enough, let your ears feast on the striking new single “Bloom,” from World Underwater, which we are extremely excited to share today.

The song starts with birds chirping in a jungle, before the vintage synths and heavy drum beats jump in as Amber’s forceful yet seductive vocals stand up to the task with: “When you’re born to breathe fire / You bow down to no one else”. The beats continue CLAVVS exploration of mesmerizing soundscapes that transport you right into their universe. And on “Bloom”, the duo isn’t afraid to meet their fears head on, and burst through what weighs them down.

As Amber Renee hits the chorus with the lyrics: “In the waves I’m falling under / The weight comes crashing down / But I know that’s it’s just water / Sink or swim or float or drown”, there’s a certain healing aspect to the song. Renee’s authoritative vocals makes it clear that despite any heavy burdens trying to hold her down, she has no plans to sink or drown, and instead CLAVVS is ready to rise up through it all. The band said “‘Bloom’ is really the centerpiece of the new record. It’s about surviving in a foreign home. It’s about finding comfort in your own skin, especially when you feel like you’re drowning.” And CLAVVS refuses to drown.

“Bloom” is another impactful new single from CLAVVS that has the band set to reach new heights with their upcoming sophomore release.

Don’t just take our word for it though, catch CLAVVS captivating live show as the band will support Rhye at Terminal West in Atlanta on November 14th (tickets here) for what’s sure to be one of the most sensual shows of the year. - Open Ears Music

"CLAVVS "Leviathan""

House parties are pretty cool. You get drunk, you hook up with people, but you also meet future band members. This is what happened for Amber Renee and Graham Marsh one summer night in Atlanta in 2013.

Their mutual passion for hip hop and Radiohead soon developed, and they became known as the electronic duo CLAVVS (formerly CLAWS in a bid to distinguish themselves some more).

Their sound is progressive, dark, hypnotic alt-pop driven by spacey synths and anthemic drums. All with the welcoming, but tenacious vocals from Amber.

Listen to ‘Leviathan’ below. What a brilliant way for CLAVVS to kick off 2016. - Indietronica

"The Occult Fascination of CLAVVS' "Sit You Down""

Control is an occult fascination: Primordial and instinctive, the power to manipulate people and situations is a built-in, but often shunned human quality. Instead of acting on our own Machiavellian desires, we have for centuries constructed stories of magicians and sirens who would bewitch and enchant others: Control has become a fairy tale.

Yet we remain fascinated by the possibilities: To assert dominance; to take for ourselves and do what we want. Such is the subject of CLAVVS’ new music video. “Sit You Down,” which Atwood Magazine is pleased to be premiering today, dives into that inner impulse to exact one’s power over the surrounding world. Conflating the physical with the visceral and surreal, “Sit You Down” targets the humanness of these innate desires, presenting them for what they are: Natural.

Atlanta-based indie-pop duo CLAVVS may still be relatively new to the music scene, but you would never be able to tell. Blending lead vocalist Amber Renee’s brilliant harmonies and (four-time Grammy award-winning) producer Graham Marsh’s enrapturing beats, CLAVVS utilize their inimitable musical prowess to create songs that are haunting, addictive, and sonically unique.

“Sit You Down” presents Renee as the assertive indie pop muse, shrouded in colored smoke and — aptly — adorning her right hand in claw jewelry. Marsh, presented as Renee’s humble servant and underling, presents the juxtaposition necessary for Renee’s dominance to shine through. Mixing whimsical, existential and occult visuals with spellbinding sounds, the video feels as though it could take place in the realm of Where the Wild Things Are. The dichotomy creates a fantastical final product that harbors a seductive freshness, presenting CLAVVS as an unmistakable indie treasure.

Intoxicating visual and sonic effects oblige a mutually pithy and sagacious presentation that allows for the humanity of intrinsic desire to push to the forefront. “Sit You Down” is an orphic blend of the celestial and the congenital, and its accompanying video proves it so.

Concluding the video, Renee and Marsh are seen perched atop a rubbish pile as the masters of their domain. They have succeeded in the absurd; they have vanquished their visceral appetites. But what have they attained?

