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The best kept secret in music


"Clementine Releases 'Stand Up Tall'"

Clementine's first EP, Stand Up Tall, takes the pop song out of the
narrow bandwidth that it has fallen into and revives it with subtle
sophistication. The EP opens with the garage-rock inspired break-up
parting shot, 'Sweetness, My Sweet', while the closing track, 'Prairie
Nights and Motor Bicycles', has the sound of a country anthem after
the decay of a radioactive half-life.

Release parties for the CD were held April 30th at Evos' Arts Tavern
in Lowell, MA and June 8 at Rancho Relaxo in Toronto, ON, just days
before Clementine's first appearance at the North By Northeast
Festival in Toronto. Despite sweltering heat in the intimate Rancho
confines, the crowd of 150+ was more than happy to sweat it out. Also
performing at the party were Wren City Churches, The Rural Alberta
Advantage (feat. members of Clementine) and Friday Morning's Regret.
Gavin Gardiner of FMR was also involved in the production of Stand Up Tall.

Amy Cole's vocal performance is a unique combination of defiance and
vulnerability, and the tight-rope walk between the two at its best on
Stand Up Tall's highlight track 'Last Generation of Housewives'. She
pulls you in with girl-group-esque paradox on 'The Gospel' and pushes
you away with the incendiary 'Concentration'. Throughout the record,
Clementine's four members stitch hooks together seamlessly into an
EP of songs that imply simple pop and only reveal their
complexity after looked at as a cross-section. Live, Clementine strips the songs
down to a threadbare rock and roll that is undeniably fun.

Stand Up Tall is a debut that promises a future of new possibilites,
constantly changing sounds and expanded audiences for the Toronto
four-tet, without pretending to be able to know what that future will
hold. It is available exclusively at Clementine's live shows.

For information on upcoming shows visit:
- Press Release

"Tangerine Dream"

Clementine’s music, simply put is cute. If
Clementine’s sound had cheeks they would be red and sore from all the pinching that would be going down during a live show. “We’re fine with being called cute,” says Amy Cole, the singer and keyboardist. “So many people
spend so much time and energy being something they’re not and saying things they don’t really mean, so we’re just going to be
who we are and say what we mean. "
Clementine have been together for just two years, and have created an original sound; but not your typical “original” sound. I don’t want to pigeon–hole the band, but Clementine’s music could be called “smiling in your underwear
while beams of sunshine peek through your bedroom window while you dance” pop.
Combined with a fine sprinkling of bluegrass. “I started the band with Ken, the guitar player and we became friends the summer after we graduated from University. I’d get home from work at two in the morning and he’d be awake
and we’d stay up and make fun of Train 48 and drink Coronas, ” recalls Cole. “He’s been a
songwriter for years, and I used to sing when I was a kid, I took singing lessons from the time
I was eight until I was 18. Then this one day he was playing a bunch of songs and he had
mentioned he wanted to start a band and he wanted a girl to sing and then we started collaborating from there.”
“One day we were at a comedy show and we decided we wanted to find more band members, and so I asked around if anyone knew a drummer, and this kid stuck his hand up and said I’m a drummer. Really? Do you have a band? And he said no. ‘Would you like to be in one?’ And he said yes, and that was Paul, and then Paul brought in his friend Jason who’s been playing bass with us, and that’s
how it came to be,” explains Cole.
This past summer Clementine released EP called Stand Up Tall, and have already recorded a new EP that the band hopes to
release in the next month. The new, so–faruntitled–EP may include art and designs from students across Canada that were asked
to submit work for the EP. “We thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if you got to do projects in school that you were really interested in?’
It would have been cool if some band needed a CD cover and you got to design it. We were hoping to get kids in high school to really get
into art and really get into designing,” explains the singer. “The response was great, we got a ton of really great submissions and we might
use one. Some are hilarious and done in pencil crayon, others took a lot of time, and they’re really good.”
“A lot of our songs have an innocent quality to them. We’re not really into irony, we’re into
sincerity and expressing yourself in a meaningful way.”
Just from speaking to members of Clementine and hearing a couple of songs on their website, you can tell the band prides itself on being a refreshing change of pace from a lot of the gimmicky art–rock bands coming out of Toronto. Even just hearing Amy say ‘thank you’
after complimenting the band, I could feel the band’s sincerity shining through.
“We’re sick of irony. Everything is so, ‘we mean this, but we really mean this, but really we’re saying this, but really we’re extra smart
because we mean this.’ We feel how we feel and that’s it, what you see is what you get. We
really don’t have a lot of attitude, we’re going to say what we feel and if you think it’s lame because a lot of songs are cute love songs,
well you feel that way – that’s your problem.”



w/Sleep the Season; the Amazing Flyin’
Hammer Brothers

- PULSE NIagara


June 15, 2006


A few years ago, Ken Farrell and Amy Cole were at school in Toronto studying television writing. At the same time, Farrell was writing songs and, after deciding that the tunes would sound better with Cole singing them, the two of them switched career trajectories and formed Clementine xo.

