Clay Colton Band

Clay Colton Band

 Vista, California, USA

The Clay Colton Band is San Diego's hardest working rock-americana-irish-country band.


The Clay Colton Band has been entertaining audiences across Southern California with a diverse blend of Classic, Southern, and Modern Rock covers, Folk and Americana favorites, and rowdy Country and Irish tunes since 1999.

The band's repertoire crosses through every modern genre while tapping into influences of iconic hits from the past 60 years of popular music. One moment will feature the soaring harmonies of the Pure Prairie League, Allman Brothers, or Grateful Dead, and the next will showcase blazing technical prowess of the Charlie Daniel's Band, Lynyrd Skynard, or Guns 'n' Roses. The Clay Colton Band has a song for every event, and makes an event out of each and every song.

Through a rigorous performance schedule of 120 or more shows every year for the past decade, the Clay Colton Band is one of the most stage ready groups in Southern California, and has established a broad fanbase spanning all backgrounds and ages. Currently, the Clay Colton Band can be found performing throughout Southern California's favorite hangs, pubs, and casinos several nights a week.

In its present form, the Clay Colton Band is able to accommodate nearly every performance situation, from an intimate solo act, small acoustic guitar duo and/or trio, to a prodigious multi-piece rock-n-roll outfit, featuring electric guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, fiddle, mandolin, and lush 4-part harmonies.

Audiences have come to love the band for their entertaining demeanor, rustic rock sound and energetic stage presence.


Clay Colton grew up in Louisville, KY, hopping around the coffee shops of Bardstown road, which is often referred to as “Little Seattle”. His mother got him into 70’s folk rock listening at an early age, acquiring heroes such as Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Gordon Lightfoot, and Van Morrison.

Colton was seventeen when he was invited to sing backup for a Barry Manilow Concert. From the stage he saw his destiny - but with a different style.

He fell in love with the “grunge” tones that came out in the early ‘90s and immediately began writing songs with acoustic heart but a powerful distortion tone on the guitars.

The Album “Bender -Two Months" was Colton's first professional work to call his own. Since its release in December 2002, Colton has personally sold over 4,000 copies locally.

In 2004, Colton partnered with guitarist Colin Beasley, percussionist B.J. Morgan, and bassist Rob Smith to take his music to the next level. Out of this group, the first album to bear the CCB name, "Looking Back Ahead," was released in 2006.


Daddy's Last Dance

Written By: Clay Colton

Daddy’s Last Dance – 3:52
Clay Colton

When our angel arrived she was barely alive
I was the first one she saw when she opened her eyes
I didn’t know what to do when she cried in the night
So I picked up my angel and held onto her tight

And she danced with her daddy from dusk until dawn
She put her head on my chest ‘till her tear were all gone
Always knew that someday, my girl would move on
Will she dance with her daddy when her childhood days have gone?

She came home from prom with a tear in her eye
She said “Daddy, I’m leaving. Is this really goodbye?
I’ll miss you at college, please promise to write.”
So I pulled her in close, and we danced on more time.

And she danced with her daddy from dusk until dawn
She put all of her dreams to the side for one song
Her bags are all packed now it’s time to move on
Will she dance with her daddy when a new man takes her home?

White dress on the grass, champagne to the sky
Her new love takes her hand and I step to the side
When the candle had melted and guests had all gone
She grabbed my old hand and we danced our final song

The grass has turned brown, the leaves have all dried
My wife has passed on and soon so shall I
For a gift to my daughter I’ll leave her this song
So she can sing to her angels when the nights get too long

On those nights when she danced with her daddy from dusk until dawn
Not a care in the world, when nothing was wrong
She danced with her heart and she danced for this song,
Will she dance with her daddy at the end of it all?

And she danced with her daddy from dusk until dawn
She put all of her dreams to the side for one song
Always knew that someday we both would move on
Will she dance with somebody when her daddy’s days have gone?


"Two Months" - December 2002

"Looking Back Ahead" - July 2006
Available at CDBaby and iTunes

Set List

Our original set varies depending on night/venue. We have 2 hours of original music.

The Clay Colton Band can also play over 300 cover songs. When performing at the local pubs the range of music will including everything from the 50s to today in a mix of Classic and Modern Rock, Country, Punk, and Traditional Irish Drinking songs.

Alice in Chains - Don't Follow, Nutshell
America - Horse with no Name
Bare Naked Ladies - What a Good Boy
Beatles - Across the Universe,Come Together, Don't Let me Down,Here Comes the Sun, In My Life, Let it Be, Norwegian Wood, Two of Us, You've got to Hide Your Love Away
Berry, Chuck - Johnny B. Goode
Black Crowes - Hard to Handle, She Talks to Angels
Blind Melon - Change, No Rain
Bon Jovi - Bed of Roses, Wanted Dead or Alive
Brooks, Garth - Friends in Low Places
Buffalo Springfield - For What it's Worth
Buffet, Jimmy - A Pirate Looks at 40, Margaritaville, Why Don’t we get Drunk
Candlebox - Far Behind,
Cash, Johnny - Ring of Fire