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"CliffLight – Smokeshow"

Music often can be divided into two categories: man and machine. But Boston’s CliffLight puts the man in the machine. Their music is club ready, juiced-up electronic noise with a grounded, emotive singer-songwriter quality. It’s paradoxical in nature but works for them. - Sunset in the Rearview

"Color Wonder: Clifflight Steps onto the Scene with Wonderskin"

My relationship with Facebook has certainly been on the down-slide for a while- I always say that Twitter makes me like people I don't know whereas Facebook makes me hate the people I do. #brr. But you know what Facebook is still good for? Sharing music and videos of course. The site isn't only for college students anymore, but every celebrity, musician, and their grandmother has a profile/timeline now.

My buddy Marcus, who runs KushGroove clothing and dabbles in certain after-school activities with my brother, Mike, sent me a link to his friend's band and a video. Now my inbox is filled with random bands wanting a post, and sometimes I do it, other times I listen and it's not my jam, but this post caught my attention.

I'll say it now. You need to listen to this song. I love it. I love me some indie-dance. I love me some local acts. And I love to play it on repeat.

The music video is a great visual to add to the vibrant song, flashing hot and cold hues in a private-eye comic book style. It's the band's first music video, and first single as far as I know, but it looks like they're off to a great start. As far as the song is concerned, this track is as brilliant as the colors in the video. The production is amazing, the chorus gets stuck in your head, and I like the huskiness of the lead singer's voice juxtaposed with the glitch of the electro beat.

If that hasn't sold you yet, then if you are a fan of the Cambridge band Bearstronaut, you will love CliffLight.
Check out the video below and listen to more downtempo track, "We Are One", too. - Hungry Hungry Hipsters

"CliffLight - Wonderskin"

Not much is known about the Boston-based indie pop band CliffLight. They just dropped their infectious debut single, called “Wonderskin”, and it’s worth checking out. It’s so catchy! They also have a video for the song, which you can watch below. Keep an eye out for these guys. Head over to their SoundCloud page for more jams. - LA.GA.STA


Tryst (EP) - Coming August 2013
All The Things - (Single) (5/15/12) via Soul Clap Records
On The Way To California (Single) (10/31/12)
Hi Seas (Single) (9/14/12)
Wonderskin (5/10/12)



After two years passing dropbox collaborations between Philadelphia and Boston, Cliff Kuhn-Lloyd (Vocals), Sam Burke (Synths/Production) and Aj Schortman (Drums/Production) are now in the same city and together have created CliffLight.

They have since expanded the trio into a five-piece unit with the recent additions of Blair Pershyn (Guitars) and Harry Foster (Bass) and debuted as a full band on May 11th, 2013.

CliffLight is a dynamic blend of big electronic production and intimate acoustic songwriting.

Combining laptops and MIDI controllers, Burke's analog synthesizers, Pershyn's guitar pedal racks, Schortman's acoustic drums and electronic pads, Foster swapping between synth and electric bass, and the signature ambiance of Kuhn-Lloyd's prominent smokey voice.

This hi-tech electro-acoustic outfit from Boston delivers an aural hybrid of Coldplay and M83 - a sound that will leave you thinking - "this is 2013."