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Cleazy is the missing link in the music industry today. His undeniable passion and skill for creating music WILL land him legendary status in the future. He IS King Of Tha Midwest!!! He IS the ultimate addition to any roster and will continue to establish himself as and icon in the making


On June 8, 1985 a star was born. By age 4 it was evident the young Cleazy had a nack for music when he would recite the lyrics to rap songs from memory. So naturally, by age 12 reciting other people's lyrics evolved to him creating lyrics of his own. Years of development and dedication followed producing the next hip hop sensation that stands before you today...Cleazy the King of the Midwest!!!

At 18, Cleazy began his solo career in the spot light. Widely known in the area for his witty punchlines and rapidly switching lyrical patterns, cleazy became an instant success on a massive scale.

In his developmental stages Cleazy modeled his style of music after the likes of the great ones....Jay'z, Biggie, LL Cool J, Nelly, Ludacris, T.I., Kanye West. Now age 20, his style is a totally different entity to the hip hop world... He brings to the table a smooth seductive flow to go along with his sex symbol-like appearance for the ladies and at the same time he will hit you with a cocky lyrical genius for the fellows. Cleazy has the total package wrapped up in one big smile...He is definately a Star to keep your eyes on!!!


Ms. Act Right

Written By: Cleazy

Your so fly (so fly you are, what a beautiful lady)
I want you in my life (by my side girl you drive me crazy)
Cause baby all I need
Is a girl that’s down for me
I need a Mrs. Actright
I want a Mrs. Actright

Verse 1

I want a shorty wit, long legs and she walk wit a twist
everytime she pass heads turn like the exorcist
and mami, she ain’t never on that petty shit
she gone be around no matter how low my chedder gets
and she don’t want to fuss or fight
she ain’t like them other chicks I hit up for late nights
she the type you wanna wife
the type that you wanna show off like a new pair of nikes
and she got her head on straight
plus it’s a must that the sex is great
gotta keep it real, cause I don’t mess wit tha fake
love I’ma keep you iced like a birthday cake
naw, you ain’t the type to go kiss and tell
and she got my name painted on her fingernails
she don’t care if my pocket swells
long as we doin it and doin it and doin it well, yeah


Verse 2

Hmm, what I’m lookin for 10 in the face
slim in the waist coke bottle in the shape
seen many fine chicks but you take the cake
good enough to make all the other girlys wanna hate
she like a blackplanet chick, she love to chit chat
I send her text messages she love to hit back
she ain’t about that bread askin me where my chips at
a freak in the sheets break me off like a kit kat
she don’t trip when I’m wit the homeys
I’m a grown man you don’t gotta check up on me
hit me on my cell whenever you gettin lonely
babygirl you know you my one and only
look ma it’s nothing if you want it you got it
you wanted name brand I got you Louie and Prada
My down ass chick, yeah I love me a ryder
If I’m lookin for love I want you to provide it


Verse 3
Would you ride for me, would you die for me
would you run to ya friends and put our business in the streets
girl I ain’t tryin to run games like sony
and when we in the bed will you put it on me
she don’t try and front for her friends
she don’t really care bout them 20 inch rims
she don’t care bout how much a nigga spends
and I know that she gone be wit me until the end

hook til fade

Watch Ya Girl

Written By: Cleazy

I see yo chick, lookin at me
licking her lips, she tryin to get with me
she all in my ear and talking so freaky
Yeah, you better watch yo girl before she not yo girl
and when you leave she blowing up my phone
all in my face don’t want to leave me alone
she only wants one thing and that’s to give her the bone
Yeah you better watch yo girl before she not yo girl

Don’t hate tha playa man blame it on the game
It ain’t my fault yo chick don’t like lames
and it ain’t my fault that you be buyin nice thangs
and she runnin to me when she fiendin for some thang
oh well, alls well that ends well playa that’s how it goes
we sneakin, freakin, dirty, on the low
I’m not the NBA but I like to give and go
(why’s that) shit I’m just that type of nigero
(who’s that) well tha ladies call me Mr. Lover Lover
smooth motherfucker, freak undercover type of brother
and I, got mo change than them other, lame motherfuckers
they know I got mo game than the parker brothers
be easy, don’t shoot the messenger playa
when you gone, I’m home undressin her playa
you can be the boyfriend I’m just sexin her playa
need to check yo chick and stop stressin me playa