“It was pretty quick that we decided to start a rock ‘n’ roll band instead of become TV writers,” Farrell laughs. “A week later, Amy came back to me and said ‘I’ve got a drummer; I’ve got a bass player; let’s go.’”

Farrell says that the band’s songs began as acoustic pop songs in a similarly unadulterated way, with him and Cole working out the harmonies and the flow of each track long before the band took them into the studio to record their second EP.

“We really got to know these songs before we even decided to record them,” explains Farrell. “We knew what we wanted to emphasize in them, and that’s where we tried to add in some other sounds. Then I got this PlayStation video game.”

The game Farrell is referring to is the MTV Music Generator. While everyone around him left Toronto over Christmas, Farrell stayed behind and spent a week programming different sounds into Clementine’s music using the video game.

“I was hanging out at home fooling around with this stuff while everyone was too busy to play rock ‘n’ roll with me,” he says. “There was some stuff that they heard and they just laughed, but it’s a give and take.

“It’s not the most intuitive thing,” Farrell continues. “By now we’re all spoiled rotten with digital software and the ability to manipulate sound pretty easily on a computer, so to have to go back to a video game and to not have it be able to do too much was kind of fun.” V

Thu, Jun 22 (9 pm)
Clementine XO
With Easy Life Club, The Paper Cranes
Sidetrack Café, $8 - Vue Weekly - Edmonton's 100% Independent News & Entertainment Weekly

"Former Oil Baron turns in skates, picks up microphone - Ken Farrell returns with band Clementine XO"

By Paula Pogonoski
Today Staff

A former Oil Baron has given up life in the rink for the stage.

Ken Farrell, who made a name for himself on the local AJHL hockey team from 1995 to 1998, will be showcasing his new passion: his band Clementine XO. The Ontario based band will be at the Boomtown Casino tonight as part of its western Canadian tour.

Amy Cole, vocals/keyboards and founding member of the band - along with Farrell, - said the small tour is a chance for the band to win fans and showcase its upcoming album, Clementine XO and Their Fantastic Balloons [sic]. The album is due to be released at the end of August under the Sunday League label. Farrell said the band's sound is getting a reputation for being the kind of music "you listen to while in your underwear, jumping on your bed with the sun shining," which is OK with the former forward.

"I like the idea of pushing buttons of the tough guys (with the music). It's fun for me because I used to be one and hang out with those guys. Now I like challenging them with something that is … fun, happy, and cute. The kind of thing people in all black, wearing tattoos would be uncomfortable with."

Farrell grew up in the Oilsands City, leaving in 1998 after winning a hockey scholarship that took him to New Rochelle, N.Y., and Lowell, Mass. Farrell said he was happy to turn in his hockey stick for a microphone stand after venturing north to Toronto, where he began pursuing a music career. Two-and-a-half years ago, he began the band with Cole and they eventually brought in Paul Banwatt on drums, Chris Gapski on guitar, and Jason Doell on bass.

But becoming a household name like U2 is as likely as becoming the most valuable player in the NHL.

"We'd like to make this our career, but it's a tough business with no guarantees. We're playing to people who have never seen or heard of us. It's a long process, winning over fans, and without a large label it's hard to get our names out there. It's a do-it-yourself approach to the work."

But with only two-and-a-half years under their belt, the band is generating some attention. The album is starting to get some buzz around college and university campuses in Ontario and Quebec, where songs like Jinx, Finders Keepers, and Darn are starting to get some radio play.

Clementine XO hopes to tour more after the album's official release.

"This doesn't pay the bills yet. I'm a part-time hockey school instructor. It's tough to make (music) full-time, but, certainly, this is the best part-time job I could find.

Farrell's return marks a bit of a family reunion for the former McMurrayite; he hasn't been home since Christmas 2002.

The show starts tonight at 9 p.m. at the Boomtown Casino. There is no cover charge.

- Fort McMurray Today


Stand Up Tall EP (May 2005)
Clementine XO and The Fantastic Balloons (August 2006 - Sunday League Records)


Feeling a bit camera shy


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