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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF | AFM

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"Fashion Feature: Let's Talk Fashion"

Let's Talk Fashion..and maybe a little music too!

This fashion feature focuses on a young and upcoming musical artist Clayton Duncan! A Virginia native, Duncan tells us what he thinks connects fashion to music and gives insight to what intrigues him about fashion!

What words or phrases would you use to describe your personal style?

"Effortless". Obviously some people put no effort into what they wear and it shows in a bad way lol but for me I've always felt like my style was just natural. I never really plan what I'm going to wear before I start getting dressed. I just like to hit the closet and put on whatever I'm feeling at that moment.

What do you find most interesting when it comes to today's current trends?

I find it interesting how much people want to have the same stuff. You know, the cliche example now is Jordan's and how they've become a fashion symbol in hip-hop culture, how hundreds of people will stand in the line to wear the same shoe. For me, if something's dope and I want to get it then I will, not just because it'll give off the image that I'm hip or something. I like Jordan's though lol but you could say the same thing about females with leggings (especially that Aztec pattern smh). It's just interesting how willing people are to just accept certain styles or trends as the norm.

Many artists have not only become globally known for their music but have also been recognized as fashion icons, how much influence do you feel the music industry has on fashion today?

It has a major influence. There's no doubt about that. Specifically in hip-hop, it always has and always will. People want to wear the same things their favorite rapper wears or talks about. Even if it's not their favorite rapper, when something gets put in a major artist song it becomes popular instantly; there's a whole new status associated with it. That goes back from Nelly with "Air Force Ones" the Pack "Vans"...more recently Wiz with the Chuck Taylor's...and there's so many more but those are all ones I really saw people wear them because of their association with music. Taking it to another level is when an artist has their own clothing line, and we saw how big that was with Roca Wear, Sean John and all them. Now it seems like it's the norm for an artist to have their own line, and now even have female artists getting cosmetic lines made as well. The influence is crazy if you really think about it. Whatever's hot in music has become apart of how we view our own style and self-image.

For anyone just starting out, some may find it difficult to stay true to themselves, what inspires to stay grounded as a music artist?

Well I'd say if they were just starting out it really might be hard because they haven't really found who their true self is yet. Honestly I feel like it'd be easier to be untrue later on, because if you're doing something outside of yourself, you know exactly what you're doing. When you're just starting out you're still feeling yourself out, experimenting with different ideas to see what feels best to you. Especially if you have enough talent to be versatile, it's very hard to determine exactly who you want to be as an artist at the beginning. For me I feel like I just recently started to find how I want to deliver my message and deliver myself, but I'm still working on it, and I think it's really an on-going process. My best advice would just be to keep working without being afraid to try new things, and to listen to alot of different genres of music instead of just what genre you think you want to pursue. As far as staying true with subject matter, I've always just talked about what I've seen, experienced, and believed...nothing outside of that. If I haven't done something, haven't witnessed it or haven't completely believed it then I won't speak on it, period.

Have you been working on any projects lately?

Definitely, working on an album right now to release commercially. So far I love the project and I'm not even finished with it at all. Right now I'm just in the process of creating as much as I can, with a certain sound in mind. It's going to be tilted "Knockturnal Gallery". I chose this name because me, and really all my closest friends, always stay up all night working on our crafts. The album will literally be a gallery of the art I've been losing sleep to make. Other than that I've just been working on producing and reaching out to other artists as a producer. Most people only know me as a rapper, but I I've also placed a few songs with local artists and I really have a passion for making instrumentals and songwriting as well. Besides that I have a couple other things in the works, but I can't give out the details about them right now. All I can say is stay tuned.


Twitter: @CTG757
Instagram: CTG757 - The Strong Suit

"Clayton Duncan – Clayt"

Are you a lover of music, do you listen to one genre or many? Listening to different stles of music widens your appreciation and helps to delve into different cultural beliefs. Clayton Duncan (Clayt) is a rapper currently working on his first album, he discusses life growing up and why rapping is second nature to him.

I’m a 22-year-old rapper and producer. I currently live in Newport News, VA but I’m moving to Atlanta, Georgia next month. Music is really my passion but I’ve always been inclined to entertain people since being younger in school. I guess you could say I was the class clown. That’s really where I became comfortable doing things in front of people.

I read that where you lived was void of inspirational figures, could you expand on that and explain what growing up was like?

Well I’m sure you’re not familiar with Newport News, VA, but it has this reputation as being a capital for drug and gun trafficking, mainly for criminals in New York, especially the Downtown area that I grew up in. That’s why my city has the nickname “Bad Newz”. Growing up in my neighborhood you didn’t really see any entrepreneurs or people going to college. If you did see any entrepreneurs they were drug dealers, barbers, or convenience store owners. For most people growing up around that you don’t see yourself as growing up to do anything outside of that environment.

I have not heard of the area but have heard of areas similar in reputation. How did you not follow the general population?

Really I think it was having a strong mother. She never really wanted me or allowed me to hang out with kids in my neighborhood. At the time I hated it, but as I got older I was appreciative of it because I might have become a different person if I let them influence me.

Also I think it was because I was passionate about playing basketball, and that gave me something to focus on other than things that would get me in trouble.