Ultimately, CLAVVS present their video for “Sit You Down” as having undeniably mastered the esoteric. - Atwood Magazine

""Sit You Down" - CLAVVS"

As our world strives for complete digitization, we continue losing touch with the finer things in life. Sure, kids playing ball doesn't necessarily mean things are we've entered The Renaissance. But, an Atlanta alt-pop duo by the name of CLAVVS certainly understands the severity of an entirely iOS society. In "Sit You Down" the duo masterfully mixes the vocals of Amber Renee with an instrumental by four-time Grammy winning producer Graham Marsh for "a dark song about finding magic in a futuristic, digital world." CLAVVS walks the walk and talks the talk as puts the sultry singing of Renee deliver words of rebellion against our darkening times. Let's not get it twisted, however, this song isn't anti-tech. Rather, "Sit You Down" awakens our inner spirit of youthfulness as her words play over sounds of the illustrious Marsh. Interestingly, the fluidity and positive spirit of the moving production triggers that youthfulness towards a movement of experiencing the beauty of life off the grid #DopeOnRepeat - Dope on Repeat

"A Well-formed Bubble of Pop"

Well-formed bubbles of pop are often hard to find in the world of new music. That’s where Clavvs come in, with ‘Throats’ which is the most beautifully formed pop track we’ve heard in a long time.

It’s the type of track that you’d expect to be penned by Sia, with a fizzling chill vibe running through all the instruments while there’s an vocal that is heated with emotional and tension. It’s a track that finds strength and life in the contrast of its elements, providing a consistent experience from first note to the last stretch of the final echo.

The instrumentation lies just in the middle of relaxing and haunting, which provides something of actual interest. The chill vibe itself is becoming increasingly popular in electronic-edged music, so to take it to an extreme that feels almost contradictory is fascinating. It draws you in to the track, but doesn’t leave you distracted from the marvellous vocal work.

As pop goes, you couldn’t ask for more than ‘Throats’. - Freshbeats 365

"CLAVVS - Spectre (Single Premiere)"

CLAVVS is an American emerging alternative pop duo formed by Amber Renee and Graham Marsh, who started its musical journey last year with the release of some original songs and a great renditions of tracks from other artists.

The pair has been working so hard on some new music including a quite brilliant and most recent release track “Leviathan” and now, it’s time to make a proper introduction with their brand new song called “Spectre“.

It’s confirmed as another taste of their upcoming debut EP, which is expected to be released sometime this year. “Spectre” is a perfect electronic pop piece with some joyful synths and hypnotic beats.
Really promising. - Ultimate Music

"Premiere: CLAVVS - Throats"

To say we’re enamoured with CLAVVS is an understatement. Since we heard Sit You Down, we’ve become devotees of Amber Renee and Graham Marsh who, would you believe, almost didn’t become a thing if it weren’t for a chance meeting and mutual love of, er, Radiohead. But their own work has its own spike, with Throats being an ‘anti-love song’. Part of their halfblood EP, it’s a haunting, hypnotic electronic pop song bathed in darkness and a talent that needs to be heard. We’re very proud to premiere it below, so give it a spin right now. - Press Play

"A Unique and Captivating New Release from CLAVVS"

It's difficult to compare the hypnotic and ambient soundscape of CLAVVS' newest single Leviathan to any other. Originating from Atlanta, the synthpop duo has developed a unique and captivating sound since their formation, exemplified by this newest release.

CLAVVS' (Spelt with two V's not a W) formed when members Amber Renee and Graham Marsh met at a house party in 2013. The two immediately realized "their shared love for hip-hop, Harry Potter, and Radiohead," says Amber, "a love which would ultimately evolve into CLAVVS." Since that time, Amber has lead the group with her powerful vocals and lyrics, while Graham, a four-time Grammy award winner, offers his skills as a multi-instrumentalist and producer.

