Clear Blue Sunday

Clear Blue Sunday

 Columbus, Ohio, USA

Clear Blue Sunday is a fusion of Irish & American Folk, Rock and Country. The main emphasis being on blending challenging vocal harmonies and sharing great stories with our audiences. David Rice's passionate unique voice and Pat Buzzard's workman-style guitar licks creates CBS's feel good sound.


Clear Blue Sunday has grown out of the Grafton Street Three as the group has evolved, grown and written songs throughout 2011. They are nestled somewhere in between Folk, Rock & Country.

CBS has a lot of different elements at work within the band. From Pat Buzzard's proven guitar and vocals to the laid-back grooves coming from the "Fantastic Mr. Box" Kyle Davis to The Rice Bros. classically trained strings and singing backgrounds to Stephanie Doyle's sultry voice and bass riffs.....CBS is always searching for a way to connect the audience with new and old tunes and stories that mean something to them.

Clear Blue Sunday began as a three man folk group at the beginning of 2011 called the Grafton Street Three. As a newcomer singer/songwriter, Dave Rice searched for direction and experience and in stepped seasoned rocker, singer/songwriter, Pat Buzzard. The two hit it off immediately....add brother Patrick Rice on violin and tenor and off they went playing shows in Columbus and Pat's hometown near Pittsburgh.

As GS3 began writing songs they needed a spark. The fella's had been working their act out at some local open mics and met the "Fantastic Mr. Box" Kyle Davis sitting in with some other musicians. They invited KD to sit in...and well, in a dank, dark, smoke-filled basement on the East Side they jammed together well into the next morning.

GS3 had a great Summer 2011 with shows at Lancaster Festival, Dublin Irish Fest and a Live Studio Performance on Fox's Good Day Columbus....but again something was missing.

Through mutual musical friends the boys met the amazingly talented Stephanie Doyle. She fit perfectly into the set and added so much with her bass and was the icing on top in the Boy's harmony arrangements!

As the group heads into the studio this November to cut their Debut EP, they have developed a new Americana identity in CLEAR BLUE SUNDAY!


Pat Buzzard was one of the founding members, as well as the guitarist for the popular, pop rock group, SAVING JANE. Pat's dedication & contribution provided him with airtime on MTV with 2 singles that landed on the Billboard Top 40 charts. He lends his amazing coaching skills and experience as well as writing, voice, guitar skills and sense of humor to this project.

David Rice is a lifelong Columbus native. At about age 6, David took up the String Bass and has played in dozens of different orchestra's and symphonic groups throughout his childhood. As a young adult he teamed up with his older brother Patrick to form The Rice Brothers and played Irish Traditional and American Folk music at different venues and at Family festivals and get-together's. He's always trying to apply his rooted influences to form a different kind of Americana style.

Patrick Rice began his love for music at an early age. He took up the violin beginning in elementary school and has played in many orchestra's and chamber groups. He began singing at an early age, like most singers, singing with his family in church. He lends his beautiful Irish Tenor voice and one of a kind violin style to Clear Blue Sunday.

Stephanie Doyle is a founding member of the incredible Celtic Rock band the Ladies of Longford. They have proven to be the standard in this popular genre and CBS is very lucky to have her on board. Her harmonies are spot on and her voice is inspiring! She is a fabulous addition to the line-up!

Kyle Davis is one of those percussionists that becomes a mere sounding rod for the drums he names and plays. It is as though the drums just speak through him! He truly is the "Fantastic Mr. Box" while beating on the Trejon and Djembe.


Working Man

Written By: David Rice

Eyes are Blind and I just can't hear
Don't smell your perfume but I know that you're near
Sometimes at night when you're fast asleep
I'm working for your love and the promise I keep

Cause I'm a working man in the mines below
I'm an axeman, a carpenter on a train loading coal
Diggin' deep but you know it's true
That you want a man working hard for you

Chains are heavy but I'll fight through
Take up my hammer and my pick-axe too
Back is tired but I won't sleep
I got a job to do and a promise to keep

Cause I'm a working man in the mines below
I'm an axeman, a carpenter on a train loading coal
Diggin' deep but you know it's true
That you want a man working hard for you

Take me back to the days, my love
back when water was wine...

Cause I'm a working man in the mines below
I'm an axeman, a carpenter on a train loading coal
Diggin' deep but you know it's true
That you want a man working hard for you


Clear Blue Sunday is in the studio working on their Debut EP "The Long Hello" with feature tracks:

"Where I Belong" - P.Buzzard
"Working Man" - D. Rice

They have hopes for release before Xmas 2011

You can hear live streaming tracks at

They have performed Live on Fox's Good Day Columbus and were a supporting band for Willie Nelson, The Recipe, Rumpke Mountain Boys, Blood Roots Barter, Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real and Unforgettable Fire

Set List

Working Man (Rice)
Where I Belong (Buzzard)
Long Black Veil (Frizzell)
Into the Mystic (Morrison)
Farewell to Carlingford (Makem)
Wicked Ways (Buzzard)
Down in the Hills (Rice)
Helpless (Young)
Will the Circle be Unbroken (Trad.)
Imagine a Man (Townshend)