Mothers and sports seem to keep many people out of trouble! - Success Circuit

"Curbside Concerts, Vol. 1; Cl8 the Gr8 and Ryan Easter"

Local artists Cl8 the Gr8 and Ryan Easter (aka RE) rhyme, freestyle and beatbox on the streets of Richmond.

Warning: Video NSFW due to language.

Curbside Concerts is a video series produced by The Horn, featuring local artists performing original in unconventional locations. - The Horn RVA


Newport News, VA native Cl8 The Gr8 did a freestyle over Lil Wayne & Cory Gunz' latest track, calling it 7'6". Cl8 The Gr8 is signed to 4144Ent and recently dropped his album Breaking, available on iTunes, Amazon & CDbaby. You can check his latest videos on his Youtube page. Oh, and he's a 19 year old student at Virginia Commonwealth University––props to you Cl8! - Respect This Fresh

"Volume XII"

45 New tracks featuring Aziz, Capone-n-Noreaga, Na Palm, Drake, Akon, Big Hud, Curren$y, Chiddy Bang, CL8 The GR8, Dvine, Fashawn, Wale, FTG, Game, KonVerse, Mr. Focus, Paul Wall, Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Roscoe Dash, STS, Stat Quo, RMG, Trai’D, and more.

Solid week overall for new music. I’m not sure if last week all the artists were hungover or still celebrating July 4th, but this week people definitely brought the heat. Volume XII has a diverse selection ranging from big time names like Drake and Game to lesser known artists such as Trai’D and KonVerse. Here are my thoughts on a few tracks…

-After Aziz released Point of You I’ve been closely following him to see if he releases anything new. This week he released “Power in Attention” over his facebook/twitter. Once again, the kid shows off his complicated rhymes and ability to carry the track for five minutes straight. Also, his group M.A.C. dropped their first single “Tic Tac Toe.” The song has some nice verses and should be popular on the college scene.

-The song “Time to Rise” by Na Palm is one of my favorites from the past week. It has that “new age hip-hop” sound to it. It’s not a street anthem for sure, but I couldn’t stop playing it. Na Palm is out of Chicago and I’m going to check out some more from him next week.

-Capone-n-Noreaga released their studio album The War Report 2:Report the War the past week despite its many leaks. I strongly suggest picking it up if you want some hardcore street sound. ”The Oath” is a genius song and might be the best song I have heard them make.

-Prior to this week I had only heard Chiddy Bang on Air Swell. DatPiff posted The Swelly Express this week and its an incredible mixtape. I would have posted it this week if not for Chris Webby’s release of The Underclassmen. Chiddy Bang has an extremely creative sound and they can spit. The mixtape is interesting to play from start to finish as they try to take the listener through a flight from London to New York by way of music. A definite listen if you want something very unique.

-Cl8 The Gr8 is a young new artist out of VA. His mixtape 8-Track hasn’t gotten too much play on DatPiff, but I thought it was a real solid effort for a first attempt. It’s only 8 songs plus a bonus track so it’s quick. Worth listening.

-Another new artist is KonVerse from Texas via New Orleans. He’s only 17 and showed some skill on his debut mixtape Let It Be Known. The song “Fly Shit” has a pretty crazy beat, I think it might be the old school Mario 1Up sound? I’ll be watchin this kid to see what he does next.

-Included some songs by underground favorite Curren$y. He released his studio album Pilot Talk this past week.

-Two new Drake tracks with “Paris Morton Music” and “Do It All.” If you want just start “Paris Morton Music” at the 1:05 mark where he starts rapping. The Drake singing has gotta lessen up a bit. ”Do It All” is my favorite if I had to pick one of the two.

-The Game track is “eh.” Good but not one of his best.

-Mr. Focus dropped me a line thanking me for his feature in Bout’ to be Sick this week. Go visit my post again and vote for him on the underground music awards. Be sure to check out his mixtapes if you like the songs I put on here.

I didn’t include any Chris Webby on here because everybody should go download his mixtape from my post earlier in the week. It’s the 2nd best release of the year, next to Eminem, in my opinion.

Have a good weekend. Another good week here and the site will keep improving so continue spreading the word. I appreciate it and remember it’s not just Muzik, it’s Too Sick. Drop me a line about the songs, track list in the comments section - Too Sick Muzik


Still working on that hot first release.



Clayt hails from Newport News, Virginia, a town known for being home to legendary sports stars such as Allen Iverson and Michael Vick. Just like them, Clayt grew up through adversity in its notorious downtown area, becoming what he's called "a product of the hood, just a weird example". Though his surroundings may not have been the most inspiring, Clayt still managed to develop a passion for music, and to strengthen the imagination that can be witnessed in his artistry and vision towards success. After putting years into making a name for himself in the local area and throughout his home-state, 2014 was when he would make the most important decision of his life and career. Clayt decided to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia for a fresh start, and ever since he's grown both as an artist and as a community figure. Realizing the lack of constructive influences during his youth, Clayt has now made it his mission to implement themes of art into his content. He is committed to the belief that if we are able to make people more comfortable with their gifts and ideas, that we can not only save dreams, but we can save lives as well. Representing the Mutant World collective, Clayt seems to be well on his way to becoming the next Hometown Hero.

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