The duo's latest releases cater to a more progressive, experimental, and indie fanbase. Leviathan, a tune "detailing an internal tempest," is filled with a beautiful array of ambient textures (including everything from sampled recordings of seagulls to luscious pads and 'trippy' guitar sounds), accompanied by a wide array of instrumentation and, of course, Amber's gorgeously haunting vocals. - The Beat Forest

"CLAVVS Perfectly Captures Hook-Filled Tribal Pop"

Atlanta duo CLAVVS is back with a new song and video of the track ‘Sit You Down‘. The video is a throwback to 80’s goth and perfectly captures this hook-filled tribal pop track. The band will continue to release new songs until the release, slated for Spring of 2016. - Kings of A&R

"CLAVVS' Release Vibrant and Upbeat Track Spectre"

Atlanta-based alt-pop duo CLAVVS, comprised of vocalist Amber Renee and four-time Grammy award-winning producer Graham Marsh (Gnarls Barkley, T.I. and Kid Cudi) have consistently delivered one tantalizing tune after another since the beginning of September. Today, the pair return with their latest offering entitled "Spectre", which could very well be their most vibrant and upbeat track to date. "Spectre" also serves as the sixth track following "Sit You Down", "Throats", "Pledge Allegiance", "All I Got" and "Leviathan" to be taken from their forthcoming sophomore release titled halfblood, due out this spring. - Wonky Sensitive

"Music from the Fringes"

Atlanta’s music scenes have become so interconnected that it’s rare for a new group to surprise with a bold, fully formed sound that stands apart from local trends. But singer Amber Renee and producer Graham Marsh come on strong with the spacey ambiance of CLAVVS. “Sit You Down,” from their debut Halfblood LP (released in May), builds at a slow-motion pace. Renee eases into the song’s chorus chanting a telling mantra: “We do what we want, we do what we want.”

Marsh is a four-time Grammy-winning producer who has worked with an impressive roster of artists at Jermaine Dupri’s Southside Studios, including Janet Jackson, Gnarls Barkley, T.I., and others. His experience shows in the bed of staccato beats of songs such as “Throats” and “Spectre.” Each one bears a worldly take on Atlanta’s signature trap DNA — floating in trip-hop amber. “I try to steer away from typical pop sounds,” Marsh says. “I try to slip in some West African stuff or some Indian stuff.”

Renee and Marsh met at a house party in 2013, and have made music together ever since. Their musical friendship became a professional partnership and a relationship — but don’t expect to see them making out on stage. Renee has been singing for as long as she can remember, putting on mini concerts for her mom’s friends when she was a kid, and later performing solo and with the short-lived duo Portmanteau at Smith’s Olde Bar. CLAVVS is her most ambitious project to date.

Renee’s haunting and seductive voice drifts over Marsh’s soundscapes. Each song exists in its own universe where creativity remains unfettered by label influences. Their potential for mainstream success is obvious. But amid the lush and hypnotic songs they create, making it big isn’t on their agenda — they just want to have a good time making beautiful music. “Our ultimate goal is not having a hit single,” Marsh says. “All that stuff is great, but if you can make a living doing the music that you do, and just live how you’re living, that’s the dream in music.” - Creative Loafing

"Eclectic Vibes from CLAVVS and Ibeyi"

I’m on the way to Terminal West on a Wednesday, not quite knowing what to expect. This is one of my favorite venues in the city, not only because of its incredible location, but because of the many eclectic experiences that can be had in its intimate space. CLAVVS, a band out of East Atlanta, starts the show off just after 8pm. Beat-maker and instrumentalist Graham Marsh, along with singer Amber Renee, give a rousing performance, containing passionate vocals and subtle electric guitar over killer beats that reminds me very much of groups like Phantogram. Marsh’s numerous Grammy award-winning skills definitely shine through, and Amber is a beast of a performer. - Bullet Music

"Video Premiere: CLAVVS - Throats"

There’s a darkness implicit in “Throats” that extends beyond tenor or mood. The atmosphere is tense and ominous, yes, but the imagery speaks to black magic and the mysteries of the occult. It’s unusual territory, especially for a group that trades in ambient electronica and synthpop, but Atlanta duo CLAVVS have explored this terrain before on the video for their 2015 single “Sit You Down”, which saw the pair convert East Atlanta’s Brownwood Park into some sort of preternatural throne room. The similarities are no coincidence.

