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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | INDIE

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | INDIE
Band Rock Celtic




"Claymore - Getting there Celtic On!"

Following their June performances at the National Celtic Festival in Portarlington and headlining the fifteenth annual Kilmore Celtic Festival, Claymore, Australia’s premier Celtic band, will travel to Brittany this month to play three shows as part of the Festival Interceltique de Lorient (5-14 August, 2011).

It will be Claymore’s third appearance at the prestigious international event, “We are really proud that they keep asking us’s starting to feel warm and cosy like a second home”, says founding member and band manager William Hutton. “Festival Interceltique is huge and is the largest event on the Celtic circuit anywhere in the world. It’s like the Edinburgh Tattoo on Speed, with stadium size shows and venues, to small intimate clubs and pubs, it’s just a melting pot of all things Celtic. I’m looking forward to playing on the opening day at the Espace Marine with the Waterboys, and catching the great [Galician gaita bagpipe exponent] Carlos Núñez in action”.

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"Claymore The Ultimate in Celtic Rock!"

AUSTRALIAN MUSICIAN (2008) - Eva Roberts:

WITH the release of their fifth studio album and a swag of dates at some of the country's most reputable festivals, Victorian-based Celtic rock band Claymore are firmly cementing themselves as
one of Australia's most unique musical exports.

It's unusual to classify a band as our own when they perform a bevy of Scottish and Irish influenced tunes, and most of the members have an international heritage, but there is an unerring 'Australianess' about their music.

The fact that the band's latest release 'Reflection' features an impressive version of AC/DC's classic 'Long Way to the Top', stretched out to eight minutes with a full bagpipe interlude only goes further to assist this reputation.

Claymore's full sound, enhanced by the six members who playa wide array of instruments from the traditional bodhran to the bagpipes, certainly rocks up the Gaelic genre.

Lead singer and manager William Hutton admits this is something traditionalists don't always agree with, but by the same token, it also wins them new fans.

"In some circles we get frowned upon," Williams says."Real traditional people think you should never play it like that, whereas other people think it is a natural progression to rock it up a bit and get a bit more modern and attract a new audience to it."

The line-up also features Grant Scroggie on bagpipes, Michael Doyle on guitar, mandolin and fiddle, Lindsay Hodgson on bass, Craig Scroggie on drums and percussion, Mick Mills on drums and the majority of the band on bodhran.

Although the line-up hasn't changed over the past 12 years, William believes that the new album is by far the best yet and feels it is with this release that Claymore has finally arrived.

"The reason we called it 'Reflection' is because it is a reflection of what the band is now, as opposed to what we used to be," he says. "When the band started it was just a duet of traditional folk music, so it has progressed a lot since.

'Reflection' was launched at the Port Fairy Folk Festival this year, and was just the first of many festival appearances Claymore has planned for 2008.

Over the years they've played at some of Australia's biggest events including the National Celtic Festival, Queenscliff Music Festival, Big Blues Day Out, Perth International Arts Festival and the Brunswick Music Festival. The band has performed all around the globe including a headlining gig at the acclaimed Festival-lnterceltique De Lorient France.



“Claymore" (1988)
"The Heather Will Fade” (1993)
“Tribute” (1999)
“Celtic Music in Australia” (2000)
live compilation album
“For Folks Sake” (2001).
“A Wee Bit Of Claymore” (2004)
“Live @ the Emerald Lounge” (2007)
“Reflection” (2008)
“Firkin' Live” (2009) DVD



Forget everything you’ve ever thought you knew about Celtic rock bands, because Melbourne-based outfit, Claymore, defies all expectations. This enigmatic band of multi-instrumentalists not only manages to combine traditional elements of Celtic music, but they take that passion and soul and rock it right into the 21st century. Few bands can pull off the sensitive task of integrating the traditional realm into the modern day, but that’s something of a specialty for Claymore. Not only that, but they manage to write beautiful original Celtic compositions, and even lend their style to some power rock classics, all with a distinctive Irish and Scottish twist.

Now recognised as the premier Australian Celtic band in international circles, Claymore have a host of impressive album releases under their belt and a long list of festival performances to their name, including the headline position at Australia’s largest folk events. The band has an unquenchable desire to deliver a powerful and unique musical experience, and that’s exactly what they do – so it’s no surprise they’re a leader in the Gaelic genre. Since the band’s inception more than two decades ago, they’ve released five impressive albums, and performed internationally from gigs in New York, Scotland and New Zealand, to several headline appearances at the reputed Festival Interceltique De Lorient (France). Combine this with performances at the biggest festivals on the Australian circuit such as the National Celtic Festival, Port Fairy Folk Festival, Queenscliff Music Festival, Big Blues Day Out, Perth International Arts Festival and Brunswick Music Festival to name a few, and you’ve got an impressive musical resume.

Although many Celtic bands may come and go, each sounding remarkably like the other, the point of difference with Claymore is within the term ‘rock’. They add a contemporary flavour, and an inherent 'Australian-ness', to their music, bringing ole time traditional themes into a modern context, and appealing to audiences young and old. From the penetrating beats of the bohdrahn in the battle songs of the Jacobite rebellion to the hypnotising drone of the pipes in the evocative love ballads of Scotland and Ireland, fans of the band find themselves conquered by the most fiery and delicate textures of Celtic music. While their style has been described as 'New Age folk music', there is more passion, fire and enthusiasm in their renditions then that genre usually allows. Combing a diverse mix of sounds from guitar, mandolin, fiddle, military snare and the highland bagpipes and even a didgeridoo, its no wonder Claymore have received such widespread acclaim.

With their music recorded for posterity and fans, new and old, clambering to purchase CDs at their concerts, it is with their live shows that Claymore really shines. Celtic music has always been known for its vibrancy, but with Claymore the audience is transported far beyond a 'traditional' experience: their performance is what you would expect from a full band in a rock stadium. Whether it is playing to an intimate crowd in a darkened pub, or to a rowdy mob of thousands at a festival, Claymore deliver the same pitch-perfect performance every time. But that in itself shouldn’t be surprising, given that the members of Claymore have all had stellar musical careers, and are each accomplished in their own right. With musical nuance and the chemistry that just 'clicked' as the members came together to join Claymore, each individual manages to bring something different and special to the fore. The liveliness of the instrumentation and arrangements reflects the consummate skill of the individual band members, each of whom plays several different instruments. There is something about this band that speeds up the heart rate, and settles into the soul of all music lovers. Whether you know the songs or not, the emotive quality of the lyrics is beautifully conveyed, and one thing is certain, you’ll fall in love with the music and the band. An experience with Claymore is an unforgettable one!