Cliff Wagner & the old #7

Cliff Wagner & the old #7


an alternitive bluegrass band that can appeal to country blues and rock fans alike. Our music is a cross of Bill monroe, leon russel, and muddy waters


Cliff Wagner & the old#7
Press Release
 This past  fall, Cliff submitted a video of the band to the producers of “American Idle” as an audition for a new show they were starting called “The Next Great American Band”.  The Old #7 was chosen out of 8,000 bands to appear with the top 12 bands, as the 7th runner up on the show.  The show’s panel of judges enjoyed the band’s musicianship, but insisted that a “bluegrass” band would not be accepted by the general public and be voted off immediately. To everyone's surprise Cliff Wagner’s Old # 7 was on the show for 6 weeks playing for over 10 million people every week.  Which just goes to show you that after over 20 years of performing, with just a couple of months the television exposure, Cliff Wagner’s Old # 7 has gone from “industry secret” to “national act”?  Cliff and the band are working on becoming “Overnight Sensations” ! ! ! !
The Band has just recently completed work on their latest album which will be entitled, “Hobo's Lullabye”. The album contains recordings of many of the songs the Band performed on “The Next Great American Band” TV show, along with some choice originals. Cliff and the band made this latest record with the gold & platinum award winning producer/engineer, Michael Vail Blum. On November10, 2008 "Hobo's Lullaby" debuted on the AMA americana chart at #35 and has reached #28 as of Dec. 15. We also debuted on the euro americana chart at #9 and is still climbing both charts!

  The Old #7 has an original sound that utilizes traditional Bluegrass, Blues' and Honky Tonk to create American roots music that people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy. "If Bill Monroe had started a band with Muddy Waters and Levon Helm, this is what it would sound like."  The Old #7 has played all over Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona  at bluegrass festivals such as Huck Finn and Summer grass, local americana clubs like The Mint, and they are opening for 3rd Time Out at the Ford Amphitheater this summer. 


Cliff Wagner's Greatest hits Vol. 1
Take Me Back to the Delta
My Native land
Hobo's Lullaby

Set List

we usually like to play 2 to 4 sets at our gigs. About 50 minutes long. %60 originals %40 covers ranging from trad. bluegrass to elton john