Clearview is an american rock and roll band with an attitude and swagger that has been missing from american music. We pride ourselves on being songwriters. Our honesty and our life experience comes across in our songs and our sound. Our dedication to our songs and to each other is unmistakeable.


CLEARVIEW was formed in 2005 when songwriters Greg Murphy and Dan Townend joined forces and began to write the songs that would eventually become Clearview's song catalog. The two songwriters recorded a series of demos known as "The Jeroba Sessions." These demos, although rough around the edges, documented early versions of modern day Clearview songs. Once the songwriting team was confident in the quality and the number of tunes they had written they began the search to fill the lineup. Although Murphy and Townend had been vocalists in the past, they felt without the perfect voice the songs would not come to life. They began the search for Clearview's voice and the search ended when Chris Rizzo walked into the room. Rizzo, who has the confidence and voice to make a difference in rock and roll, was the perfect fit for the songs Murphy and Townend had penned. Rizzo's swagger and "from the gut" delivery has formed him into an outstanding frontman with the ability to captivate an audience and convey his passion and emotion to each and every person in the room. Once Rizzo was on board Townend contacted Bassist Dan Lozowsky. Lozowsky, who had played with Townend in the past, added musicianship and professionalism to the group with his extraordinary playing and his stone cold attitute. Lozowsky's unique style and infectious bass lines developed Clearviews sound into something completely original. Joined on stage by drummer Gary Shattz, Clearview has been playing gigs for nearly a year in NYC. The future is bright for Clearview and their fans. Clearview prides themselves as a blue collar hard working rock and roll band and take their cues from bands with outstanding songwriting as their main attraction, bands like The Beatles, The Kinks, The Who, as well as comtemporary artist like Oasis and The Black Crowes. With an optimistic attitude and a clear mission of bringing rock and roll swagger back to the American music scene, Clearview begin their ascent now...



Jeroba Sessions EP (2006), Live in the Studio EP (2007)

Set List

Our setlist is comprised solely with original material. A typical set runs about 50 minutes. We can play 20 minutes or 90 minutes as well as acoustic sets

Song list:

Picture, Birds, Take Me Away, She's Already Gone, Rooster, Spotlight, New Way Home, Free Money, Junkies Fairytale, New Dimension, Grapevine, So Far Away, Moving On Tonight, Shades of Grey, Stones, It Ain't Easy Mama, 14 hours, Blind Man Searching