Clear Conscience
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Clear Conscience


Band Rock Reggae


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High Tide – 2003

East Side
Mr. Landlord
Sinking Sheets
Live @ 5am Deep
Body Shots
Dub D Truth and Rights
Drinking N’Lootin’

What’s Inside Counts – 2007

Bloods Gonna Run
Island Feeling
Smoke 2 Much
Roots Will Find My Way
Only Natural
Keep Running
Positive Tip
Straight Line

In to History – 2008

Inna Me Garden
Rob U Blind
Cali Weed
New Love
Take Care
Out There
Open Arms
Virtues I Possess
Pass It
Washed Outro

On the Rocks – 2009

Paddle Intro Dub
Caused by You (feat. Dub Passenjah $Chad Bishop)
Bottomed Out
Rob You Blind (feat. Badfish & J. of Clear Conscience)
On The Rocks
No Gunshot (feat. Dub Passenjah)
Sensi Time
End of the World (feat. No Needz)
No No No (Roots Sound)
Midnight Sun (feat. Half Pint)
High and Dry
Wet (feat. Ross of Faded Chroniclez)
The Real Situation
Paddle Outro Dub

Herbal Remedy – 2010

Herbal In Dub
Where Im From (Ganja Tard) [feat. Wild Life]
Hope (feat. Hani of Katchafire)
Time Out (feat. Ross of Faded Chronicelz)
The Conqueror (feat. PDub)
New Love (feat. Josh Heinrichs Formerly of Jah Roots)
Long Time (feat. Toko Tasi & Doug Means
Can’t Swim (feat. Laiv3)
Out Like That
Life Serious (feat. Dub Passenjah)
Sweetest Thing (feat. Josh Heinrichs Formerly of Jah Roots)
Away (feat. Mike of Orange Grove & Universal Speakers)
Hammah (feat. Pdub)
Empty Cans (feat. No Needz)
Human Nature
Live With Your Heart (feat. Mike of Orange Grove
Last Spliff (feat. Ross of Faded Chronicelz)

Lust at First Sight – 2011

Everything’s Fine (feat. OG Mafi)
Back for More (feat. Eddie Blunt)
Island Feeling
Wet (feat. Ross May)
Connection (feat. Dub Passenjah)
Live With Your Heart
New Love (feat. Josh Heinrichs)
Lost My Love (feat. Clear Conscience)
Sensi Time
Remedy (feat. Josh Heinrichs & Skillinjah)

Love Vibes – 2011

Eye Candy (feat. Eddie Blunt & E.N. Young)
Back for More (feat. Eddie Blunt)
Blessed Love (feat. Steve Jacobo & E.N. Young)
The Sound (feat. Eddie Blunt & Joel Castillo)
Undifined (feat. Aaron Borowitz)
Emergency Spliff (feat. Skillinjah & Josh Heinrichs

Shelter from the Storm – 2012

1. She Was from Cali (feat. Eddie Blunt, E.N. Young & Animo)
2. Shelter from the Storm (feat. R. Ledesma E.N Young)
3. Real Soon (feat. E.N Young
4. If These Walls Could Talk (feat. R. Ledesma & E.N Young)
5. Shadows (feat. Gonzo, Julian Nielsen & E.N Young)
6. Dub is Dangerous (Feat. E.N Young)



Recording with some of the biggest and best in the industry including Steven Jacobo and E.N Young of Tribal Seeds, Eddie Blunt of High Tide, Josh Heinrichs, Hani of Katchafire, Skillinjah, Aaron Borowitz of Thrive, Joel Castillo of 77 Jefferson and many more.

Jeff Conscience
- Lead singer , Rhythm guitar

- Lead guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Keys

Robert Ledesma
- Vocals, Guido

Matt Katzin
- Drums

Julian Nielsen
- Bass, Vocals, Guitar