Clay Dolls

Clay Dolls


hard-ass rock'n'roll music, the way it's meant to be! The energy and rawness of a three-piece band, the dynamic range of something much huger, powerful songs with a real pop sensibility


‘Clay Dolls are excellent. They've great tunes - with a bit of luck (and hype) they could be huge!’ DAN HEGARTY, RTÉ 2FM
‘Great, genuine rock’n’roll music’ TOM BRANNIGAN, 98FM
‘Mindblowing … should be the album of 2007’ KÍLA
The mighty Clay Dolls have been compared to the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Leonard Cohen, PJ Harvey, Iggy and the Stooges and Elvis Costello. Clay Dolls combine ex-Kíla man Eoin O’Brien’s passionate songwriting, singing and guitaring with the muscular bass of Brian O’Toole and the masterful pounding of drummer Dave Griffin. Their sound ranges from ear-bleeding rock’n’roll mayhem to sublime melodic pop to deep, atmospheric textures. The raw energy of a three-piece band is teamed with the finely-honed pop sensibilities of this tight and punchy musical unit. Clay Dolls' debut album Straight In No Kissin’ is out now, available at all good record shops. Recorded by Grammy-nominated engineer Ciarán Cahill, Straight In No Kissin’ combines primal rock’n’roll energy with sounds at the forefront of modern production.


single: Chasin My Tail (feb 07)
single: The Big Push (may 07)
album: Straight In No Kissin' (may 07)
available in all good record shops and download sites!