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The best kept secret in music



Review (Apr. 19, 2003) by Walter Jon Anholt (composer/pianist/music publisher), Music Critic of Goldcoast Music Review:
"REVERIES is one of the most perfect albums that I have ever heard. When I listen to REVERIES by Clayton Wright, I imagine a colorful and grandiose ballet."

Review (Apr. 19, 2003) by Billy Daves, Music critic of Goldcoast Music Review:
"REVERIES is spontaneous, subconscious, automatic sounding music. It equates the "DANCE OF LIFE". REVERIES is music with high contrast and running melodic lines flowing. It is complex getting into a discussion of the images that people see in REVERIES (it is very complex). People have so many images of it, and it would take a lot of time to go into a lengthy discussion of it."

Latest is JAZZ ESCAPADES, also recently, Clayton Wright has published new albums on labels including Salzburger Echo, and a two-disk compilation set (NIGHT and MORNING) from DOREMI record publishing. Also, a COFFEE HOUSE CD and a Jazz compilation CD produced by CDREVIEW. - Gold Coast Music Review


LPs, Audiosphere Music Company: 1. REFLECTIONS, 2. REVERIES, 3. MOONDUST, 4. JAZZ ESCAPADES, 5. JAZZ VOYAGES, 6. Serenade in Blue
Compilation CDs: Morning and Night (DOREMI Music Publishing), Reflections of Love (Fanfare Music Publications), Momentum (Coffee House Music, CDreview)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Jazz club or Jazz Lounge ambience. Influenced by Errol Garner, Thelonius Monk, Duke Ellington, Dave Brubeck, Chick Corea. Clayton Wright, Master of Music, winner of national music composition awards, has released 3 jazz CD albums, including new jazz CDs called Jazz Esacapades, Jazz Voyages, and Art Jazz Expo, original swing and traditional tunes., 2 solo piano cds, and five other CD compilations. Improvisation and content are blended in a way that is unique, with dense chords, polymodal, and polytonal melodies.

Mellow and sparkling!
Reviewer: Kathy Parsons
I have reviewed several of Clayton Wright’s solo piano albums in the past, but this is the first one with his trio. “Jazz Escapades” sparkles with the joy of making music and interacting with like-minded musicians. Wright helms the Trio at the piano, and is joined by Mark Miley on drums and Billy Brockmann on bass. The music creates the ambiance of a jazz lounge where the mood is easy and upbeat. The Trio melds improvisation with composition, and all of the pieces are smooth and mellow, drawing from bebop, cool, and traditional jazz stylings. Wright composed all of the music, and, to these ears, this is by far his best album to date. Quite a few of the songs have been on Wright’s solo piano albums, but the Trio breathes new life into them and makes them really shine. Although the mood is fairly consistent from start to finish, the pieces are distinctive, making this CD easy on the ears in the background or with full concentration. The CD opens with “Ultracool Cats,” a piece that is a bit aloof and yet playful, setting the tone for the album. “Nightlife” is one of my favorites - cool, silky, and graceful - what a great tune for a slow dance! I really like “Mirage,” too. On the dark side, it hides a mysterious secret as it teases and tantalizes. “The Humble Bumblebee” is as easy-going as they come as it moseys from flower to flower without a care in the world. “Afterglow” is a bit more reflective and thoughtful. “Momentum” is more energetic, but remains in the cool and breezy groove. “Driftwood” floats freely on a cloud of sea foam, in no rush to go anywhere. I really enjoyed reviewing “Jazz Escapades” and look forward to hearing what else the Clayton Wright Trio comes up with. Recommended for fans of mellow jazz.

This album is amazingly interesting, sort of intellectually inspiring, and fun
Reviewer: Ivan Shostokovitch
One finds funny melodies and sort of cool bebop rhythms, which persist and drive on and on into hysteria, the kind of jazz that college students or jazz people crave. I listen over and over and discover new notes every time. This album is amazingly interesting, sort of intellectually inspiring, and fun to listen to. Crazy ! ! !