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Breeth The Evolution-single
Airplay: "I'll Win" and "RockStar" on:



There is no doubt about it, the driving forces behind Clayy, a Brooklyn based band, are Correy Thornton (vocals) and Patrick Mulraney (lead guitar). These two very talented musicians compliment each other like Lennon & McCartney. Correy crafts his songs with great care, like a poet, he writes about the things that are close and dear to his heart; sure his lyrics are thought provoking and introspective, but it’s his soulful (reminiscent of Marvin Gaye) and electrifying (much like Eddie Vedder's) performance, that grabs your attention and holds on to it for the entire show. While Patrick’s lithe fingers create jangled and groovy syncopated chords, which are heavily influenced by early punk rock and the best of the grunge era. And, yes, they are the product of the grunge era, but their 1970’s soul music sensibilities are undeniable—imagine Sevendust conjuring up Marvin Gaye.

The two have been playing and creating music, both separately and together, around the NYC area for more than ten years. Correy actually started out as a drummer. At the age of 17, he left his sunny environs of Ft. Lauderdale, FL and moved to NYC. Once there, he studied with world-known drummers such as Max Roach, jazz; Dennis Chambers, funk fusion; and Dave Gibson, hip-hop/funk/jazz. He soon developed a reputation as the hardest working drummer in town, playing with various bands: Signal 7, The Untouchables, TUT, Gas, Weedkiller, YO-YA, solo artist Tian and Grid. He was mature beyond his age; yet, because of his tender age he was affectionately known as LC-Little Correy. He later had the distinction of playing the Madison Square Garden with his former band Smoking Buddha during the Knicks’ half-time game. But before putting away his sticks, he found himself as the main drummer in Cee-lo’s Closet Freak video in 2001. Patrick, on the other hand, has always been true to his first love--the guitar-- was honing his talents and skills with some of NYC’s finest tribute bands, as well as with Echo 3 and Newborn Kings.

When Correy got jaded with the West Village circuit and the various lead singers he was working with, he decided to front his own band. His collaboration with Patrick first started with his first band, L.C. Freestyle, in 2000. But due to a series of events and a thing called life, the band broke up and the two went their separate ways. In 2003, Correy was working hard creating and perfecting his second band, LC LittleCorrey. In 2005, Patrick suddenly reentered into the picture. It turned out that Correy was desperately looking for a second guitarist to complete is ultimate band, so he placed an innocuous ad on craigslist; and Patrick was desperately looking for Correy. When Patrick answered that ad, hoping against all odds that it was the Correy he was looking for, Clayy was born.

Now, together again, along with three other equally talented musicians, they have a new single out. Breeth the Evolution, a self-released CD single, is the beginning of their journey to recovery and rediscovery. After years of set backs and heartbreaks, the band has emerged more mature and stronger than ever. Their new song, I’ll Win, with its catchy chorus and defiant heavy guitars, is a testimony to their perseverance against all odds. It’s an anthem for all who have felt the pressures of life and who have battled depression in one form or another and have lived to tell about it. Clayy has hit the ground running with their new single. Their efforts and dedication has gotten them airplay in the eastern region and they are hitting the NYC rock circuit again, infusing every show with energy and heart. Their electrifying performance and songs are transcending boundaries of age and genre, winning over even the most diverse crowds: hip-hop and rap.