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Cliff Glenn

Song Writer - Singer - Father - Husband - Man of GOD

I was born in Fort Worth, Texas... quite a while ago.

My dad, Darrell was a 17 year old former 'teen idol' from a huge hit record he did in 1953 called "Crying In The Chapel", written by my grandfather, Artie Glenn, who himself spent many years in the music business playing the upright bass with notable bands such as, "The Light Crust Dough Boys", featuring Bob Wills.

My mom, Pat was a high school cheerleader when she and my dad met. Not very long after that I made my first debut.

They were very young, and after about 4 years they went their separate ways.

The song,"Boys Need Time With Their Dads" featured on my debut CD, captures some of the emotions felt at a very young age.

I grew up some of the time in Fort Worth, some in Waco, Texas, and at the age of 10 my younger brother and I were moved to Nashville, Tennessee to live with my dad, step mother and step sister. My dad had become somewhat successful in Nashville as a song writer-slash-producer for such record labels as Capital and Starday King Records.

My memories of Nashville are very clear. Although I was grade school age, I still remember meeting alot of 'colorful' music people. My dad seemed to know everyone in the music business. He also managed to write alot of great songs, one example being, "Indescribably Blue" by Elvis Presley.

My understanding is that my brothers and I are the only men on earth that had a dad and' grandfather to write songs for Elvis. My grandfather's song, "Crying In The Chapel" was the only notable hit Elvis had in 1965.

Because of the first hand knowlege I had gained about the 'roller coaster ride' the music business offered, it became a passing interest. I did play in a few local rock bands. At age 18, I became lead singer in the band called, "Cross Road South". After several months on the road, and the life style that came with that, my interests quickly went another direction.

My martial art training started' at age 16, under Grand Master J. Pat Burleson. I have spent some years owning Karate studios. I still teach today. In December of 2008, I tested and promoted to Master status 6th degree Black Belt. That was a very cold day to be testing in an outdoor Dojo!

Rewind a little to how the music business got its arms around me again. About ten years ago, after spending alot of my life making poor decisions... I surrendered my life to God. He placed the love of music in me in a way I had never experienced, and I began writing songs all about the Lord.

The last album my dad wrote before he passed away, was entitled, "I Hold The Pen", meaning that he just wrote what God told him to write. Interesting to me, within a couple months after my dad died I started writting my first songs.

I feel that some mantle was passed to me. I've watched people over the years labor with song writing. On the average the songs on this debut album took about 15 minutes each to write (music and lyrics). I believe it has nothing to do with talent. It is simply holding the pen and asking the Lord what He wants written.

A few years ago I was invited to be the Praise and Worship leader at "Without Walls Church" in Fort Worth. During this time, God has been teaching me more about music, and its role for His purpose and for the Body of Christ.

Only a few months ago (Dec. 2008) while at Trax City the owner, Ed Garcia introduced me to Verle Pilant, a former member of the Blackwood Brothers, (and formaly a very good friend of Elvis Presley). Verle had been given the opportunity to help a friend, Peter Morris, with a song idea about boys needing time with their dad, and asked me if I'd be willing to write the music. That was an interesting subject for me since I felt it was something that had been lacking in my own life.

Several days later through the prompting of my wife and God, I called Verle. We had good conversation, it was nice getting aquainted with him. Before hanging up, I let him know that I'd write it in any genre of music except 'Country'. (Because of my limited knowlege in writing it).

After recieving it by mail, and then reading the words on the song idea, I felt strongly that I could not help them. It was structured more like a poem and I couldn't see a song in it... but Savannah and I prayed.

By the time my wife got back from a quick trip to the grocery store I had the song, "Boys Need Time With Their Dads"! We were thankful to The Lord, and so amazed. I played it over and over for a couple days. The proof that God did it? It's Country! ...and we love it!

By the time God finished down loading the songs for this project, I had one for my two sons, one for my daughter (Little Girl), one for my wife (Girl In My Dream), one for my mother (Momma Prayed), one that honors my Grandfather and Dad (I'm Crying Too), and several that honor the Lord God.

Peter Morris is an amazing man of God and really hea


Following The Morning Star

Written By: Cliff Glenn

We've been searching near and far for the King Of Kings.
Like wise men following the Star to bring their offering.

Chorus: A new day is rising, the sons of God know who
they are... On white horses riding, following The Morning Star.

Can you hear the trumpet sound? Its the calling.
Mans' kingdom crumbling to the ground, can you see it falling?





Let Your Truck Roll

Written By: Cliff Glenn

Time is flying by so fast, seems like I'll run out of gas before I reach my final goal
Half is only half as much as you will need don't hit the clutch, overdrive is how you
have to roll.

Chorus: Let your truck roll, let your truck roll, let your truck roll, with the flow.

Not living life is suicide, give control of this ride to the Man upstairs, He's out for you
Your like a weed blowing in the wind, go'n round that bend again, the years they are
precious and they're few.


The road is wide that leads to death, and many have located it, you can detour now
its up to you.

Push ahead and shift the gear, the narrow road is get'n near, take the
ramp that leads to Life and Truth.


Bridge: If you stay on that road you'll pull a heavy load my friend. You were made to
fulfill a particular part of the plan, so fight the good fight, complete the race and win.

So if your through with compromise, ready to focus on the prize, stop waist'n time its
closer than you know. This ol' world aint all there is, so get it right and past the test,
get on the road that flows the best, and flow.


