Click Here (DjClick live band)

Click Here (DjClick live band)

 Paris, Île-de-France, FRA

We play, invents sophisticated fusion of cultural, geographical references, produces a subliminal effect, transporting the audience on a travel between past and present.
It's what we can called Worldtronica / Digital Folk / Gypsy Music / Future Flamenco or Balkan Beats..
We're 5 pers on stage from Romania, Spain & France + 1 sound engineer all living in Paris, steeping entire chapters of Far Eastern heritage in electronic ecstasy.


Nicknamed Dj 4X4 or General, A&R, and producer of his own No Fridge label, Dj Click is an adventuresome alchemist who sets sail on an electro Gypsy feverish odyssey from the fringes of Rajasthan to the tablas of Seville. Welcome in a 21st-century folklore. The timbre of Nadejda Potingas vibrant voice is the multilingual Ariadnes thread guiding the rhythmic vessel through the labyrinth of Indian, Serb, Romanian, Moldavian, Russian, French, and Andalusian landscapes.
There, the unassuming Roma soul rises to the surface in gaiety and melancholy, up on the bridge of this electroma craft. The Passengers dance in a jubilatory ring with Balkan group Tziganiada and the flamenco dancer Karine Gonzalez. They form an experienced force forging horas, flamenco, folklore, or tammurriatas with the confident convulsions of hip- hop, drumnbass, & even new wave.
It is a powerful voyage straight into the heart of the gypsy world and all the musical treasures to be savored therein, infectiously infused with the fire of electro dance artistry.

Our major shows : Babel Med Marseille 2009, Juicy Beats Festival Dortmund 2009,  Les 3 lphants France 2009, Les Vielles Charrues France 2009, Sziget Budapest 2009, Beijing + Shanghai Expo China 2010, India tour Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Bangalore 2010, European tour Paris, Bruxelles, London, Berlin, Marseille, Napoli, Barcelona, Utrecht, Genve, Fribourg, Budapest, Timisoara 2010, Les Escales de St Nazaire 2011, Fte du Panier Marseille 2012, Japan tour Fukuoka, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Tokyo 2012, ApaMM Ulsan + Seoul Korea 2012, Cap Town world Music Festival 2012, Medimex Bari 2012, Festival Musiques Mtisses d'Angoulme 2013, Festival musiques sacres de Fs Morocco 2013, Hadra Trans Festival 2013, Musik Week Berlin 2013..

Dj Click : programming, turntables, theremin, jew's harp, vocal | FRA 

Nadya Potinga : vocal | MOL 

Serioja Mihai : violin | ROM 

Tudorel Mihai : saxophone, flutes, vocal | ROM 

Karine Gonzalez : dance, palmas, vocal | SP


Click Here - Jaipur DUB (No Fridge 2013)
Click Here - Jaipur RMX (No Fridge 2013)
Click Here - Jaipur (No Fridge 2012)
Click Here - Delhi to Sevilla DUB (No Fridge 2012)
Click Here - Delhi to Sevilla RMX (No Fridge 2011)
Click Here - Delhi to Sevilla (No Fridge 2011)
Dj Click - Flavour (No Fridge 2007)
Dj Click - Labesse (No Fridge 2005)
Dj Click & Rona Hartner - Boumbaclash (No Fridge 2005)
Gnawa Njoum Experience - Boumbaclash (No Fridge 2003)

Dj Click - The Alaev Family - Greek Salad (Olamale 2013)
Dj Click - Watcha Clan – Ashanti (Piranha 2013)
Dj Click - Va Fan Fahre – Al Wa'Dedt (Zephyrus Records 2013)
Dj Click - Nicolette - Fascination (Early records 2012)
Dj Click - Kosta Kostov - French Wine feat Killo Killo (Urban World Records 2012)
Dj Click - Farrapo & Yanez Preciso - Mudar feat Eloisa Atti & Mc Magu (Agogo 2012)
Dj Click - La Caravane Passe - Bulibasha (Tzig’Art 2012) Dj Click - Nidi d’Arac - Ipocharia remixed - Taranta Container (Tarantulae 2010)
Dj Click - Dobranotch - Batuta – Balkan Grooves (Orange World 2010)
Dj Click - Angela Maria - Mayoral - Como Soy (Autoprod 2009)
Dj Click - Zulu 9.30 - 1000 Tormentas (Son de-3 2009) Dj Click - Zuko103 - Saudade (2008)
Dj Click - NSista - Cablova (Autoprod 2009)
Dj Click - Watcha Clan – Goumari (Piranha 2009)
Dj Click - Mukta – N’Toto Mountains (Mvs Records 2009) Dj Click - Warsaw Village Band - In the Forest (Kayax & Jaro 2008)
Dj Click - Santa Macairo Orkestar (New Speed 2008)
Dj Click - Musica Magneta – Beliscando (Candeeiro Records 2008)
Dj Click - La Cherga & Irina Karamarkovic - Trouble dub (Asphalt Tango 2008)
Dj Click - Boogie Balagan – Lamentation Walloo (No Fridge 2008)
Dj Click - Palyrria - Zonae (No Fridge 2008)
Dj Click - La Caravane Passe - Balkanski Bal (Tzig’Art 2008) Dj Click - Rachid Taha – Nokta (No Fridge 2007)
Dj Click - Frohlocker - Dunkelgold (Galopp 2007)
Dj Click - Fantazia – Khira (No Fridge 2007)
Dj Click - Burhan Öçal & The Trakya all Stars - Melike (Doublemoon Records 2007)
Dj Click - Mahala Raï Banda - Electric Gypsyland II (Crammed Discs 2006)
Dj Click - Wide Open Cage - Baby Hood (Expressillon 2004) Dj Click - Hightone – Bad Weather (No Fridge / Jarring Effects 2004)
Dj Click - Gnawa Njoum Exp – Moussaka (No Fridge 2003) Dj Click - La Phaze – La Grande Question (Tripsichord 2003)
Dj Click - Meï Teï Shô – Xam Sa Bop remix (Yotanka 2002)