Clear Blue Skies

Clear Blue Skies


Northumberland rock with a hint of country! To book this band, contact Paul using the email link above or call 07917 585711.


Clear Blue Skies are a four-piece band hailing from Northumberland in the North East of England, bringing you their own unique style of finger-picking country-rock. Lyricist and lead singer Derek Allan has been writing songs with guitarist and music-maker Matty Pringle for almost ten years. In 2003 they were joined by Derek’s brother, the outstanding JP Allan on drums and king of the bass, Eddie. Derek’s passionate lyrics, combined with Matty’s jaw-dropping riffs and the dynamic rhythm of JP and Eddie make up the feel-good phenomenon that is Clear Blue Skies.

In the four years since their formation, Clear Blue Skies have managed to keep busy by playing over 100 gigs a year, including appearances with signed bands such as Half Man Half Biscuit, Jawbone, Eastern Lane, Adam Bomb, Mother and the Addicts, Sons & Daughters, Decoration and Fleeing New York. They have also recorded and released two albums to rave reviews, performed sessions on local radio stations and have been featured regularly in local newspapers, all of which has helped them to build a large local fan base. More recently, they were featured on Metro Radio’s first ever ‘Unsigned Podcast’.

National acclaim was achieved by appearing on Channel 4’s Popworld in March of this year. Thanks to their Popworld appearance, 2007 will see them perform at major venues around the UK. This year has also seen the Clear Blue Skies single “I” enter the UK Bands top twenty, along with Koopa, The Arctic Monkeys, Muse and The Zutons. All this, combined with the release of their new album ‘Wake Up Dreaming’, a tour of the USA in the pipeline and their usual blend of sheer hard work and determination to succeed, will make Clear Blue Skies unstoppable in 2007 and beyond.


CROW (acoustic album) - Clear Cut - August 2006
1) Splinters
2) Witches Hat
3) Holding On
4) Crow
5) Long Ago
6) Moment
7) The Dock
8) Aday
9) Rinky Dinky Two

"I" (single) - Clear Cut - August 2006

LOST WITH EVERYONE (6 track EP) - Clear Cut - August 2006
1) Milesaday
2) Nightsail
3) Put It To The Back
4) Song Song
5) Inside Outhere
6) Inside

NO BORDERS (single) - Clear Cut - March 2007

WAKE UP DREAMING (new album) - Clear Cut - April 2007
1) Orange Peel
2) Hillside Climb
3) Change The Changes
4) Cathy Said
5) Endless Day
6) Last Man Leaving
7) Button Up
8) Their Song
9) Teach Me To Stand
10) No Borders
11) Time And Time Again

TIME AND TIME AGAIN (single) - Clear Cut - June 2007

Set List

Never set in stone but typically 40 minutes and recently featuring:

- I
- Nightsail
- Milesaday
- Window Dresser
- Long Ago
- Time and Time Again
- John Brown
- Put It To The Back
- No Borders