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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
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Rapper/Producer Duo Clearwater Releases Debut Album "Midnight Music"

Atlanta, GA August 5, 2010 - Atlanta rapper/producer duo Clearwater has released their debut album "Midnight Music". Formed in 2008 by members Anthony "A Trax" Jones, originally from Tallahassee and Derrick "Derrick P." Pettis from Tennessee, Clearwater has become a fixture among Atlanta's acclaimed music community overnight in addition to other parts of the world thanks to breakthrough album tracks like "Ringtone", a mid-beat catchy and thumpin' record about an obessed fan. This multi-faceted cd continues with the soulful "Hold Me", produced by Derrick P. and the club-banging "She Wants Me", featuring G. Fresh, produced by Chinchilla. The album "Midnight Music" is not what you'd expect from a rap duo in Atlanta, as it resonates a since of evolution from the typical rap album. That's probably because A Trax and Derrick P. are not your average rappers. The music doesn't contain any derogatory lyrics, which alone separates them. Just listen to the red carpet-laced "Limelight" or "Be Okay" featuring Big Will and you'll know that you're experiencing a new level of hiphop and music overall. "We want people to have a good time with this album ya know, feel good music", said A Trax. "The album vibe is fresh, new, it's good music", said Derrick P. The group recently released a video to the title track "Midnight Music" which was shot on location in Miami. Artists Oddie Banks and Laura Veanice are also featured on selected tracks, with additional music production by producer Ike Boogie. Clearwater's revolutionary "Midnight Music" album and single song downloads can be purchased on iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, Amazon MP3, and other fine retailers. For more information on Clearwater, visit



A Trax and Derrick P have been making music together for 10 years. Their latest collaboration Midnight Music , serves as a breath of fresh air in today’s hip hop world. Together the guys make up the group Clearwater. Clearwater along with their unique sound was concretely formed in 2008 after realizing they had something different to offer the game. Their different was a unique blend of hip hop and electronic beats, words and rhythms.
The duo first realized they had a certain musical chemistry during their home economics class in High School on Atlanta’s Southside. “We were supposed to be making cakes but we were more interested in writing rhymes” boast A Trax. The two impervious teens would sneak off to their high schools’ recording studio during lunch to record their written thoughts amongst a multitude of students that were actually in in the music class. Realizing that writing rhymes was more than just a hobby, the two got serious after A Trax purchased Derrick P his first beat machine in 2000. The two soon linked up with Atlanta producer Brian Jennings to learn all there was to know about making songs. There was no stopping them from there.
Once the production work was tight A Trax and Derrick P sought radio play for their music but were abruptly turned away by local Program Directors because their sound did not replicate the traditional Atlanta style. “We just got tired of turning on the radio because everything sounded the same,” remarks the Atlanta natives, whose government names are Anthony Jones and Derrick Pettis. “It might sound corny, but we just weren’t interested in creating your typical down south music, we wanted to make something different.”
Becoming frustrated with the Atlanta music scene and realizing that they were going in two different musical directions, the duo decided to part ways in 2003. Derrick P would move on to start his own rap group 20/20, a conscientious combination of raps with a Black Star type vibe. A Trax and his demo would have a chance meeting that led him to ink a deal with Stone Legend Recording while he moonlighted with his rap trio 3E (3rd Element). The two had moderate success apart but the occurrence of two major events in separate worlds would force the two musical geniuses back together once again to create a sound like no other. Derrick P would have the opportunity to visit Johannesburg South Africa where he found a musical sound that had an international feel but a local flavor. A Trax had completed his mixtape Block Bangers in North Carolina, but moved to Washington, D.C. for its street promotion. Alongside DJ Shaolin of the 'World Famous Superfriends', he returned to Atlanta. A Trax called Derrick P, to let him know he was back in town and Clearwater was born.
March 2008 would mark the birth of Clearwater Productions, a new company with a cutting-edge sound. At first, the duo unselfishly decided to focus on producing and writing for other acts, but after months of solid studio work and production, the artists they were working with didn’t show the same drive and commitment as Trax & D.P. Devastated with the turn of events, Clearwater decided to take control of the situation and focus on their own talents. They had hundreds of tracks that were untapped goldmines waiting to be introduced to the world. Clearwater returned to the recording studio to master these tracks until they were satisfied with their debut album. The masterpiece is entitled Midnight Music.
The beauty of Clearwater’s music is that A Trax and Derrick P are not trapped by trends or preconceived notions of how their music is supposed to sound. The duo is influenced by such groups as Chemical Brothers, Outkast and Daft Punk. While Clearwater still embraces hip hop, electronic and house music, their complete persona on Midnight Music, shows they are a group unafraid of taking chances. Even though the guys like to flip the script when it comes to their sound, they stay the course when it comes to their message. “Our goal is to make good music, period.” Forget about the next level, because Clearwater is taking us places that have yet to be defined.