CLIFFORD is Americana rock mixed with post-punk country and blues. Reckless songsmithing for the heart on your sleeve types. A sound with the edge of The Replacements and the spirit of The Band.



The quality of the songs and playing never falters over the 40 plus minutes. On the penultimate track 'Last Call In The Northeast', with it's haunting harmonica, guitar and lyrics, clearly shows that these brothers have the talent to make their mark, overall a very impressive record. - Andy Riggs, Americana UK (9 out of 10)

Bryce Clifford has a terrific voice that in the beautiful ballads such as "Last Call in The Northeast" and the epic "One More Shot" touches the heart and leaves fans with their mouths wide open - Wiebren Rijkeboer, Netherlands,

"Beautiful is never alone/ It stands on corners with telephones/ Never waits for a drink or goes far to find a friend...." Along with those sublimely rueful lyrics, this exquisite ballad by Toronto brothers Bryce and Brad Clifford is graced with scarred barroom vocals from the Steve Forbert /Marah school of croak-singing and an aching sax solo that seems well-acquainted enough with the Stones' "Waiting on a Friend" to qualify as something of a homage – John Sakamoto, The Toronto Star Anti-Hit List


CLIFFORD is the latest international musical endeavor by brothers Bryce and Brad Clifford. Their new CD, SIGNAL THE SUN, has just been released in the U.S. and Canada.

Bryce and Brad flew from Toronto to Austin, TX in 2004 with no more than a suitcase, a guitar, and a few cymbals. With Clifford family roots in Texas and the band evolving toward country-blues and rock, this bold undertaking would pay off in the creation of a new band, a new direction, and a highly acclaimed new CD.

Recorded and released by ToneHaus Studios with up and coming Austin studio engineer, Thomas van der Brook (Fastball, Friends of Dean Martinez), SIGNAL THE SUN is a cohesive collection of quality songs that takes the acute listener on an emotional voyage. Throughout the disc, you can hear the lyrical influences of Bob Dylan, The Band, and Van Morrison along with the 80's post-punk energy of The Replacements and Elvis Costello. Americana rock mixed with post-punk, country, blues and reckless, 'heart on your sleeve' songsmithing, CLIFFORD blends all these influences into a distinctive sound uniquely their own.

Bryce is the principal songwriter and front man vocalist, playing guitar, piano and harmonica on and off the stage. Brad is a co-songwriter and drummer. Their explosive live performances and 'under the radar' recording sessions soon attracted top Austin players like Kim Deschamps (pedal steel guitar/ Cowboy Junkies, Blue Rodeo, Barenaked Ladies), Jon Blondel (trombone/ Willie Nelson, Sublime), Tony Scalzo (guitar/ Fastball) along with Thomas van der Brook (tenor sax, violin), local singer/songwriter Rachel Lynn (backing vocals) and Brett Humphrey (harmonica).

SIGNAL THE SUN is garnering high praise from music web site reviewers in Europe, the U.S. and Canada. Internet airplay and podcasts are being logged daily. The CD is available on-line at a number of CD sales sites and the official CLIFFORD web site. A vinyl pressing of the album is also being planned for 2006.

CLIFFORD regularly plays Austin clubs like Ego's, Flipnotics, Hole in the Wall, Trophy's and Carousel Lounge among others. Kim Deschamps can often be found backing the band on pedal steel when his schedule permits. They are also frequently mentioned in the exclusive Austin scenester blog:

In Toronto, they play The El Mocambo, C'est What, The Horseshoe and Lee's Palace. Guest musicians include Greg Smith (bass/ The Weakerthans) and Kullen Fukes (trumpet/ Ian Moore). The band is interested in exploring European tour opportunities in the near future.

Bryce is also busy composing a musical score for "Hitting Their Mark" a BRAVO-TV documentary scheduled to air in the spring of 2006.

Previous to 2004, the Clifford brothers performed under the band name PEDESTRIAN STATUS. Best known for their infectious melodies and honest to the heart approach to songwriting, these two brothers have been recording, and performing original music since the mid-90's.

