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Do you find yourself spending most nights at home just staring at the wall? Does part of you want to go out and seize the day, while the rest of you can't seem to find the proper motivation? If these situations sound familiar then Clementine xo may be the solution you are looking for. New from Xoxox, the company that brought you Effexaloft and Zolutab, Clementine xo is the latest and most effective treatment for the daily blues. Physicians around the world are finding Clementine xo to be an excellent tool in the ongoing battle against such conditions as lameness, Friday-nights-at-home-ism, and friendlessness.

Developed by a team of Torontonian experts, Clementine xo works by deploying a number of active ingredients to comprehensively treat your brain in three stages. In the first stage the Amy Cole disarms your brain's defenses using the clinically proven Pür Tön system, which effectively simulates the soothing effects of the human voice. In stage 2a the brain is confused by the interaction of the Paul Banwatt and the Jason Doell, responding as though it were trying to process intricate rhythmic patterns that it couldn't quite grasp. These same ingredients then pummel the brain into a malleable pulp in stage 2b. This pummeling readies the brain for stage 3 in which the Ken Farrell and Chris Gapski use a patented "two-pronged" approach to reshape the brain into a more congenial form through simulated harmonic and frequency manipulation.

Side effects experienced while using Clementine xo may include, but are not limited to: interruption of circadian rhythm, exhaustion, hearing loss, hangovers, dehydration, showing up late for work the next day, and liver failure.

Talk to your family physician today to see if Clementine xo is right for you. Remember, Clementine xo is out there for everyone, but it's up to you to take the first step. Clementine xo: helping you to help us help you.


Stand Up Tall EP (May 2005)
Clementine XO and The Fantastic Balloons (August 2006 - Sunday League Records)

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