Clean & Nasty

Clean & Nasty


Bluesy originals with shamelessly low-brow lyrics sung by a Korean-American soul singer with a full band including the only Welsh banjo player in existence. Blues-based originals about feeling bad, distractions and sex, which is a good distraction when you're feeling bad. So is ice cream.


"To hear Susan sing will probably be one of the things I ask for if I ever find myself on a deathbed, or recovering from surgery, or awaiting execution. Situations like that. Dire situations." -
SUSAN HWANG, has been singing in blues clubs since her D.C. days and has been the only yellow member of gospel choirs since she was 13. After honing her primal yelling in hard rock band, Murderizer (, and squeezing like hell with The Main Squeeze Orchestra (, Susan now writes songs with Clean & Nasty about the dumbest things ever and uses this group as a vehicle to explore the role of mundanity in a modern life punctuated by inexplicable moments of terror and an overriding sense of anxiety.

MICHAEL GITTLEMAN has been a bass player for the last 3 decades and has played with everyone from Fred Frith to Dave Newhouse to D.C. rock band, 9353, to Melting Fish with Matt Cameron. He has more basses than he has compassion for humanity. He's also the owner of a new studio in DUMBO, Electroluxe Studios (

IAN MEREDITH is perhaps the only Welsh banjo player on earth. He studies with banjo legend, Tony Triska, and also serves as the band’s style compass. He gets a new bow tie for almost every show.

CHARLES LAVOIE can pretty much play anything he gets his hands on. Currently, it’s harmonica and spoons, but he wouldn’t refuse a washboard if you threw it at him. Incidentally, he doesn’t listen to music that is written any later than 1979 (he thinks The Cure is called The Cures).

MARIA SONEVYTSKY was handstand champion of the first grade. Her prowess for physically demanding feats of grace made her a natural accordion player. She’s squeezed with the Main Squeeze Orchestra, Anti Social Music and various NYC gypsy-punk groups.


We'll Let You Down

Written By: Susan Hwang

We were bad today, and we'll be bad tomorrow. SHould have seen us yesterday, we were so bad yesterday, and we'll let you down. We'll let you down, every single time, can't count on us, not even once.

Born in to a losing streak, Feels like i'm missing something.
It hurts these holes we're born with, and I don't know what to fill them.
we'll let you down, we'll let you down,
we'll bleed you dry and ask and ask for more and take and take what we can get.

Call it the devil. Some people call it original sin, I call it drinking so you don't feel it every single minute.
We'll let you down; we'll let you down, we'll let you down; we'll let you down.

We're no good, didn't they tell you.
We're no good; we're no good.

We're mostly whiny cry babies who never got enough love
Or we're boring name-dropping self-promoters who are so see through
Or we play the martyr or the control freak or the victim or the savior or the
run of the mill everyday loudmouth ass-hole prick who doesn't know when to quit

We're no good, didn't they tell you....

We'll lie and keep you hanging.
we're practically good for norhing
We'll say we'll do a lot of things we'll never do.
We're pathetic, hard to love, and even if you try, we won't let you..
We're no good didn't they tell you.
We're no good; we're no good.

Jasonides' Blues

Written By: Susan Hwang

You don't argue with a thing like gravity or a girl who's got her eye on what he's got.
No morality or how hard my daddy beat me can keep or cure me from wanting what I want.
He's going to drop, drop it.
He's going to drop, drop it now now now...
It's not my fault that I have my appetites, I'm
just as hungry as the good lord made me.
He's going to drop, drop it...

Now I can taste it.
Now I know what they're talking about.
It feels so good I can't see with this taste in my mouth
Now I can taste it.
Now I know what they're talking about.
I'm sticky with my first lesson in licking up pleasure before it melts.
It's so good I'll be waiting the rest of my life.
It's so good I'll be searching the rest of my life.
It's so good I'll take where I find it the rest of my life.

The Yearning of Godless Hussies

Written By: Susan Hwang

Make it good.
Make it all I can see.
Make it sink to my bones.
I'll sink to my knees.
Fill my head like a good sound.
Fill my lungs like a strong belief.
Let me drink I'm so thirsty.
I'll dunk my head in it and have my hair dripping.
You don't have to fix my life.
You don't have to do anything right.
I'm so ready to quit my past.
Just distract me.
Make it last.

Can you make me...
forget everything I'm not but should be.
forget my name and who I am, it bores me.
forget the love I didn't get when I could have used it.
forget the love that I got and how I refused it.
Forget everything I want but don't have.
Forget that I want to be more than what I am.
I'm looking for the beauty that knocks me out.


The first Clean & Nasty Single (featuring smash hits: Yearning of the Godless Hussies, Sincere Love Song and For Alex (It's not you; it's them))
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Set List

45 min-1hour.
Set is mostly originals with occasional blues standard, some Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon. A couple Solomon Burke covers and an accordion/bass/drum version of Allman Brothers' "Whipping Post."