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The best kept secret in music


"Welcome all i'm feeling good. this is this weeks top 10"

1.cleaZY-get ya weight up
2It's the pigs- 360 noise
3.breed of dawn-raising the dead
5.stolen bigwheels-take your time
7.aquila-superiority complex
8.raising the dead-when theres no more room in hell
9.angellis-hyper tension
10.Mike mundane-surreal psychopath

pick of the week-
Dj ekka-sub basement alley

artist of the week-cleaZY

why-i love him. great lyrics. great beats. this is someone you should keep your eyes out for. i love the production and the his rap is tight. give them ozzies something to bouch with. mad love for the man and i can't wait to review more.


Taken from the website
- /Lovebites

"Undeniable/Demandin Respect"

Reviewed by: Lou-Nutt
Undeniable/Demandin Respect
(Walk With John Entertainment)

Bowling Green, Kentucky. This right here is a good example of a well-put together album. His production----- I ain’t gonna say it’s Mobb or it’s gangsta, but it’s good production. It’s party kinda production with gangsta lyrics, with pimp lyrics. He did a whole good solo album. What you’re gonna get from T-Cleazy is good flows, he don’t rap fast, he rap clean and clear. You’re gonna get good production, everything mixed right and mastered right. Whats you’re gonna get is well thought-out hooks and music. Some songs that stood out was “Watch Ya Girl”, “Beef”, Between Tha Sheets”, “Real Recognize Real”. He’s kinda like pretty-ass player type nigga, “watch yo’ ho, cause I could take yo’ ho” type shit. This is him, but he did it right. I ain’t gonna diss you, playboy, you know you got it. Ain’t nothing wrong with this shit. I’m bumpin it right now. It’s a good addition to your cd collection. –Lou-Nutt

- Murderdog Magazine

"Cleazy - Undeniable: Demandin Respect"

Album Rate: 4.0 out of 5 Stars

When you hear the words 'Kentucky rap', there's little doubt that the majority of us think Nappy Roots. But Cleazy outta Bowling Green, KY hopes to change all that in the future. The album title says it all--he's demandin respect and ready to take on the rap world. The CD features Big V of Nappy Roots, Young Niq, C-Dubb, Young Dro, Talia, & more.

Right off the bat on the "Intro", Cleazy lacks no confidence at all. Droppin flows over a laid back piano, electric guitar, and bassline, Cleazy declares the game over for other MCs while proclaiming himself the last of the great ones. "Watch Ya Girl" is a more uptempo party track about a freaky girl that's checkin Cleazy out. It's the type of track you'd expect to see a video for on BET Uncut. It's probably work for a verteran rapper like LL Cool J, but it's too often an overused formula for new rappers coming out these days.

On the track "Beef", Cleazy commits lyrical murder on the haters out there and those who envy his style. Cleazy lets them know that this time it's on wax, then next time it's the streets. On the piano laced and snare drum driven song "Shawty", Cleazy takes time to holla at a female. It's a track that would probably have a lot of mainstream appeal should the majors come calling one day.

Cleazy shows us his more sentimental side on the cut "Open Letter" which is dedicated to his baby girl. He apologizes for the drama between he and his baby mama as well as tells her that the sky's the limit for her when she grows up. Big V of Nappy Roots drops a dope verse that really showcases how underrated he really is on the mic. It's really a track that makes you think of the impact you have on children.

"Between The Sheets" is one made for "the grown and sexy" over a space age beepin beat with vocals on the hook provided by C-Dubb. On "It's Nuthin", Cleazy raps about how the group he came up with as an artisthas changed. Sounds like a diss track aimed at those who didn't believe it could make it on his own. And who said rap beef is only for the hip-hop superstars out there?

Cleazy comes right back and drops "Ms. Act Right" in which Cleazy describes his perfect woman. The beat reminds me a lot of P. Diddy's "I Need A Girl" remix produced by Mario Winans. Same type of track here--except with better rapping of course.

Cleazy comes through on the mic with another track aimed at the haters, "Real Recognize Real". Jay-Z fans will be surprised to hear his voice on a sample on the song "Getcha Weight Up" off his track "Breathe Easy" from The Blueprint 2. Cleazy holds his own on the mic which makes for a pretty good song to just sit back and chill to.

The true standout song to us is the song "On My Mind" featuring Young Niq in terms of the rhymes and the beats. Niq sounds like a more polished version of Lil Boosie in terms of his flow and delivery on the mic. It's more on the lyrical side which often seems missing on a majority of the Southern albums these days.

The album winds down with the party driven "Gon Girl" and the Chingy-bitten "Right Thurr" ripoff "Ooh Wee". The album ends with the track "Put It On Me" which features beats containing the Indian flutes Timbaland loves to use and Cleazy comes off with the flow of a young LL Cool J.

Overall, the production by Cleazy, C-Dubb, Dime Cuttz, Shank, J. Hop, B Dubb is on point for the most part. Cleazy is definitely an up-and-coming rapper to watch out for. He displays a lot of versatility on the mic yet at the same time, you keep waiting for that hard street track just to see what he'd sound like dropping a grimey banger from the gutta. The album features a lot of mainstream friendly tracks which he may very well need in the future. Cleazy has a lot of promise and we have no doubt that he'll probably be one that will make it if someone just gives him a chance.


Undeniable: Demandin' Respect -LP, 2005

Single: Watch Ya Girl (Streaming on XM radio 43 & 52; college radio, and various commercial stations throughout the world!)


Feeling a bit camera shy


On June 8, 1985 a star was born. By age 4 it was evident the young Cleazy had a nack for music when he would recite the lyrics to rap songs from memory. So naturally, by age 12 reciting other people's lyrics evolved to him creating lyrics of his own. Years of development and dedication followed producing the next hip hop sensation that stands before you today...Cleazy the King of the Midwest!!!

At 18, Cleazy began his solo career in the spot light. Widely known in the area for his witty punchlines and rapidly switching lyrical patterns, cleazy became an instant success on a massive scale.

In his developmental stages Cleazy modeled his style of music after the likes of the great ones....Jay'z, Biggie, LL Cool J, Nelly, Ludacris, T.I., Kanye West. Now age 20, his style is a totally different entity to the hip hop world... He brings to the table a smooth seductive flow to go along with his sex symbol-like appearance for the ladies and at the same time he will hit you with a cocky lyrical genius for the fellows. Cleazy has the total package wrapped up in one big smile...He is definately a Star to keep your eyes on!!!