Clay B.

Clay B.

BandR&BHip Hop

My music is Urban orientated. R&B/hip hop but Versatile.


Inspirations from Clay B. are Marvin Gaye, R.kelly, Guy, hiphopartists and reggaeartists. He started out as a rapper but continued as a singer. In the millenium making demos every year, entering talentshows, appearing on public access tv stations, promoted his work on the internet, several radiostations and performing everywhere he could and still performs when he can for the passion of music. In 2006 he released a mini-album, called "The preview", on the internet and promoted the cd in The Netherlands, in Surinam, China, Spain, Germany and the US.

Set List

I do 6 songs. About an half hour.
Each song is about 3.50 minutes