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(02-08-07) After winning the finals on the Zwarte Cross Festival, radio station 3FM awarded Clayborn as Serious Rocktalent 2007! The band wins a gig on the mainstage of Zwarte Cross, a gig on Solar Festival, Roermond, airplay on 3FM and a masterclass of the famous Dutch band Jovink & de Voederbietels.
There are 5 bands and they’ve got 20 minutes on one of the stages of Zwarte Cross to convince the judges. The judges are: Thijs van Liemt (music-director of radio station 3fm) Gordon Groothedde (producer of The Sheer, Within Temptation ect), JW Tolkamp (guitarist of “Normaal”) and the audience.
In the end, Clayborn won! The judges were unanimous about the fact that Clayborn should win and should get the chance to rock on the mainstage. The very good musicians of Clayborn, with the manic Crazy Jane as eye catcher easily convinced the audience with their energetic show.


Metropolis festival 2007 (5 juli 2007)
“….On the Popunie stage Clayborn plays a home match. Singer Crazy Jane convinces like a true rockdiva with a great voice. She plays with the audience like a driven and experienced entertainer. The young talented band leaves a good impression with their explosive rock music. It’s striking how many visitors the band draws!..”

By: Robin Haan



Clayborn is has been called a real promising band from our Dutch soil. A promise which is granted with this debut album. With international air the band rages through the eleven songs. Divers. Openminded. Explosive. Creative. And always with the fabulous vocals of singer Crazy Jane as sparkling centre. You hear pounding grooves (' The Mission '), traces of Led Zep (' Too happy '), the spirit of Sass Jordan (' Hey!!!'), a potential hit (' Kurt & Jane '), weird experimental shit ('Freak ') and a moment of peace built in splendidly with the ballad ‘Pleasure’ . In a word: everything you wish for as a rock-lover has been united on 1 album. Clayborn might possibly fill up the gap that Skunk Anansie has left behind. - # 32 DECEMBER 2006 By: Ronny Dijksterhuis


Clayborn, with their roots in Rotterdam, under the guidance of singer Crazy Jane, does some Jane’s Addiction, here and there a little bit Guano Apes and some metropolitan rock with a star role for the guitar. And all that under the inspiring vocals of miss Jane. And can she sing! Not too insipid! Clayborn pretends no new musical trend. The band, above all, prefers the songs and the technical better musical control. From the opening number to the ballad "Only Human" the band releases the biting and sometimes enchanting Los Angeles-rock on us, the auditors. And where you would expect that the only cross-over elements would sound angular and stammering, there Clayborn is very smooth and streamlined. Clayborn are not only grunge, crossover, hardrock, punkrock or metal, it does everything. With, once again, a head role for singer Crazy Jane, who has both the timbre of Nina Hagen and that of Debbie Harry. - # 12 DECEMBER 2006, By: Rene Vanes


The ep "Kiss me" was our first familiarisation with Clayborn and then this Dutch formation already made a very firm impression. With this first full-length album the quartet redeems effortlessly all expectations. Singer Crazy Jane is a litlle bit a crazy aunt, but one with a voice as a bell. The rest of the band can draw from a widely musical range; going from funk and blues to hardrock, punk and metal. "Every dog has Its Day" gives you a good shaking. The album opens swiftly with the fierce "The Mission", followed by "Too happy" that, if you ask it me, seems perfect to be released as first single. In "Hey!!!" guitarist Kurt Amat shows us his skills and in the powerful "City Dogs” it is the rhythm section - bass player Rogier Drinkenburg and drummer Wouter van Wijk - which claim a head role. All the style changes ensure an interesting tension level. "Liar" and “Freak" are to me compositorical the strongest songs and at the same time also the less accessible. Clayborn finishes in style with the very beautiful ballad "Only Human". Score 86/100 - # 56 NOVEMBER 2006, By: Paul van de Gehuchte


This band from Rotterdam (Holland) say they are a high-energy, twisted rock band that is influenced by bands like Faith No More, Nina Hagen, Soundgarden, RHCP, Jane's Addiction, Frank Zappa and Queens Of The Stone Age. If you listen to this debut album (released after two EPs), you won't hear these grunge and rock artists. If this album were released amongst the albums from Girlschool, Rock Goddess and Mothers Finest back in 1983, it would definitely have made sense. EDHID is for lovers of ’80 hardrock bands. The driven songs have an enslaving groove, a dynamic "open" sound (it's not a thick wall of metal wherein you can't distinguish the instruments anymore), a female vocalist with an impressive and flexible throat (the Linda Perry from Holland?) and exciting guitar works. Especially the first four songs on the album are great, and two of them, 'Too Happy' and 'Hey!!!' can already be called Dutch rock classics. If you listen to 'Too Happy' and to its guitar riffs and the bass rhythms and you will add Paul DiAnno's vocals to it, you'll swear the song is a previously unreleased track from Maiden's 'Killers'. Wow, what a killer(s) song! In the more epic kind of material like 'Kurt & Jane' and 'Liar', the band resembles Skunk Anansie, but with a hard rock guitarist. 'Freak' sounds like early Soundgarden going experimental (all right, at least with one influence they were right) and closing song 'Only Human' is a powerful ballad that both Skin and Anouk would have loved to sing. The second part of the album might be slightly less explosive as the first part, but it's certainly an impressive debut from a flamboyant, hard rocking rock band. diagnoses: 80/100 - EDITION 65, DECEMBER 2006 By: Evil Dr. Smith


Clayborn is a band which name in some parts of Netherlands is very well known. People get mixed feelings by Clayborn performances. For some, they give too much energy and for others it can’t be enough.

