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When the Highway Calls My Name

Written By: Cleveland J. Noel

Well I’m a soul in transit
Always running from, or rushing to
Something, someone, someplace
And never slowing down

Yet still my heart demands it
Whether holding up, or falling through,
It drives me down the highways,
Forever homeward bound


And the miles stretch before me, as the city falls behind
Yeah, I’m chasing that horizon, never knowing what I’ll find
And every time I settle down, I leave the way I came
‘Cause soon this heart grows restless, when the highway calls my name
Oh, this old heart grows restless, when the highway calls my name

I’ve seen the whole world over,
And I’ve played the game of living free,
A dream that time unravels
With years of life alone

And as I’m growing older
Every town’s the same, or seems to be,
But everyplace I’ve traveled
Was never truly home


Oh, I know the day is comin’
When I’ll finally find my place
But until I quit this runnin’
I’ll be needin’ travelin’ grace…

(Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.)