C-Lew aka "Sii"

C-Lew aka "Sii"


Look no further the future of urban music is here!!! Charles Lewis (C-Lew aka "Sii") is a Producer/Artist that entertains. His style is different, however marketable to the masses who like urban music with a polished lyrical appeal


Charles Lewis Jr.(The man with many talents) was born in Chattanooga, TN and became exposed to Fine Arts at a very young age. He performed in local R&B, Reggae, gospel, and choral groups throughout the early ninties until the beginning of the new millenium. In many of those groups he wrote and produced the music. Also during those years he was an actor in many community theaters. He played a range of diverse characters such as "Belwolf", "The Scheming Lieutenant" and Butch in the award winning play "Eukiah". In 2003 Charles graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a formal degree in Recording Industry Managment and Entertainment Technology. Later in that year he started his production company I'Fa production. IFa Productions have written and produced songs for a wide array of independent artists. They have worked on dance shows hosted by the University of Georgia and provided set-up for union controlled shows such as "Clay Aikins in Knoxville,TN 2004" and "Toby Keith in Nashville,TN 2003" They have provide sound design for talent shows and Dramatic theatrical performances such as "Diary of Ann Frank". In the words of Ron Cotton owner of C&M Managments, "In my 20 or so years of being involved in the entertainment industry, I never seen anybody with such work ethic" -----Associate Press


1st Dance (oohooh)

Written By: Charles Lewis


Last night I lay in my bed awake
thinking of how you make me fell
I didn't get no sleep
for this moment can I
keep it real
please understand whats going through my mind
try to understand whats happening to my heart
theres so much I want to tell you girl
but I don't know were to start

Pre Hook

do you remember our first kiss
do you remember the romance
i only have one wish
that you remember our first dance


we were in the club dancing to our song like
ooo ooo
we were dirty dancing on the dance floor all night long like
ooo ooo
and when our body touched
it felt like ooo
it seem were making love
cause it felt so good
when our body hug
I'll never get enough
being with you
shawty I love you

oh boo
I want to tell you how I feel about you
your love is everything to me
wthout you in my life girl I can't breath
you changed the inner thug in me
you gave me a reason to believe in me
I'll be a man for you shawty
I'll do everything for you shawty
love you how you want shawty

Pre Hook


From Da Bedroom To Da Streetz
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My set consists of originals and/or covers