From the start to the end, Clayborn gives some show full of punky, energy rock. Instrumental parts are awesome to hear, and the lyrics make you want to sing along. The music makes me want to jump, run or just do anything crazy… this is not music you put on while falling asleep. Their music is synonym to words as: Independent, powerful, energy and motivation.

About their performance you can be sure, there is enough movement. Vocalist Crazy Jane runs, jumps and moves all over the stage. From the moment you see the first songs of their show you know this is not an ordinary rock band. Not everybody seems to be fond of them, some of them leave early to catch up the next show on the other stage, but most of the audience stays till the show ends. After throwing some flyers people are actually taking them with them instead of throwing by trash. Clayborn definitely made some new fans here.
- Contributed by Sabine van Gameren


The album openings tracks sure come out like blazing guns. Energetic, with a wacky influence from...what is that? Western? Country, perhaps? Anyways, it's not the usual run-of-the-mill Rock 'n' Roll, let me tell ya. A first calmer passage comes with track N°4 (“City Dogs”), but it's not before track N°6 (“Pleasure”) before a certain balladesque feel comes along. “Balladesque”, because the song still gets an almost explosive ending (in terms of Rock 'n' Roll, of course). Another calmer moment comes with album closer “Only Human”, a ballad in true ballad tradition, with a Bluesy feel to boot. Amat has a pleasant minimalist playing style, playing a lot of free notes, in stead of focusing on riffs only, which certainly contributes to the overall appeal of the band's music. But he's also not afraid to go into an overdrive mode, putting in a more Noisy bit with extended tones and stuff (check out the finishing of the aptly titled “Freak” Another pleasant feature is the fact that all men also bring backing vocals to Jane's already diverse leads. Difficult to explain, you'd have to hear it. In fact, the whole album is somehow difficulty to comprehend from reading this review only, and I urge any fan of female fronted fans and Garage Rock to browse through the websites of either the band ( or label ( to see if there ain't any mp3 samples.



EP «_Release» feb. 2004, unsigned release

EP «Kiss Me» jun. 2005, DAWA Records/ Suburban Records

Album «Every Dog Has Its Day» Nov. 2006, DAWA Records/ Suburban Records
single: «The Mission» Jan. 2007 with radio-airplay
videoclip: «The Mission» Jan. 2007



Clayborn is a rockband from the port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Their supercharged energetic shows, brimful of high-octane rock 'n roll bravado has been shaking the foundations of the Dutch live scene since 2004. After releasing two successful EP records the Dutch indielabel Suburban Records/ sublabel DAWA Records unleashed their first full-length album entitled: «Every Dog Has Its Day» upon the world.

Confronting, energetic and sensitive. The band explores the boundaries of contemporary rock. This band is passionate, expressive and aggressive, boosting the explicit lyrics of she-devil Crazy Jane, the grit and dissonance of guitarist Kurt Amat and a ballsy rhythmsection personified by bassplayer Rogier Drinkenburg and drummer Wouter "Wally" van Wijk. The album «EDHID» has everything that might be expected from these headstrong Rotterdam rockers: Steaming rock with a touch of insanity and a hint of erotica; Clayborn is "Neu-Rock-Tica".

Selected Highlights:

-Feb: EP «_Release».
-Dec: Dutch music magazine LiveXS proclaims Clayborn to be Local Heroes. Clayborn joins the "Dommelsch Locals Only On Tour" and plays around the whole country on 10 big stages.

-June: EP «Kiss Me» is released by DAWA Records/Peptide Music, a sublabel of Suburban Records
-July: Clayborn plays at Parkpop, the Hague, one of the biggest free music festivals in Europe
-October: Clayborns music is featured in the winning film at the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival
-December: MTV airs part of the Parkpop gig in their "Brand New" show.

-March: Clayborn plays live on Kink FM (national radio)
-April: Clayborn plays at Rockweekend America
-Summer: Clayborn does several of the bigger summerfestivals like: Zebrafestival, Knorpop, Zomersplotszfestival, Summerstartfestival and Popronde
-September: Clayborn is featured in an item on the MTV show "6 Pack"
-October:the full-length album «Every Dog Has Its Day» is released in The Benelux by DAWA Records/ Peptide Music, sublabel of Suburban Records
-November: Clayborn shoots their first video. «The Mission» directed by Stefan Brok.

-January: Videoclip «The Mission» is officially released at the Rotterdam International Film Festival.
-February: «Hey» is included on compilation-CD «Ass Shakers and Heartbreakers». The single «The Mission» is released and hits the top 3 in the KX Parade from KXradio and is also included for several weeks in the Freak 11, from national radio-station 3FM
-April: Clayborn does two live gigs on radio-station 3FM, with DJ Giel Beelen in the show Nachtegiel and with Barbara Karel
-May: Clayborn features on the international «Playfestival» in Belgium
-July: Clayborn performs on the progressive festival in the Netherlands ‘Metropolis’
-August: Clayborn is awarded ‘3fm Serious Rock Talent 2007’ by the biggest national radiostation. Clayborn rocks in front of 35.000 on the mainstage of ‘Zwarte Cross Festival’ and on “Solar Festival”, Roermond.
-September: Lots of airplay on national radiostations.
-October: Clayborn does tour to Austria.

Clayborn has been taking the stages by storm, lately and if you haven't seen them yet: shame on you! Go out there and check them out, you only live once!

Clayborn is influenced by: Nina Hagen, Linda Perry, Faith No More, Primus, RHCP, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, Soundgarden, System Of A Down, Jane's Addiction, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Alice In Chains, QOTSA and many many others...