Clay O'Dell

Clay O'Dell


Eclectic mix of southern roots music, a keen sense of lyricism, and a nostalgic longing for something lost.


Born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama, moved to Tuscaloosa during the college years, migrated to Savannah, Atlanta, and finally landed in Columbus, Georgia for a teaching gig, and hasn't left since. Clay enjoys music from a wide variety of genres; from Dylan to Coldplay, Widespread Panic to My Morning Jacket, and all have had an impact on his music.


Cold Hearted Blues

Written By: Clay O'Dell

Remember when, we thought we'd last for ever,
Back then, we'd never say never,
Now there's things we can't take back.
Call the engineer, 'cause this train's run off its track.

I said, "I done a little thinking."
She said, "You've just been out drinking."
So what I bought a couple rounds?
Your love's a bitter pill, and it's hard to wash it down.

Chorus 1:
Cold-hearted woman, get off my back,
Why can't you cut me just a little slack?
I'm gonna dig myself a deeper hole,
Hand me my shovel 'cause I'm ready to roll

Friday night, I met my friend Cuervo,
An hour later, Jack Daniels hit the dance floor,
You know, the band played "Whisky River" twice,
It's love on the rocks, 'cause your heart is cold as ice.

Came home, after blowing through a road block,
Jangle my keys, but my keys won't fit the door lock.
Don't leave me out here alone,
I'd apologize, if you'd just pick up the phone.

Chorus 2:
Good-hearted woman, get off my back,
Why can't you cut me just a little slack?
I've never been that bad to you,
C'mon baby don't say we're through.

Nowadays, I sit at home and do the dishes,
Wash the clothes, and I even feed the fishes,
Now that my life is back on track.
But my baby's gone, and she's never coming back.

Chorus 3:
Cold-hearted woman, got off my back,
She found a train that went down the track,
All she left me was a little note,
Now she's gone, and that was all she wrote.

Cold-hearted woman, ain't never gonna come back,
She caught a train that was running down the track,
Do as I say not as I do,
Or your baby'll leave and this time she'll say you're through,
Or your baby'll leave and this time she'll say you're through,
Or your baby'll leave and this time she'll say...

Fellow Sleep

Written By: Clay O'Dell

What have you done? (Time won't look back.)
Staring down the barrel of a gun. (Please take it back.)
Losing the battle, come undone. (Can't find the tracks.)
Falling out of love's no fun. (Please fade to black.)

Was there a sign along the road,
That told me we were headed here?
I guess I should've listened more,
Then maybe this would make some sense.

Can't tell you're gone. (I tell myself.)
Your books, your clothes, (Still on your shelves.)
You're every where. (Wish I was numb).
Keep thinking that, ( I'm pretty dumb.)

Was there a time I should've known,
A moment you fell out of love?
Am I just something you've outgrown?
Can't help but curse the stars above.

What happened to, (You said 'til death,)
The days gone by, (Can't catch a breath.)
Time won't pass on. (Heart beats my chest.)
I'm all alone, (Can't catch a rest.)

Was there a match I didn't know,
That lit the fuse around your heart?
The bomb went off without a sound,
Or did it blow right from the start?

Is he your dream? (I fell asleep.)
I can't believe. (The wound's too deep).
Just go away. (Wish you the best.)
My heart bleeds tears, (Right through my chest.)

It's what you wanted all this time,
A bird goes flying from its cage.
But when it's flown it turns around,
To see me singing on this stage,
I cannot wish you happiness,
When he's the one who won the war,
The battle rages in my heart,
It shatters on the empty floor.

I want you back. (You don't want me.)
Swallow my pride, ( And go to sleep.)


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