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The best kept secret in music


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"Live From My Parent's Basement" EP

"Will Rap For Food" EP

Singles: "Unbreakable", "Yesterday", "The Message"


Feeling a bit camera shy


Today its almost undeniable that Hip Hop music, who many enthusiast once feared faced a premature death has certainly found its resurrection. With many successes both mainstream, and Independent alike, its hard to argue the genre has entered what many are calling its second renaissance. Although when you think of talent and success in Hip Hop your attention typically is directed to the coasts, or the south, but a small army of fans, from a very unexpected area now begs to differ. Where is this voice so hard to ignore coming from you ask? You probably wouldn't of guessed, but it is in fact Nebraska, "The Good Life State", and home to one of hip hop's brightest up and comers. A intelligent, clever, charming, caucasian MC many are labeling "The conscience voice of Hip Hop".
In 2008 recent high school drop out Trevor Taylor's aka Clev Trev's life became the epitome of "Rock Bottom". Shortly after recovering from a two year battle with substance abuse, the newly sober 17 year old would soon be welcomed by his most difficult burdens to date, when a relapse with hallucinogenics, and a unexpected emergency room visit let to the late discovery of a rare heart condition he unknowingly possessed. "that year, and the next couple years to follow were the darkest and most difficult years of my life", says the now 22 year old, "It wasn't only necessarily because of my heart complications either, but more so the anxiety disorders I developed at that same point in time, they really dictated me. I suffered in silence for a long time". Trev's series of unfortunate events sadly would not end there. The next years to follow were also riddled with several run ins with law enforcement. Trev assures us, " I wouldn't say I had a problem with authority, I had a issue with peoples disrespect, and a strange need to be vigilant and protective over everyone. 99% of my charges are violence related, but it looks much worse on paper. I hate when I am misjudged by a ignorant phase I went through, it isn't a reflection of my true character".
Now in 2012, and fresh out of what he assures us will be his last jail sentence the Lincoln, NE native has his pen in hand and is ready to join his troops at the frontlines of what he jokingly labels "Hip Hop's Civil War". He elaborated, "That is a metaphor for lyrical, conscience Hip Hop making a come back in the industry and culture, because the the past recent years I feel like some of the best artists, and sub genres of Hip Hop have taken a back seat to the mainstream. Don't get me wrong there is and always has been several mainstream artist I follow and appreciate, so in no way am i trying to criticize it as a whole, I'm still a fan, but not of a lot of the content many of the artist advocate. I'm not trying to manifest any arguments, I am merely saying conscience Hip Hop is thriving with talented artist who deserve to be heard, and I am humbled to be apart of that. With several notable performances under his belt, a growing local, and regional buzz the highly anticipated release of his debut EP "Live From My Parent's Basement" could quite possibly catapult this clever, story telling MC's career to historic new heights. "Artist like this are hard to come by, you know the ones who seldom set forth a everlasting change in the game, the legends of rap may need to make room at their table, well see", says Nicholas Flewelling, a member of Taylor's business team. Trev adds, " I've always made music because it is my easiest form of expression, my intelligence is very alive in my writing, and me channeling my emotions in notebooks is what got me through all of my hardships. Music saved my life, music is my life, so as cliche as it sounds I don't make it for selfish or materialistic reasons, I write music for the people hoping my songs, and stories can influence and benefit them as positively as they did me".