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Helsinki, Central Finland, Finland | SELF

Helsinki, Central Finland, Finland | SELF
Band Rock Avant-garde


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




"It is absolutely astounding to witness the proficiency and intensity with which they play their hopeless-looking contraptions. It is equally perplexing to realize that the band has been able to literally construct their own world of sound that really sets them apart from all others…”

- -Helsingin Sanomat (Finland's leading national newspaper)


“Cleaning Women have made avant-garde into something to dance to. From the capital of performance electronica, Helsinki, Cleaning Women are the most visionary and dynamic live act to emerge in some time. The whole Cleaning crew; from planet Clinus, possess enough musical vision to incorporate influences from industrial, punk, electro, techno and heavy disco rock. Live they are a total blast and after gawping in amazement; you'll be cleaning that dance floor with your ass. Fantastic... a startling original, art house industrial sound…”



2001 Pulsator. First cd. Featuring M.A. Numminen in one song. Record label BV2.
Released in Russia by Soyuz records
2004 Aelita. Second full length CD. Record label BV2.
Released in Russia by FeeLee records.
and in Germany by 9pm records.
2004 Hankerchifs for sale. 7” recording of the soundtrack band made for an animation movie. Record label
Indie films.
2009 “U”. Third full length album CD/LP. Record label Cobra Records




1996 The Year of beginning

Group in its present line-up since 1998

Timo Kinnunen (CW03)
Risto Puurunen (CW01)
Tero Vänttinen (CW04)


1996-2011 almost 400 gigs in clubs and festivals. In Finland e.g., Koneisto (the Festival for electronic
music and arts), Ilosaarirock, Provinssirock, Festival of Fenno-Ugrian Culture, Kihveli soikoon – skiffle
music festival etc.

Tours and Festivals abroad

2000 one month tour in the Eastern Europe: Estonia, Lithuania, Russia (St. Petersburg, Moscow) Krakow,
Poland… (Rostislav Aalto made the documentary during this tour.)
2000-2011 over 10 visits in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
2000 various gigs in Sweden and Norway
2001 Turin, Italy (Tecnoteatro 2001 festival)
Kreifswald, Germany (Nordischer Klang –festival)
2002 tour in Germany. Participating also in Artgenda - interdisciplinary biennial for young artists around
the Baltic Sea.
Glasgow, Scotland
Reykjavik City Festival, Iceland
Belluard Bollverk International, Fribourg, Switzerland
Faroe Festivals, Torshavn, Faroe Islands
Lowlands Festival, Holland
Amiens, France
Small tour in Norway
Small tour in Denmark
Small tour in Spain and Portugal
Small tour in Moscow, Russia
Spot11 festival in Århus, Denmark
Tour in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming, Shenzen)
Maison Creilloise des Associations, Creil, France
Rabarock, Järvakandi, Estonia
Tour in Germany (11 gigs)
Tour in Canada (7 gigs)
Etoiles Polaires 07, Arts Centre Vooruit, Gent, BE
MOKOMA festival,Stockholm,SE
VgiK Film Festival,Moscow,RU
Aelita – Musical accompaniment in Luxembourg Philharmonie
Barents Spektakel, Kirkenes, NO
Standon Calling festival, UK
Participating in Digital Art Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria
Tour of Metropolis silent movie accompaniment (together w/ Gudmund Østgård, Ivan Afanasyev ja Nasra Ali Omar)
Murmansk, Moscow, Arkhangelsk, Petrozavodsk, Russia and Tromso, Norway

Special projects

2001 Cleaning Up! Dir. Rostislav Aalto. Documentary film of the group's first ever Eastern Europe tour.
Jussi- Nominated for the best Documentary Film in Finland (2001). Also nominated for the best Nordic
film by Nordic Council of Ministers (2002).
2001-2002 autumn-fall. Composing and performing music for “Säde” Wintersircus Hurjaruuth. 60
performances (almost all performances sold out)
2001 Composing music for Enthusiasmus, directed by Dziga Vertov, Soviet Union, 1924. Live
performances in Sodankylä Film Festival and Riemufestival, Helsinki.
2003 Composing music for an animation film Hankerchifs for Sale – Nenäliinoja myytävänä. Film has won
various prizes in many film festivals
2003 Composing music for Aelita, dir. Jakov Protazanov, Soviet Union, 1925. Cleaning women has played
the live soundtrack in various festivals (e.g. Moscow international film festival, Tampere international film
festival, Tromso international film festival)
Re-made 2008 for Luxembourg Philharmonie´s request
2005 Composing music for Battleship Potemkin, dir. Sergei Eisenstein, Soviet Union, 1926. (Performed in
Moscow film museum etc.)
2007 Composing music for Eleventh Year by Dziga Vertov (performed in Paradiso, Amsterdam and
Sodankylä Film Festival etc.)
2007 Composing a song (On the Thin Ice) for Petri Kotwica´s feature film Musta Jää.
2009 One of band members collaborated in ”The Ship of Fools”, audio-visual performance by Alexander Hacke and Danielle De Picciotto
2011 Composing music for movie Metropolis together with Gudmund Østgård, Ivan Afanasyev and Nasra Ali Omar. Comissioned by Tromso International Film Festival. Screenings in Norway (3) and Russia (4)