Verse 2:
Good girls like bad boys but I’m not diddy
check yo girl cause she tryin to get wit me
yeah I met her in the club but I’m not 50
I gave her my math and she tried to dip wit me
You wanna roll that’s cool wit me
put my number in ya phone, that’s cool wit me
call me when you wanna bone that’s cool wit me
but I know you gotta man you ain’t foolin me
I ain’t tryin to be ya man though, no more drama
but I’ll terrorize them thighs, call me osama
hit you on the regular, break you off proper
just wait until ya hubby’s gone then give me a holla
but we can keep it on the down down
I’ll stick to late night creepin how does that sound
it’s guaranteed to make you scream and shout
and now I got these chickens running round like they girls gone wild


Verse 3(Young Niq)
You better watch ya girl before she not yo girl
man I’ll take yo girl shake yo girl and I’ll make yo girl mine
standin 5’9” bangin body so fine
naw she ain’t a penny, not a nickel but a dime
I don’t need a girlfriend I ain’t B2K
once I get her for one night then she’s yours the next day
the pimpjuice I drank got me feelin all tipsy
when I see a trick I want that trick’s comin wit me
I might be young but my game is a trip
you’ll find out soon that I’m somethin like a pimp(like a pimp)
Let’s romance no time for a dance
been pimpin so long I’m called the gameboy advance
The girls already know my name (what’s yo name)
and the girls love how I spit my game (spit yo game)
and to the men all around the world (you betta tell em)
you betta keep ya eyes on ya girl (watch ya girl) cause I ain’t playin


Get Ya Weight Up

Written By: Cleazy

Verse 1
I see the look in yo eyes, mad cause we on some big boy shit
and look, you don’t want no problems wit this big boy click
Fresh fits, nice chicks, and we push tight whips
when I spit, I rip man we run this shit,
Look, we got mo ice that the NHL
and broke niggas hate it cause they know our pockets swell
handcuff yo misses nigga cause I spit so well
I’m bout to make a million dollars off these record sells
We some ballers baby, like the And 1 team
wit my air force ones lookin fresh so clean
all eyes on me when I step on the scene
don’t getcha hate up cause ya girl wants me
cause I’m gone cop it if I want it
if you see me in it nigga then I own it
bout to get a old school and drop some big wheels on it
and forget about the drama, man , ya’ll don’t want it

Pre chorus
We do it big, nice cars, big chains
tight fits, thick dames, niggas tryin to do tha same, but
they know they can’t, cause money just ain’t a thang
this pimpin runs through my veins, you can ask my brother dime cuttz
what? all eyes on me
T-Cleaz got mo game than MLB
I can roll to tha club wit no ID
and a gang of niggas wit me so don’t try me no!!!


Verse 2
We stack chips like pringles nigga
I spit game, ya’ll spit jingles nigga,
copped ya girl cause she told me she was single nigga
you tryin to be like cleaz stop dreamin nigga
You lame boys tryin to get what I done copped
tryin to say what I done said , tryin to rock what I done rocked
I make moves while you broke out on the block
that’s why my niggas rims still spinning when they stop
I stay fresh, nickname, Mr. Clean
niggas mad cause we got more hoes than swiss cheese
I see ya hatin wit ya mug on mean
Ya’ll niggas all up in my grill like listerine
whoa now, you don’t want that
don’t let tha image fool ya man, you can get clapped
I put money over bitches, man where my chips at
broke niggas get on my level then ya’ll can holla back



Undeniable: Demandin' Respect -LP, 2005

Single: Watch Ya Girl (Streaming on XM radio 43 & 52; college radio, and various commercial stations throughout the world!)

Set List

KY Lotto, Shawty, My Time, Go' On Girl, Do Ya Thang, Put it On Me, Freestyle, Between Tha Sheetz, I'm Fly, Watch Ya Girl

Up to a 45 minute show!!!!