Cletus Baltimore

Cletus Baltimore


Based out of Brevard, NC this explosive trio "can't be explained, only experienced." They explore multiple directions in rock and roll including jam-improvisation, high energy dance grooves, and jazz-swing feels, all while navigating through unique song structures.


Cletus Baltimore is made up of three Brevard College graduates. They formed in the winter of 2004 while attending Brevard College, and have been going strong ever since. Cletus Baltimore began their career at the house of drummer, Shane Parreco. Eventually, students began to catch on and pack the house for practice, that’s when they knew they were on to something. Cletus Baltimore is known for its “lively music” that captures the readiness in any music lover of any kind. This explosive trio "can't be explained, only experienced." They explore multiple directions in rock and roll including jam-improvisation, high energy dance grooves, and jazz-swing feels, all while navigating through unique song structures. The song writing is done raw by Randy Hope, guitarist, and then taken into the practice room to put the Cletus touch on things. The songs are catchy in structure and the lyrics are on a level that people can relate to. Cletus Baltimore concerts are high-energy fun. Cletus Baltimore varies in genre, from rock & roll, to jazz, to bluegrass; they have many influences that come up when they perform. A typical concert is around 3 hours long and includes about 90% original music with covers from artist: The Grateful Dead, Van Morrison, The Band, Bob Dylan, The Talking Heads, Velvet Underground and more. Their persistence over the years has helped their evolution into true musicians creating music that explores the twists and turns, all while letting the listener appreciate the music and the shared experience with the band.

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Head Talk

Written By: Hope

1) And I run and I run and I run away from, these thoughts about me thing of you that are racing around in my head.

2) So I try and I try to slow way down, but this voice from my past reveals at last a feeling that was hid within.

3) And I hope and I hope that my voice has been heard, climbing this tree up to your window to see and to tell you

4) Why I've come and I've come and I've come here to say, these things on my minds, I'm not looking behind, can't waste another day

5) When the only thing that I wanted to see, was for your eyes to shine back into mine forever in eternity

Don't Forget Your Name

Written By: Hope

1) Sitting waiting for, time to go. Looking out the window, taking the chance to. Seeing for the first time in the distance, a shadow that's exploding. Capture the light of the moment, don't try to hide it. Send it back with good intentions, for it will speak your name.

2) Fading away from the light, slip into darkness. Feels like your gone for the first time, too many times before. Fallen away from the words which you once told me, thinking inside. Wait for an anwser, see you soon. Don't forget your name.

Takin The Night Away

Written By: Randy Hope

Well, turn around and don't you look at me
And I said: I can't, you're just forcing me to see
So every time I leave, and then you breathe

She takes my hand and says "Oh, I see"
I can't seem to get you out of my mind
Look around and see what it could be
At least see what it could be

There you go takin' the night away from me
One sound of your voice and that's all I need
No feelings can express the way things are meant to be seen

Falling backwards down the stairs
Everyone looks at me and just laughs
Its not because they were there
Its because of the way she stares

I will follow you if you will talk to me
and she says, "what is it that turns you on to me?"
Well, I'm standing here blind just waiting to see
And I say all you have to do girl is breathe
And maybe, just maybe, catch a glance at me
Feeling your eyes connecting to mine and back to you
It's not that hard you see


2007 - "In Person" - Available Now at CD Baby and the iTunes Music Store!

2006 - "Fallen Up" (EP)
2005 - "Damn Cletus" (EP)
2004 - "Cletus Baltimore" (EP)

Set List

Sets are approximately 90 mintues in length. Shows are 2 sets with a possible encore. Sets will consist of primarily original material. Covers include songs by such artists as: Talking Heads, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Beatles, The Band, Velvet Underground, Grateful Dead. Check for recent performance setlists.

Original Song List -

Afternoon Cookout
Big Dunk Drama
Don't Forget Your Name
Fallen Up
Gettin' Down
Great Society
Groovin' Trance
Hard Country
Head Talk
Hope's Dream
Long Overdue
MC Ride
Mr. Rock & Roll
Not Forgotten Memories
Painted Glass
Reggae Monster
Scandalous Wave
Secrets Spoken
Takin' The Night Away
Ten Days
Too Late
Tragedy, Melody and Lies
Way Out of Your League
Weight of Words
Won't Stop For You