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The best kept secret in music


"Mostly 10s"

CD REVIEW: Cori Jacobs - "CopperSkin"
By Gian Fiero - Muses muse

Genre: Urban Jazz
Sounds Like: ?
Technical Grade: 7
Production/Musicianship Grade: 10
Commercial Value: 9
Overall Talent Level: 10
Songwriting Skills: 10
Performance Skill: 10
Best Songs: The Only One For Me, Dedos Largos, Breathe, Farewell Aaliyah
Weakness: ?
CD Review: We have all seen the attitude adjustment that hip-hop has given to r&b, but could it do the same for jazz? A genre that is typically appreciated by "older" audiences and used as background music by others? That's the challenge that faced Cori Jacobs, an accomplished pianist/producer from LA, who submitted "CopperSkin," his second full length CD.
From the opening of the title track, "CopperSkin," which aptly uses spoken word to set the stage and mood for the musical journey that we are about to embark upon, we are quickly introduced to Cori's refined piano and keyboard playing skills that blend melody, strings, and baselines together in what seems and feels like an effortless motion for him.
The journey continues and becomes decidedly more hip-hop as we pass through "18th St," and get a glimpse into Cori's "Clear Soul," the second and third tracks on the CD. While the the base and drum programming will keep your head bobbing, it's the detail in his musical arrangements that will keep your ears stimulated as they become the signature of this project.
Cori even handles rapping duties on "Love, Light, & Butterflies" which showcases the mature, softer, peaceful side of hip-hop. Track, after track, he manages to reveal a different musical dimension of his production skills, while consistently displaying the many different nuances of his talent - all within the parameters of commercially structured songs.
As you get deeper into the CD and reach "Emari Myles," & "Dedos Largos," you are almost forced to admit that this guy is putting on a keyboard playing/music production clinic as he blends different musical elements and styles that shrewdly incorporate the talents of guest musicians and vocalists. It's a clinic that inexperienced producers can learn from, and industry people should take note of.
Like most independent projects, it's not without flaws. The deficiencies that I heard in the engineering/mastering can be easily remedied with financial assistance. A small challenge in comparison to the larger challenge he faced in making a project that would appeal to adult jazz enthusiasts, and young hip-hop lovers. He met that challenge, and both audiences were greatly rewarded.
Advice: Get it mastered professionally - through a joint venture. In the mean time, celebrate this extraordinary accomplishment. An innovative jazz label is looking for this just have to find them. - Muses muse

"Fast food music"

In today's fast food music industry most people consider a hot album one that has three hit singles. It is rare that you get a cd that you listen to from beginning to end without skipping over a few joints. Well surprise surprise, there are people out there making really good music. A CD entitled CopperSkin by a band named of Clear Soul is the perfect meal for a malnutrition industry that has been feeding us a steady diet of burgers and fries for the last few years. Clear Soul has a style that encompasses the essence of jazz with the edge of hip-hop. This is grown folks music with a youthful appeal. Copper Skin is not about dropping it likes it's hot, it is about a vibe that takes your soul to places of intimacy, sensuality, spirituality, and anywhere else your mind might wander. There is a little spoken word, a touch of rhyming, and a dash of vocal harmony, but this CD is more about the instrumentals. It is a compilation of illustrious melodies that paint pictures without words being spoken. If you can't tell, I absolutely loved it. This is what music should be, a feeling that touches the mind, body, and clearly the soul. 

  As I always say....

Love Life, Live & Learn'

Hassahn Liggins - -


*Soul Food Tv series - Production, keyboards, and engineer on the song "To Be by you" by Hope Shorter.
*Keyboards on the "Pussycat dolls" cd, Track 4 "Stick wit U".
*Tupac documentary "Thug Angel" - Production, keyboards & engineer on the "Champion" by Troy Horne.
* American Idol underground compilation


Feeling a bit camera shy


The essence of Jazz, Hip Hop, Latin, and Classical music can all be
felt in the compositions of keyboardist Cori Jacobs.
This music is a translation of experiences in both
life and the institution of _expression. You can feel the soul
of Miles davis while listening to "Bitches brew". You
can see the beauty of Tracy Chapman while listening to
"Portrait of Tracy" by Jaco Pastorius. Music in its purist form has the ability to take
a listener from their current state and has the ability to connect to each person individually, moving them.
Cori Jacobs moves his audience.
Hailing from Vallejo Ca. and based now in Los
Angeles, Cori is well known within the local entertainment
scene. Having worked with acts such as George
Clinton, Tedra Moses, Brooke Valentine, Malcom Jamal Warner,
Kim fields, The Temptations, and many other artist in the L.A. area, he has earned himself an extremely credible reputation.
" My most memorable moment was when I met James
Brown. We were performing at a Grammy party and he
came up and asked for my card." Cori also met Jamie Fox
in a similar situation at a local Los Angeles music
Currently, Cori is riding the wave of having
performed on the platinum single "Stick wit
You" by the PussyCat Dolls. Stick wit You has the
#1 radio airplay spot in the world.
In his production Cori has placed music with the
Soul Food TV series, the 2pac documentary "Thug Angel",
and recording artist Kiley Dean. At this rate Cori
Jacobs is destined to make an even deeper mark on
the music industry similar to his cousin Sly Stone. If music truly does run through your veins then Sly Stone is some family blood that you want to be a part of.
Cori Jacobs is comming in a noticeable way and you do NOT want to miss it!