Breathe In Me

Written By: Cliff Glenn

Breathe In Me, Your breath my Father.
And purge from me whats not like You.

1st Chorus: Help me walk in Your steps.
Give me words from Your lips. Let desire
from Your throne, flow inside of me.

Humbly, I bow down before You...
from on my knees, I seek Your Face.

(1st Chorus)

I'm try'n to live my life the way You
planned it, and raise my family to serve
You Lord.

(1st Chorus)

(Lead Break Split between Guitar and Fiddle)

Bright emerald green is the bow that surrounds You.
A clear glass sea, flowing around Your thrown.

2nd Chorus: I want to be with You someday.
Lord, teach me Your ways. I want to walk with You
in the cool of the day, I wanna walk with You.

(1st Chorus)

Girl In My Dream

Written By: Cliff Glenn

I had a dream about you last night. Though I'd never met you, the
Lord said you were my wife. When I arose, I wondered where you
are. When will I find you? Were you near or far?

Chorus: Where are you now, girl in my dream? Are you dream'n
too? Are you look'n for me? Where are you now? How soon will it
be till the girl in my dream becomes a reality?

As the days roll by, can't get you off my mind, were you just an
illusion or a true love I will find? I can see you, though your not really
here. How will I find you? Will you just appear?


As I was singing about angels at Sunday even'n church, my eyes saw
a real angel. O Lord... there you were! Can this really be? It's so
hard to believe. The girl in my dream right in front of me.

2nd Chorus: I've finally found the girl in my dream. In the dream you
were my wife. I know you'll marry me. I finally found the girl in my
dream. You see dreams really can come true. And it can happen for

I'm Crying Too

Written By: Cliff Glenn & Bobby Glenn

Intro: God touched my father and his father many years ago, they
were crying in the Chapel of His Love. Now they're in His heaven,
singing angel songs,if we choose right someday we'll all sing along.

1st Chorus: And they were crying in the chapel, the tears they shed
were tears of joy. And they were happy with the Lord.

We all cry tears in everyday life, they can make you strong or make
you want to die, I guess thats really up to you. You can't lean on what
you understand, there truly is a Master plan.And He'll give you the
strength to make it through.

2nd Chorus: If you'll start crying in the chapel, the tears you'll shed
will be tears of joy. And you will be happy with the Lord.

When I was starting out in life, momma told me about a man Who
had paid the price. He nailed my sin to a tree. It would take many
years to understand, and for my heart to comprehend just what that
price meant to me.

3rd Chorus: And I started crying in the chapel, the tears I shed were
tears of joy. And now I am happy with the Lord.

Little Girl

Written By: Cliff Glenn

Little girl, ribbons and curls.
Little feet, following me.
Big brown eyes, you like me.
Little lips, kissing daddy's cheek.

Yes I believe, what God
has promised me.
He has you in the palm of His hand.
And I know that one day you will go...
but you'll always be daddy's little girl.

Little Bear, long beautiful hair.
How you've grown.
Do you still need me?
A broken heart, when we had to part.
I need you now, like I needed you then.


(Lead Break)

A new mustang car, a new set of friends.
A busy little girl, can you fit me in.
Your start'n to learn just who you are
Exciting times... little girl, you will go far.


You'll always be daddy's little girl!

"I love you Daddy"

Boys Need Time With Their Dads

Written By: Cliff Glenn & Peter Morris

Every boy needs a guiding hand, a daddy that can teach him what it
means to be a man. My daddy went his own way when I was only
three. Lord, why do daddy's have to leave?

1st Chorus:
We used to go deer hunt'n in daddy's ol red truck, sippin' on bottles of 7up.
Oh how that memory has started to fade. Little boys need their dad like the
crops need rain, like the fish need water, like the tracks need a train.
Why do daddys go away?

A week end here and a nas-car race there, and every couple of years
maybe the county fair. As the years went by, seems like less became
more. I still feel the closin' of daddy's door.

Daddy, please stay and play with me. I need the strength of your hand.
Daddy, please don't leave, someday I'll need to know how to be a man.

I've learned my lesson from the good Lord above, what it means to be
a daddy, He taught me how to love. Now that I have two little boys of
my very own, they never wonder if their daddy is com'n home.

2nd Chorus: We're go'n fish'n in the morn'n in my new red truck,
chuggin down cans of 7up. Makin' lots of memories of our own.
My little boys have a dad like the crops have rain, like fish have water,
like the tracks have a train. My boys know I'll never go away.

My boys know I'll never go away...


Ten Songs On New CD, "TexasRedDirt" Rated 'G'

1. You found Me
2. Let Your Truck Roll
3. Boys Need Time...
4. Following The Morning Star
5. Girl In My Dream
6. Breathe In Me
7. I'm Crying Too
8. I Need To Know
9. Little Girl
10. Momma Prayed

Set List

Ten Songs On New CD, "TexasRedDirt" Rated 'G'

1. You found Me
2. Let Your Truck Roll
3. Boys Need Time...
4. Following The Morning Star
5. Girl In My Dream
6. Breathe In Me
7. I'm Crying Too
8. I Need To Know
9. Little Girl
10. Momma Prayed

Total Song time: approx. 40min.
Allow for an extra 20min. if possible.
Cliff likes to connect with the audiance, as well as introduce each song and tell how each one came to be written.