Clean Girls

Clean Girls


Noise rock.


Clean Girls started in early 2008 as Chris and Stephen's noise rock project to continue the tradition of bands like Black Flag, Husker Du, The Jesus Lizard, and mclusky. Bassist Josh Makela joined for the band's first show in Sept. 2008, and his basslines provided such a necessary counterpoint to Chris' guitar mess that he became a full time member as the band played numerous shows at Williamsburg, VA's Meridian Coffeehouse and recorded their debut album, "Clean Girls Summer Camp." The album was released online in April 2009, but Josh had to leave the band due to a school transfer. He chose Steph as his successor because she answered "yes" to both the questions "Do you like mclusky?" and "Do you like R. Kelly?" The band is planning on recording their next album, tentatively titled "American History Sex," this fall.


Debut full length: Clean Girls Summer Camp
Available for free download and streaming at

Set List

Break Fast
My Dad's Hair
Whiteliberalonwhiteliberalaction (mclusky cover)
Siesta Siesta
Water Sports
Campfire Story
Six Pack (Black Flag cover)
Secrets In The Dark
Lights Out Grass Stains
Daily Exercise

set lasts about 45 minutes or so.