Born out of summer teenage jam sessions in a RV trailer park near Ingersoll, Ontario, PEDESTRIAN STATUS explored a wide range of musical styles and influences to burst forth on Toronto's Queen Street scene with a unique and emotionally charged sound. Their punk-art roots-rock songs and exciting, often unpredictable live act boasting sophisticated hooks, subtle intricacies and layers of driving guitar melodies, pulled street listeners in. Alternatively, elements of folk and alt-country could also be heard permeating their softer more introspective songs. A side more commonly seen now in the music of CLIFFORD.

PEDESTRIAN STATUS ("Pedstat" to their college fans) was soon a staple on the Toronto music club scene playing everywhere in the city and releasing two indepe


College Street

Written By: Bryce Clifford

chuckin’ it out the taxi door
another night I can't afford
and I've been cut before
but the key to your heart
the key to your heart was always a sword
don't signal the sun, I'm not through
don't leave me stranded on college street when you do

I see morning, comin’ on the horizon
and half dead is half alive
it’s just another night survived
on college street
with a pen in my hand
with a face to the floor
my Lord, don't leave me stranded on college st.

I see morning, comin’ on the horizon
where this street ends is where I begin, God knows I got to go
gotta get to chicago
there's gotta be a college street their waiting for me
to fall into, my blood is blue
gotta stay out late
don't signal the sun
I’m not through
thinkin’ of the one
who left me on college st.

At the Open Mic

Written By: Bryce Clifford

I knew at the time in the back of my mind it'd be the saddest song I'd ever have to play
Then I spotted you talkin’ in the back of the room, I played it anyway
Well goodbye, goodbye you are wonderful
Yeah, you're alright in every way
though you probably won't wanna hear it from me.

At the open mic I played it almost right, over top the conservations, politics fist to fist
I asked Mike to take a solo,
when you’re in the pisser, you almost missed
I knew at the time in the back of my mind it'd be the saddest song I'd ever have to play.
Then I saw you talkin’ in the back of the room, I played it anyway.

Well the song that I sang was about her, and about a night she may not remember
She took me to a place, it was dark and crowded, I could sense her dark pain deep within
My song spoke of her wandering soul, always searching for a light with a deep control, always true to herself, she was one of a kind
she was someone restless, but for awhile she was mine.

Now past that time, in the back of our minds her and I likely agree
If our paths should somehow cross we probably shouldn't speak
Well, the time that we shared was complete, probably went a little long, probably made us a little weak
in a time when we should be strong.

At the open mic I played it almost right, over top the conversations, politics fist to fist
Yeah, when you’re in the pisser
you almost missed.

Beautiful Is Never Alone

Written By: Bryce Clifford

Beautiful Is Never Alone
It stands on corners with telephones
Never waits for a drink or goes far to find a friend
They're steppin' on their own coattails just to talk to you again.

Oh, my God. Don't let 'em know how I'm hanging on.

That new dress is a perfect fit
When'd you ever get so full of it
You're beautiful but it's just a sketch
You're as lonely as me, I could bet.

Oh, my God. Don't let 'em know how I'm hanging on.

Beautiful don't discourage and it don't wait in vain
Never hear the silent wishes that would bust if they were whispered at all. But it will melt in the sun, it will crack under the strain, I hate your beauty for what it's done to you. You'll never be the same again.

Oh, my God. Don't let 'em know how I'm hanging on.

I am the great traitor
That great hypocrite
For just one kiss could kill all this loneliness
You're beautiful, but it's just a sketch
You're as empty as me I could bet.


Written By: Bryce Clifford

And if my heart should fail to bring you home
I'll blame myself
All my love wants to die, but kicks off the dirt with every try
Every memory becomes my enemy
Why can't I say goodbye.

And if my heart should fail to bring you home
I'll blame myself
My words are desperate, they fail to move you
I learn I must cool it down
Unfortunately for me she responds only to abandonement


2005 CLIFFORD - "Signal the Sun" CD, full length

As "Pedestrian Status": 2003, Home Brew EP and 2001 Drifter, full-length CD + various comps and an early 7" single.

Set List

CLIFFORD plays 80% original material with some well chosen covers rounding out the set.