Manresa, Catalonia, ESP

CLEPTON sing in Catalan because it is our mother tongue and not for any political purpose. If we sing with Holland Dutch and Polish with if we were Polish. We are proud of our language and we have no prejudice for music in any language: if ever transcend art. Sigur Ros, Jons, Berri Txarrak ... encourage us to think that music does not speak any language but the music itself.


CLEPTON are a self-managed group, which means that we ourselves have control of everything we do and we do. For now, and seeing how things go with the changes that take our time, we believe it is the logical choice to go ahead and pursue our goals: to expand across the country kleptomaniac. Our team consists of four members plus four musical members (Aina, Arnau, Joan, Toni) delivered all passionalment to run our vital project. The team that is neither never closed and always will be is waiting to find collaborators. Because we are open to all those who feel fit to participate.


Set List

1 hour.