Tampa, Florida, USA

Clenchfist is a hard rock positive energy band that brings excitement and motivation to their audience.


List of national Acts we have performed with through the last few years:

Sevendust, Mudvayne, Rob Zombie, Seether, Fly Leaf, Staind, I ll Nino, Hinder, Shinedown, Saliva, Nonpoint, Skindred, Hell Yeah, Evans Blue, Trapped, Jimmies Chicken shack, Flaw, Blackstone Cherry, Hurt, Ankla and many more.

Clenchfist has created an original sound of high Energy, melodic, hard rock music which has been compared to the likes of Tool, Korn, Mudvayne and many others blended into one. The band consists of 4 members, Steve Bruno - vocals, Mike Fiumara - Drums, Guitar, Eric Park- Guitar and Chris Mullen - Bass, who all bring original songs with high energy performances that everyone never forgets.
The blue collar work ethic of Clenchfist and drive for success has moved the band up through levels of succession. Through the years, Clenchfist had been performing to bigger audiences and venues as time went by. Clenchfist performed to there biggest crowd ever. Over 15,000 people at the Livestock Festival in 2006, sharing the stage that day with acts such as Mudvayne, Staind, Rob Zombie, Hinder, Saliva and many other national acts. From this came different news paper articles and a News report from Bay 9 news in Tampa about a small town band hitting the big stage. After a successful performance at Livestock 15, Clenchfist went on to play with many other national act concerts such as Guavaween in Ybor city Florida in with national acts Flyleaf, Evans blue, Ill Nino, and Seether. The Band had also completed mini tours with Drowning Pool, Non Point, and Jimmies Chicken Shack. Clenchfist released there debut album "Twenty Twelve" in October of 2006 which received getting high praises from there loyal fan base and people throughout the internet world. Clenchfist is Currently Recording Their second LP and have release dates set for the winter.

Featured Artist:




Over and Over This weight on our shoulders was made from pain....

The past keeps repeating the purpose on how we cant do a thing...

Never forget you can fight off the stress of the world and what it may seem...

But your killing yourselves as you collect thoughts and picture what will be.....

When the world is gone....

What we are leading, a past thats repeating, i just want you to know...

They taught us our lesson but what's our confession
were not ready to go......

Disgusted with the rules running the world we know...
Its so pitiful....

Its our choices and all of our voices what we learn to know
Thats what's beautiful....

When we will know, when the world is gone...
They will keep you blinded, our weights to strong...
We just don't know....

What we are leading, a past thats repeating, i just want you to know...

They taught us our lesson but what's our confession
were not ready to go......x2

We just don't know...

We just know x3!!!!!


Twenty Twelve EP:
1. Lost Souls
2. 2012
3. Better Place
4. Rise of the Mourning star
5. Chameleon
6. Promised
7. Change of Life
8. Download
9. Giving up
10. The Aching

Second LP
To be announced

Set List

Clenchfist is currently in the studio mastering a new album. A new set list will be posted shortly as shows are posted..