In an email from the band, producer Graham Marsh and vocalist Amber Reneé stated that “Throats” is to be seen a prequel to “Sit You Down,” one that occupies the same “dark, magical space” as its predecessor. And indeed, both videos exist in a state of permanent midnight, conjuring a world that is haunting and ritualistic. In “Throats,” Reneé plays the role of high priestess consulting tarot cards, mixing shadowy potions, and holding black mass in the flickering candlelight. Her vocals are sinister yet alluring, and while they don’t speak directly to ideas of the supernatural, there’s a definite sense of violence and dread lurking in the lyrics. “Give them what they want, yeah, make them eat it whole / cover it with sugar and then feed it to them slow” she sings over eerie synths and skeletal percussion before her intentions turn grim and threatening: “If they spit it out, open up their mouths / shove it down their throats.”

With this latest pair of videos, CLAVVS seem intent on building a mood that is macabre and forbidding, yet strangely seductive. Both songs will appear on their upcoming album, halfblood, a title which has it own mystical connotations and speaks to questions of purity and contamination. In lesser hands, this might all come off as overly dramatic or ham-fisted, but Marsh and Reneé strike the right balance between artistry and kitsch, a sign which bodes well for their forthcoming record. - Immersive Atlanta

"CLAVVS - I'm on Fire"

First post ever and I’ve landed this beautiful indie-pop/synth-pop track by Atlantean (the city in Georgia not like Atlantis the mythical city) duo CLAVVS and I can’t help but be impressed with their audacity. Reinterpreting a classic, by Bruce Springsteen no less, is never easy but somehow the duo manages to pull this out of their asses (or ass I guess) flawlessly. CLAVVS’ producer Graham Marsh is a four-time GRAMMY winner and if that’s not pedigree I don’t know what the f*** is then anymore. iTunes purchase here. - Salacious Sound

"CLAVVS - Sit You Down"

In the grip of Monday madness, there's a duo whose music is that every little that helps to attune ourselves on better wavelengths. Atlanta-based duo CLAVVS, formed by four-time Grammy winning producer Graham Marsh and pulchritudinous artist Amber Renee, days ago released utterly new single called Sit You Down, built on leisurely running rhythm and magnifique rosy sweetness, and despite the anti-sillyosophic lyrics, don't be scared - you'll love it entirely. - Cloudberry Mornings

"CLAVVS - I'm On Fire"

ATLien Alt-pop duo CLAVVS let loose this amazing cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire” and I just can’t get enough. Bellowing bass and stripped down percussion offer a nice contrast to the warm vocals and piano, making for a classy modern take on a timeless Springsteen song. Download it on iTunes and check out more from CLAVVS on SoundCloud. - Audio Aquarium


 halfblood (April 2016)



CLAVVS is a duo helmed by four-time Grammy winning producer Graham Marsh (Gnarls Barkley, Kid Cudi, T.I.) and vocalist & lyricist Amber Renee. 

Born in ATL, CLAVVS blends elements of subversive alt pop with spectral trip hop, crafting a sound that floats in the fringes between fantasy and reality. The duo inhabits a realm of dark, hypnotic soundscapes driven by lush, spacey synths and world-music inspired percussion. 

After an impressive feature in the international television series The Music Voyager alongside Janelle Monae, CLAVVS was named Best Progressive Pop Act in Atlanta by the city's top arts & culture publication Creative Loafing.

CLAVVS music has well over 250K Spotify and Soundcloud plays, as well as frequent radio play on Atlanta’s top alternative stations 99X and WRAS Album88, and Athens’ WUOG 90.5.

Both singles “Throats” and “Sit You Down” are featured in American Apparel’s international in-store playlist, and “Spectre” is included in the international in-store playlist for Old Navy.

Their signature brand of hypnotic trip hop has been praised in myriad international press, including Ultimate Music, Indietronica, Northern Transmissions, and EQ. Every song from their last album also charted on Hypem.

CLAVVS’ striking live performance is high-energy and engaging. Bullet Music calls vocalist Amber Renee “a beast of a performer,” and their show, “a rousing performance.” This year alone, the duo has amped up crowds for Ibeyi (XL), Rhye (Polydor), Baio (Glassnote) and Ages and Ages (Partisan). 

Look out for more to come from CLAVVS in fall 2016. 

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