Clay Blyth

Clay Blyth

 Norther Rivers, New South Wales, AUS

His performance was rich with deep lyrics and personal tunes, as the blues musician explained to the gathering crowd the significance of each song to him.
Written about his life as a traveling musician, the struggles faced while on the road and the distinctive people he encounters on tour, all of his songs have meaning behind the lyrics, stories which are reflected in every day lives.

Amelia Turner
Northern Star Ballina



Introducing Clay Blyth, a young artist who is making a name for himself with his unique blend of guitars, mouth harp & foot stomp.
Clays soulful & original lyrics accompany his music to create a sound that is honest and true.

Now firmly settled in the beautiful Northern Rivers region after years of touring, Clay is currently recording his second album, due for release in late 2012.

Endorsed by Bigfoot Stompbox, Clays new creations reflect his true passion for blues music.
The songs include combinations of husky lyrics and mesmerizing solos, as well as heart pumping stomp rhythms and lap slide guitar, something which his fans are eagerly awaiting.

Over the last 9 years Clays talent has seen him perform alongside some of the music industries biggest names.
Appearing at the Les Casetas Festival in France was only the beginning as since returning to Australia, Clay has not only performed at the GC Saltwater Festival, Surfers Paradise Festival, WQS International Surfing Events and the Byron Bay East Coast Blues & Roots Festival, but has opened performances for the likes of The Black Sorrows, Mick Hart, Tijuana Cartel, Nat Col & The Kings, Hatz Fitz & Cara and most recently Cole Clark ambassador Lloyd Spiegel.

2010 saw Clay record his first solo album Stone Road at Heaven Studios in Yamba. It is an album of stories and life experiences that are easily related to. It will definitely take you on a humble journey while you listen to it.

The response from Stone Road saw Clay interviewed on 98.9 FM For The Best Country, and secure a place in the top five of the 2011 Perisher Blue Launch Your Band Competition.

Performances from as far as North Queensland to Sydney have allowed Clays music to reach people in all walks of life, gain admiration from peers and prepare for the release of his second album.

Don't miss the release of Clays new album when it hits the stands later this year.


Broken Man

Written By: Clay Blyth

The broken man lays alone in his cage
The only hope are the photos that he holds
And each day seems like the last
But the broken man he wont give up

Behind these walls rest a broken soul
Though who’s to blame for the damage that’s been done
Is it our leaders? Or the work of god?
Or the devils hand that drags him down below?

Can you tell me who’s to blame?

So where is god when you need his hand?
To pull you away from the devils hand
The broken man will walk a jagged track
With good and evil in the shadows behind his back

Can you tell me who’s to blame?

Another Chapter

Written By: Clay Blyth

Another pawn on the board time to make a move
Where to go so unknown consequence with every move

Down this road the road of unknown
We all find that obstacles arise
No matter what we cant avoid the plot
What’s down is down its time to walk

Decisions made consequence came
Confidence is the key to your success
As we walk our chapters they will unfold
Progress is the key to your success

And another chapter unfolds once

Wish That I Could Burn

Written By: Clay Blyth

As I walk down this road
And feel the light
Shine from above
And makes me smile

And it feels so good and I wish that I could burn

As the sun shines from above
I feel the light
Shine from above
And it makes me smile

And it feels so good and I wish that I could burn

Sometimes in our life
Shit can bring us down
There’s always someone who’s
Worse of then you

When I feel this way I look up to you

And I wish that I could burn.

Flying With Angels

Written By: Clay Blyth

In my sleep I am free
When I wake it seem to take control of me
In my dreams I am free
From the evil shadows that follow me
And my blood is filled with faith
As it tries to erase the evil from me
But is the devil taking control of me
Or will my angels give me wings to fly free

My dreams are filled with angels
When I open my eyes they fly away

Dreaming of angels
When I open my eyes they fly away

Some Days

Written By: Clay Blyth

City lights is where I roam
Suburban sky’s where strangers walk
Different towns with different names
That all end up the same

Some days I feel alone
Some days I feel Ok
Some days I wonder
Do you feel the same

And I love you is what you said
When I held you in my chest
Lost in eye’s lost in kiss
These moments were so bliss.


Album Title: "Stone Road" (13 track)
Produced: Paul Agar & Clay Blyth
Mastered: Paul Agar
Recorded: Heaven Studios
Independently Released: 2010

Ep Title: "Stone Road" (4 track)
Produced: Paul Agar & Clay Blyth
Mastered: Paul Agar
Recorded: Heaven Studios
Independently Released: 2010

Ep Title: "Music is the Antidote" (8 Tracks)
Produced: Ben Crawford & Clay Blyth
Mastered: Ben Crawford
Recorded: Home Recording
Independently Released: 2008